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Remastered Islands are the Best of Both Worlds

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish!

Many months ago, before Poptropica Worlds was announced, we theorized that the classic 24 Carrot Island would be remade with some tweaks, such as a new barn space and funny-looking rats.

Well, a sneak peek leak has surfaced showing off a Worlds-ified 24 Carrot Island on the map, courtesy of a video from Family Education (with thanks to Young Hippo and Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote for the tip):

24carrot worlds

In the video, we also see this somewhat different view of the Home Island on Worlds:

new home worlds

Here we see a number of changes from the usual: the Daily Spin wheel is yellow and blue, a stand-in character is wearing a Viking warrior costume, there’s an ad for Goldfish FUN, the blimp doesn’t have the engine (which is how it looks on Original Pop), and the house is more cottage-style. What could all this mean?

On a somewhat related note, the official Poptropica FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page was recently updated to answer many questions about the new Poptropica Worlds. Below, we’ll highlight some of the more interesting insights from the new FAQ.


You can check out the new questions by clicking here – and thanks goes to idk for pointing it out! Important insights include:

  • Poptropica Worlds will have a mix of remastered old islands as well as brand new ones. They won’t come all at once, but more stuff is on its way – and it seems quite likely that 24 Carrot will be one of the first remastered islands!
  • House expansions are coming (hence the locked doors in your player house), but they will be for members only.
  • Coins (in Poptropica Worlds) are separate from credits (in Original Poptropica).
  • Due to different art styles, you cannot import your clothes, items, and look from Worlds to Original Poptropica, or vice versa. What you can keep, however, is your name, gender, and membership status.
  • Poptropica Worlds should work seamlessly on any device – whether on your computer, phone, or tablet!
Isn’t that right, Balloon Boy? How’s the signal up there?

And if you’ve been experiencing some bugs when playing Poptropica Worlds, hang on – they’re working on some updates to fix some issues very soon.

In fact, Poptropica offers the following advice if you’re stuck with a glitch:

  1. Try refreshing your browser.
  2. Try logging out of Poptropica Worlds and closing the browser window you have it open in – or by force-closing the app if you are on a mobile device.
  3. Go into your internet history options and clear your Cookies and Cache.
  4. Regarding not being able to grab the Egg on Crisis Caverns: you have to stand in a very specific place to grab it. (But they’re working on a fix for that!)

If you continue to have problems, you should contact Poptropica’s customer support at poptropica.com/help. Your feedback helps them identify and solve problems!

Don’t stop popping, Poptropicans!

~ 🐠


26 thoughts on “Remastered Islands are the Best of Both Worlds”

      1. Talking to the mole queen doesn’t appear to do anything. Interacting with the egg still gives the “That’s an odd looking rock.” dialogue, as if I never talked to the mole king stuck in the web. No matter how many times I go back and talk to him the dialogue with the queen regarding the egg won’t pop up. Another thing to note is the vine shortcut above the start doesn’t appear either. I can’t possibly be anymore stuck.

    1. Happy birthday! 🎉

      Have you tried the advice from Poptropica to get Worlds to load? If it’s still not working, hang on – they’re working on improving the technical side of things, so hopefully it will work soon.

  1. I think it would be awesome to see Zomberry island as a remastered world! Imagine how exciting it’d be with sound! :0

  2. i think 24 carrots was the first island to have a real villian but i am pumped that 24 carrots island would be remastered

  3. i hope they remaster early poptropica or maybe even shark tooth island or even moster carnival btw monster carnival is my favorite island

    1. Hopefully the customizer makes a return on Poptropica Worlds in a future update.

  4. I also saw a fan in the store which I’m pretty sure is new. And if you look in your item inventory you have a free Cars poster! I have to hang that up immediately.

  5. I have also discovered that you can have unlimited posters so I have just wallpapered my entire second floor with Cars posters. #notsponsered lol.

  6. Cool! Its great to see all these possible changes coming and the bug fixes, but I really hope the creators won’t burn themselves out from doing so

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