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Introducing: PHB Community Creations!

Why hello there Poptropicans! Curious about the title? Allow me to explain a bit. No, this isn’t just another update post even though I do make those a lot. This post has a bit more… creativity. Do I have your attention? Good!


This is a new little series I like to call “Community Creations.” In this series I will be writing up a post at the end of every month that will feature YOUR creations! That’s right, your artwork, your creepy fan-fiction, your Poptropica costumes, Realms, etc. Basically anything relating to Poptropica that you make!

You might be thinking… “SD, is this just a lame excuse to post more often due to how inactive you are?” My reply to that would be “Whaaaaaaaat? Of cooooourrse not…” Don’t go looking into my ulterior motives! The point is that I think this series is a cool, interactive idea that supports imagination. Who doesn’t love art?

So here’s the deal: each month will have a different theme, whether it be a popular TV show, holiday, etc. Specifically, I will post around the last day of every month recapping the art/stories/others that were sent in. Don’t worry because I will be taking suggestions for these themes! In the monthly post, I will feature 5 creations that stood out to me in relation to the chosen topic. They do still have to relate to Poptropica though, as that’s the point.

Maybe this is actually starting to sound interesting. So how do you enter? That’s the easy part!

  1. Upload your creation wherever and just send me the link. Post it below in the comments or send it directly to me on my Twitter, DeviantArt, or Discord (note that I might not see it right away on the latter).
  2. I will always let you know once I’ve seen it if you specifically send something to me or tag me in something. That being said, I will also keep an eye out on the We-Love-Poptropica DeviantArt community for honorable mentions.
  3. Bonus points if you have a short written backstory/meaning to go along with your art, poetry, songs, stories, realms, costumes, I could go on. I mean, we don’t keep track of any points, but deeper meanings always catch my attention (though silliness is not frowned upon).

Now that we have all the rules and technicalities out of the way, let’s get to the series! If you have any questions or theme suggestions, please post them below. Don’t worry if you forget the rules, as I will recap them in each month’s post.

The next month’s theme is… *drumroll* SHIPPING! What better way to kick off the series? You shouldn’t have expected anything less from me since it’s going to beย Valentine’s Day soon.

Start drawing, typing, writing, or whatever you’re going to do as soon as you want! I will take any and all submissions before the end of February, although the sooner the better, as I will have a better chance to think over your submission. Already made something cool relating to the theme? Sure, send that in too!

You can submit an endless amount ofย entries too, there are no limitations to your creativity! However, as this theme is shipping, please be respectful. I give you guys full permission to draw/write about me/my poptropican since I don’t mind being shipped with whoever. However, others might see shipping differently so if you include any real people in your creation(s), get their permission first! Poptropica NPCs and your own OCs are fine of course.

Anyway, see you at the end of the month and every month after that! I hope lots of you join because, while talent might have an impact on my decision, it’s really the content that matters. Make your creation catch my eye! ๐Ÿ˜‰



54 thoughts on “Introducing: PHB Community Creations!”

  1. Woohoo,the first ever submission! Anyway,my submission is my lovely Realm Chole! The code is 3vpqv . You might be asking what this has to do with shipping,Andy I’ll tell you. There’s a lotta ships in there with storage. And boats. And planes. So shipping is involve s and it’s in Poptropica.

    Now,you might be saying,”Oh,SC,you’re just trying to get into the first one of these by exploiting loopholes in the rule,ya darn poopyhead!”

    and you’re right

    So,I hope you enjoy my totally allowed entry to the CC. Woohoo!

      1. Also,what do you want me to build next? I have two things I want to build soon,so which should I build first?

        ฮฑ. A Town in the wild,wild west (DESERT)
        ฮฒ.A medieval castle (SWAMP/SNOW)

        Also,if you pick ฮฒ,please specify the biome you want it to be in. And if you choose ฮฑ,it would be nice to say what kind of town youโ€™d like it to be. And if youโ€™re wondering why Iโ€™m using the greek alphabet(a),wellโ€ฆ.it just looks cool,okay?!

        Just as constructive criticism and all. In the future,I may provide a full guide on how to ‘complete’ Chole. Maybe for the magazine?

      2. Hmm, not sure what you should make next. Castles are always cool and they seem more natural in the swap I suppose? I trust your creativity. ๐Ÿ˜›

        If you want to submit anything to the magazine, be sure to post it to the We-Love-Poptropica group on deviantArt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m in… as soon as I get ungrounded. Time for a community fan fiction based on shipping popular Poptropicans.

    Who wants theirs shipped with who? If you don’t have someone you want shipped with someone, I’m making a spinner lol

    1. Like I said, I’m perfectly fine with being shipped. As for the other authors, you may want to ask them just to make sure they are comfortable with it. You won’t get in trouble for not doing so, but I also don’t want to speak for them. Just be considerate.

    1. ..I can’t react to that.. ..There’s no one in those… *points to bushes* *L.W. shakes her head* *hesitates* T- Trees, up there.. *suddenly points around, but there aren’t any trees around* *mutters* Why, over-excessive lumberjacks.. why..

  3. I’d enter, but Poptropica shipping puts me off. Nobody ship me with anyone, especially community members. (I have standards, you know… ;))

  4. Oh yeah,and you have my permission to ship me with whom ever. I don’t care if it’s George Washington or your dishwasher,it’s officially got my permission!

    -Someone you’re probably not going to use in your entries anyway

  5. My perspective on shipping changes 24/7 but most of the time I avoid it. So this month, I’ll skip it, but I’ll definitely be around for next month! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. A bit late,but here’s my second entry.

    This came from another one of my photos where I accidentally made D and Lange hold hands soooo

    I (the mad scientist in the corner) am supposed to have shot D right in the glutenus maximus with cupid’s bow. Speaking of whom,he’s about to hammer me now. That zombie in the corner is playing a pretty dope guitar and Zeus,the genies and Omegon are just doing there own thing (playing music,commentating,eating popcorn,taking selfies (what? You thought that he was taking a picture of the couple? pffft get real skrub)). I quite like this one.

  7. Here’s my entry. Just realized it fit this event!

    Here, cupid has shot an arrow at Dr. Hare making him in love with Aphrodite.
    Zeus is angry at Dr. Hare for being in love with Aphrodite.
    Aphrodite, having her back turned towards Dr. Hare can’t see him and is confused why Zeus is angry.

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