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PHB Double Special: Make Fact Monster Great Again!

Hey Poptropicans! This PHB Double Special midweek post comes to you in two small parts – the former is a cool little glitch, and the latter involves two new costumes for everyone. Enjooooy!

Part 1: Bring back the Fact Monster buttons!

(This first part is a guest post by Small Carrot, a Poptropican in our community. UPDATE: Credit for this glitch goes to Keith Sammut’s website.)

Hello Poptropicans, I’m Small Carrot, a common Poptropican you can find on the PHC. I am here to present a fun glitch, and Tall Melon helped me with it. By the way, if you want to add me on Pop, my usernames are rahin6666 and thefreetinycarrot.

Anyway, here’s how you perform this glitch:

  1. Go to Time Tangled Island and obtain the Time Device from the people inside Pendulum’s Lab.
  2. Then, go into the common room on Main Street (the Party Time Tower).
  3. Use the time device in the bottom-left corner and go wherever you want.
  4. Walk around, and you’ll see Fact Monster buttons! If you press on them, they give you some interesting facts.

This is the old version of Time Tangled Island – before it was made into a SUI (sound updated island), there were Fact Monster buttons all over the island to drop some cool educational knowledge about the historical facets of the island. Not sure why Poptropica did away with them in the update, but now you know where to find them again! I hope you liked the glitch! :carrot:


Part 2: U.S. Poptropidential Election 2016!

This next part could probably use a little more Fact Monster, as our two honorary guests aren’t so keen on checking their facts. 😉 Please welcome, in honor of the upcoming U.S. presidential election of 2016 and tonight’s final debate, the (not so) beloved candidates…

Donald Trump (user: DonaldTrumpPHB) and Hillary Clinton (user: HillaryClintonPHB)!


…Sorry, couldn’t resist. Yes, their costumes are customizable. Just friend the usernames above! (I know, they aren’t the only options – but they’re the most iconic.)

Also, check out Perfect Sky’s renditions of these characters:

We are of course still taking entries for our Halloween/Fall Costume Contest – and we’re enjoying the spoopiness so far! Be sure to enter (as many times as you’d like!) for your chance to win a Poptropica membership, courtesy of Poptropica!

But hey, who needs these two candidates when we’ve got #MemeKingForPresident? 👑 Now there’s a viable choice – who else would make our Mondays better with a weekly dosage of Poptropica memery?

Share your thoughts in the comments below – just don’t break out into a political fight. 😉

34 thoughts on “PHB Double Special: Make Fact Monster Great Again!”

  1. Pshhh… what’s all of these “politics” that you speak of? I was for Meme King since the first ever PMFM, when he subtly promised to make America Memey again.

      1. Long story, but I probably won’t be on Discord for a while :(. But don’t worry, I WILL be back eventually, so don’t worry! 😀 (Btw, SF, it’s Marshmallow)

  2. Isn’t it ironic that you go to Time Tangled Island berfore it became an SUI which was it’s past. Do you see what I’m saying here?

      1. The glitch is originally from my blog, and he didn’t even give credit for it. Shameless content robbing. And it works for 24 carrot island, mythology and shrink ray with different items.

  3. YES!!!! thank you so much for saying my name.This is the second time I get mentioned in a poptropica help blog post.Oh man I am so glad I said the glitch too you! Also the real person to thank is this guy named keith sammut check out his GLITCH blog it has so much cool glitches. And everyone this glitch is awesome! and I am not a 4 year old people

  4. Interesting. Working off of Small Carrot’s glitch, if you use the Carrot Transporter on 24 carrot in the cinema (common room) you go outside the factory, but it will be the non-SUI version. Guess we figured out how to play islands that use to be non-SUI but now updated to SUI in non-SUI form.

  5. If I never told short carrot about that glitch this would never happen 🙂 Looks like short carrot was so happy when I told him about the glitch.He was like telling it to poptropica at the glitches channel! Well now you guys know about this awesome glitch!

  6. Hello poptropicans! This is Friendly Whale, live from skycam five, folks, Poptropica is one heck of a drive. We’ve got people protesting against Trump from three-oh-two, I’d find alternate routes, IF I were you…

    1. THIS JUST IN: A little boy gets lost in New York City and asks Trump for directions, and the candidate replies ” That’s your problem.” Is this the man we can trust as president? NO! So vote for Hillary Clinton! She has an amazing plan to help the country! For more information, go to http://www.hillaryclintonsplan.popgov or call 806-PLAN

    1. I like neither Trump nor Hilary, but if I’d have to choose, I’d go for Clinton. But she’s still pretty bad. 😦

      Anyhow, awesome glitch! 😀 And I love all four of those costumes, they all really do look so much like the two. 😉

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