Creepy Puppet and other Halloween updates!

Hi Gs,

Another update? With actual content?! This is insane.

Skinny Moon updated us yet again today, this time regarding a new costume. The “Creepy Puppet” costume is now available in the store for 400 credits (pricey!). The costume itself has two versions, one for each gender. I can’t decide which one I like better.


Strangely enough, the costumes actually aren’t the same as the ones in the promo image; instead, they have white skin and in classic they don’t have eye shadow/mascara. You will need to adjust your own character’s skin color to pure white so it matches the jaw of the puppet.

In other news, the Ship Wheel on Home Island has been updated with a Halloween aesthetic — and a new portal to the Haunted House mini quest has been opened next to the Arcade. Nothing new in the quest, however.

I’m excited to see what is unveiled next for Halloween this year (as she promises there’s more at the end of her post). Fingers crossed, substantial updates on New Poptropica. 

See you next time, Poptropicans.

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