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Out-of-this-World Skinny Moon and Vehicle Designs!

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here with some out-of-this-World snaps, polls, and other social media paraphernalia. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Earlier this week, Skinny Moon posted this Poptropica–to–Poptropica Worlds comparison of her avatar on the Creators’ Blog. The new look sure does pop!


In her post, she credits Poptropica artist Lance (presumably Lance Fry) for her new avatar. Well done, Lance!

Skinny Moon also posted these pictures on various Poptropica social media channels before blogging about it. Be sure to follow their social media (more on that below) to see what’s new, even before the Creators (or anyone in the fandom) blogs about it!

Anyway, which Skinny Moon do you like better? (I really love both of them!) Share your thoughts in the comments.

Also on the Creators’ Blog, a “Pick your favorite Poptropica vehicle designs” poll is currently being conducted. The cut-off date is unknown, so go ahead and vote for your favorite as soon as possible, before it closes!

For the poll, they’ve asked us to pick TWO of our favorite designs, and hinted that the most popular ones may someday come to life within Poptropica Worlds!

vehicle designs

The options at hand are: Big Wheel, Future Bike 01, Future Bike 02, Greenfire Truck, Wild Bug, and Uni-Moto.

They’ve actually shown these designs before, a few years back. These were concepts for an abandoned project called Racer Island (or as they mentioned, The Great Race).

For some unknown reason, they’ve omitted one of the vehicles from the poll – this blue “Future Bike 01” was replaced with one of the other Future Bikes from the original.


Strange. Maybe they figured they had enough Future Bikes in the mix. In any case, be sure to vote for your two favorites!

Lastly, there’s a new display of Poptropica’s social media visible at the bottom of today’s post on the Creators’ Blog. (These buttons have also been on their sidebar for some time now.) Perhaps they could go for a more modern look, though?


Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

–Lucky Joker

12 thoughts on “Out-of-this-World Skinny Moon and Vehicle Designs!”

  1. It sure makes a difference seeing the two avatar styles side-by-side! 😀

    Also, I like the new placement of the social media buttons, but I do hope they go with something that looks more modern. The current ones feel a little outdated.

    Thanks for posting, LJ! 🙂

  2. Hi Lucky Joker ,
    I am a new reader of your site , I’m writting to you because I’d love to contribute a guest to post
    Are you still accept them ?
    Looking foward to hearing from you

  3. So if my avatar can be taller, does this mean people (NPCs) will for once stop calling me a kid (every time😆).

    So we can have cars now? This game is going to have everything!! Two questions though:

    Do we also have the opposition to have our own steed, like a horse or a dragon?

    Second, is it just me or does future bike 1 (blue) looks like something from Tron?

  4. I like both Skinny Moons. But the old one hits home base… y’know what I mean. And I like those Future Bikes. Gimme one of those XD

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