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Celebrating the Holidays, the Poptropica Way


(This is a guest post by Tall Cactus, who regularly blogs on her own site, Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog. In this post, she’ll share ways to enjoy the winter holidays on Poptropica. Enjoy! –🐠)

Hey guys, TC here. Let’s just say, I’m in a great mood. Why? The holiday season is finally here! Also known as my favorite time of the year. And it doesn’t just have to be a thing in real life. Today I want to share some tips with you all on how to celebrate the holidays, the Poptropica way.

“Pop 5” Icy Islands

With snow days and winter breaks, you may find yourself a bit bored, just sitting around. But don’t worry, because you could always play some islands on Poptropica! While each island is special in its own way and totally deserves to be played, some are particularly fitting for the cold season, and some just take a while to complete, which is perfect for days off from school.

Below is my list of the best 5 islands to play when you need entertainment on a snowy day, or just any day during the holiday season when you’ve got some free time. Remember, this list is just my opinion!

1. Wimpy Wonderland Island

Although this island is a bit lacking in my opinion, it does take place on a snow day – and that’s the theme we’re going for here!


2. Astro-Knights Island

I have to say, Astro-Knights is one of the best islands overall. However, it takes a long time to complete, and some parts can be very difficult. That’s why it’s perfect to play when you have a lot of time on your hands. And guess what? There’s an ice planet!


3. SOS Island

You’re trapped on an iceberg that has just wrecked a titanic ship. How much more ice do you need?


4. Skullduggery Island

Sure, Skullduggery has no snow or cold weather whatsoever, but it has to be the longest island to finish. All that trading really takes time and patience. So if you have an upcoming holiday break, and you haven’t completed Skullduggery Island yet, this may be a good time to take it on.


5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory takes place in winter, and there is lots of snow all around. And don’t forget about all the chocolate and candy – there’s a lot of that around, too!


Festive Costumes

The Poptropica Store has a wide selection of holiday themed costumes available. You can even mix and match different parts and make your own.

pop xmas costumes

I’m the kind of person who loves making outfits for each major holiday on Pop, and doing it for Christmas or Hanukkah or other winter holidays is especially fun.

And I still haven’t made mine yet. I better do that soon…

Holiday Parties

The celebration doesn’t just have to be in the game. Many blogs throughout the Poptropica community, including the PHB, hold holiday parties as Christmas gets closer. Here’s a recap video of a PHB Christmas party from two years ago. The PHC was on Xat back then, but this is the first year the Pop winter parties will be on Discord!

Even when there’s not a party happening, you can still hang out and talk on the PHC and other Discord servers to get in the holiday spirit.

Farewell to 2016

New Years’ may be far away, but before we know it, we’ll be saying goodbye to both the holiday season and 2016. So let’s try to make the most of the last month of this year!

As for 2017, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. Always expect the unexpected.


–Tall Cactus

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Tall Cactus!

The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We also encourage sharing on our subreddit and the PHC.

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14 thoughts on “Celebrating the Holidays, the Poptropica Way”

  1. during a few days or weeks ago i bought some popgum and the torch costume and when i refreshed the page it was gone!can you find a way to restore them back,i recently got the delicious grape popgum and now it’s gone is there a way to get the classic popgum?

  2. I just realized something. Why are people now are saying happy holidays instead of Mary Christmas or have a happy new year?

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