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Pop 5: Most Dangerous/Scary Islands

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Magic Snowball, a Poptropica player in the community. Please note that this post represents only the author’s opinion, and contains some spoilers for some Poptropica islands. Enjoy! –🐠)

pop5 scary islands

Hey everyone! It’s me, Magic Snowball, that weirdo who hangs around the Poptropica community. And today I’m here to do a Pop 5 – my first guest post! What’s the topic, you ask? I present…

Poptropica’s Top 5 Most Dangerous/Scary Islands! *cue dramatic music*

Of course, all the islands on this list are going to involve something… er, dangerous… and scary. Like going inside somewhere dangerous, getting jump-scared (Jersey Devil, anyone?) and so on. And yes, I know Poptropicans are basically OP super-humans, but still, they do some pretty crazy stuff…

So let’s begin the Pop 5!

#5: Twisted Thicket Island

twisted thicket2

Behold! The island where you must travel into this creepy forest, get beaten up by all these creatures, then save the forest and creatures that beat you up! So, why did I choose this island? Well, firstly, it’s not only dangerous, but scary. I mean, look at the Nøkken! That thing is nightmare is fuel… *shivers* And, like I said, you get beat up by these other woodland creatures, and then you have to stop an entire team of construction vehicles! If that isn’t dangerous, I don’t know what is.

Poptropica rates this island easy, and it might be, but it’s definitely still scary and dangerous… *hides from the Nøkken*

#4: Astro-Knights Island


Aliens, frustration, flying in zero-gravity! What could be more fun than that? This island, according to many people (myself included) is one of the hardest to complete. And it’s also pretty dangerous. I mean, you’re flying into space to save a princess from a half-robot creepo. And space is not fun. There are things trying to kill you on every planet (except for the Pewter Moon), and even in the space around them.

This isn’t the scariest island, but creatures like the Mother Phoenix are pretty creepy (to me at least).This island’s a little too dangerous to be left off the list, but it’s not the most terrifying. En garde!

#3: Survival Island


Survival Island! This five-part island is full of fun things like being chased by a psychopath, then catching said psychopath! Now, this island doesn’t have the traditional “scary” things like monsters or flaming meteorites, but it is realistic. There’s the element of survival (well, duh), hunting, and animals. You always have to be on the move, and you can’t trust anyone. That’s why I consider it pretty dangerous. Plus, you’ve got someone hunting you and so they can stuff you in their trophy collection, which is pretty messed up!

#2: Virus Hunter Island


Welcome to Glitch Island – uh, I mean, Virus Hunter Island! Guess what, kids? You’re not a trained pilot. So what happens? You get to drive through someone’s body in a microscopic ship to stop a killer virus! Isn’t that awesome?

Alright, seriously, this island is pretty scary and dangerous. You’re stopping a killer virus from killing every human on Earth. Plus, the virus itself is pretty scary. I don’t wanna talk ‘bout it… we’ll just say the island is full of danger. PDC, green spider-like killers, dangerous grape soda, electric nerves, falafel… the list goes on!

And now, it’s time for the most dangerous, most scary island on allllll of Poptropica….

*drumroll* It’s…

#1: Mythology Island


Okay, this island and Virus Hunter had me a bit stumped, but in the end I chose this island to top the list, ‘cause it’s just that dangerous, and the peril you’re in feels worse (though it’s still really close). Dude. Anyway…. You arrive on this island, where there’s gods and creatures and stuff. You go to a tree, and pick an apple. Then, Santa Claus – uh, Zeus – shows up, and offers you immortality! But first, you have to get some stuff for him so he can take over Poptropica, but you don’t realize. Yay!

So you, a mortal, do a bunch of dangerous things, like enter the Labyrinth where barely anyone survives. According to mythology, anyway. Oh, not dangerous enough? Then you have to go to the freaking Underworld, and put flipping Cerberus to sleep, as well as crossing the River Styx. And it gets worse! At the end, you have to fight a god – not just anyone, but the king of the gods. Nuts, huh? Too many times you could die on this island.

If you don’t beat Zeus, all of Poptropica is screwed! That’s scary in itself. Plus, there are some other creepy things on this island, like those Hercules fan girls. Oh, and the Underworld, the sphinx, the minotaur, the hydra, and it goes on…

Alright guys! Those islands were the Pop 5 of scariest and most dangerous. Now it’s time for some honorable mentions!

HM: Cryptids Island


This island, if on the list, would be #6. It’s definitely got the scary element (Jersey Devil and the Chupacabra), and it’s dangerous, but not the most dangerous. Still a good island, though.

HM: Monster Carnival Island


The lost island! Yep, definitely creepy (especially that lab… oh gods), and monster-filled! Though it isn’t particularly dangerous- really only the monsters are dangerous. Oh, and Ringmaster Raven, who tries to hypnotise everyone. But no, it’s not the most dangerous, so I left it out.

HM: Super Villain Island

svi 5

Guess what guys? Zeus is back, and he’s more annoying than ever! This time, he’s kidnapped four super villains, and we have to enter their dangerous dreams! Yay! Then, at the end, we have to fight Zeus again, and the fight is more life-threatening than Mythology Island’s! Although it’s dangerous, it just isn’t scary enough, so I left it out.

Alrighty, ladies and gents! That’s all I have to say for this list, so thank you for reading and I’ll see you around in the Poptropica community! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Magic Snowball!

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15 thoughts on “Pop 5: Most Dangerous/Scary Islands”

  1. Personally I think survival is the creepiest and I love mythology island. Plus Virus Hunter is pretty fun, put you know, that’s my opinion 🙂

  2. Asto-Knights being one of the hardest? Don’t get me started on Skullduggery or Mystery Train. Good list tho! 😉

  3. Thanks for posting this! Glad people generally agree XD And thanks for doing the photos, you guys rule!

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