Escape from Pelican Rock Island, Islands of the Month, Reality TV Island

Escape Reality with February’s IotMs

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, as well as two new Islands of the Month for February!


This month’s featured Islands are Escape from Pelican Rock and Reality TV!

Reality TV Island

Uh, reality check – Reality TV won last month’s Island of the Month poll and can now be played for extra credits! (Although, after the deadline for voting had passed, Super Power managed to overtake RTV in the poll!)

Here’s the video walkthrough Captain Crawfish has made if you’d like to use it:

If the video doesn’t fit your preference, go ahead and check out the PHB’s written walkthrough instead.

Escape from Pelican Rock

Ah EFPR, the island where you do the time for a crime you didn’t commit and… well… escape from Pelican Rock of course. 😛

Here’s the video walkthrough Captain Crawfish has made if you’d like to use it:

If you’d prefer to use a written guide, check out the one here on the PHB.


Remember, first-time finishers of these islands will receive 500 credits and those who are replaying them will earn 300 credits, so make sure to take advantage of the boost while you can!

Thanks for popping by, I’ll talk to you soon. Pop on!

-Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:


21 thoughts on “Escape Reality with February’s IotMs”

  1. This may be a dumb question but, if I were to do EFPR again, would I still remain in the same position on the world completion leaderboard thing?

      1. Okay, thanks! For some reason it just seems like that would happen with playing Poptropica and I was avoiding the island specifically because I thought it may reset.

  2. Even though I voted for Reality TV, I’ll get no credits for beating it. I’ve played/beaten it 28 times! It was the first island I completed and memorized to complete, so it’s basic stuff for me. As for EFPR, I’m pretty bad!

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