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PHB Special: Pop the Difference

Hello, everyone!

It’s Lucky Joker here – and today I have something different to bring to the table.

Down below are four pairs of Poptropica images. Each set contains ten differences, some of which may be quite easy to spot, while others may be more challenging.

Your mission: Find all of the differences and comment your answers down below!

The first six correct guessers for each set will be declared the winners! Good luck!๐Ÿ€

#1: Poptropican Pursuit

phb-pop-the-difference-1a1PHB Pop the Difference 1A2.png

#2: Skullduggery Scrutiny


3: Eastman Examination

phb-pop-the-difference-1c1PHB Pop the Difference 1C2.png

4: Twisted Thicket Trackdown

PHB Pop the Difference 1D1.pngPHB Pop the Difference 1D2.png

I hope you enjoyed playing this Pop the Difference challenge as much as I enjoyed making it! How many differences could you find? I’ll have the winners and answers announced next Friday, October 21.

Share your thoughts, and leave your answers in the comment section below. See you next time – pop on!

-Lucky Joker  :luckyjoker~1:


28 thoughts on “PHB Special: Pop the Difference”

  1. In the first set of pictures, in the second pic compared the the first, Zeus is looking to the right instead of the left in the second pic, the guitar girl has no buttons on the left side of her jacket, the princess has blush, the book the boy is holding is red, there is an added blimp in the background, a tower is missing in the background, there is an added sun in the background, there are two small reflection circles in Dr. Hare’s googles instead of one, the police has a badge, and there is a green triangle thing sticking out from the side of the gate that is absent in the second pic. That’s the first set.

    1. In the second set of pictures, the second compared to the first, the skull has a gray tooth instead of gold, there is a sign missing on the platform under the building, the cannon on the left is missing cannon balls on top, under the cannon a crate is missing, the flag has a skull and crossbones on it, there is the beginning of a mountain on the right side of the pic, there is a window missing in the tall part of the tower, there is a glow from the fire, a rock is missing under the skull, and the smaller of the skull’s eye is missing a grass blade sticking out.

      1. In the third set of pictures, the second compared to the first, all the awnings are all blue instead of a pink one in the middle, the building on the right has some lights on in the higher floors that aren’t in the first pic and at the bottom of the same building one light from the window isn’t on, the building on the far left in the foreground has a blue circle above the windows instead of gray, there is a wooden plank covering a lite window that is missing in the second pic and it isn’t lite, his eyes are a little more focused in the second pic, there is a missing graffiti on the building left of the berry smoothie shop, there is no glow from the street lamps, and there is an added cement block behind the zombie.

      2. And finally, on the fourth set of picture second compared to first, there is a missing stack of bricks on the roof of a building in the background, the building in the foreground has a stack of bricks that only have one of top instead of two stacked directly on top, there’s an added cement block in the cement block pile under the truck, there’s a missing cloud on the top right, the window on the crane next to the orange truck is bigger, there’s another row of red bricks on the second floor of the unfinished building, the trees in the background have a different pattern, the revealed bricks on the first floor of the unfinished building is gone, the ropes holding the logs from the crane on the left has a part on the right the forms an x compared to the first pic, and the bricks on the bottom right are gray instead of brown.

        Whew, that was challenging!

  2. I don’t know if I was right but here’s the answer:
    #1: Poptropica Pursuit:
    1. The tower;
    2. The blimp;
    3. The road path on Mt. Olympus;
    4. Dr. Hare’s goggles (it had three highlight rather than two);
    5. The Rock Girl’s buttons;
    6. The book;
    7. The policewoman’s badge;
    8. Princess Elyana’s make-up or blush;
    9. The image of Zeus’ eyes;
    10. And the sun

    #2: Skullduggery Scrutiny:
    1. The box on lower left;
    2. The golden teeth;
    3. The skull flag;
    4. The fire (the other do have light effects while other non);
    5. The window;
    6. The rock on the water (lower left below the giant stone skull);
    7. The rock or mountain (on the lower right);
    8. The cannon balls (above the cannon on the lower left);
    9. The grass on the left eye of giant stone skull;
    10. And the signage below the house

    #3: Eastman Examination:
    1. The male zombie’s eyes;
    2. (I don’t what’s it called that thing, I’m sorry) the thing on the middle window on Smoothie Shop;
    3. The window on the left building;
    4. The window on the building (right behind the building with letter ‘M’ on it);
    5. The light effects on the lamp;
    6. The cement block on the right of the picture, right behind the male zombie;
    7. The window right behind the Smoothie Shop (I guess it was part of the building with letter ‘M’ on it…?);
    8. The round window on the left building;
    9. The vandalizing between the left building and the Smoothie Shop;
    10. And the wood that was on the window (the same missing window)

    #4: Twisted Thicket Trackdown:
    1. The wooden blocks on the third floor (outside, left side of the toilet room);
    2. The cement block below the orange truck;
    3. The white wall on the ground floor, right next to the yellow track (I don’t what that thing called, I’m sorry)
    4. The (shadow/silhouette) trees;
    5. The cloud on the right side of picture:
    6. The wooden/cement blocks left near the trash ban(?);
    7. The window on the green track (right side of the orange track)
    8. The wooden block above the silhouette building;
    9. The red wall on the second, above the window frame;
    10. The rope on the wooden planks (near the left of the roof)

    I hope my guess are corrects (and I hope you understand everything I said here… I’m sorry and thank you!!!) It was fun to guess!

  3. #1: Zeus’ eyes on have shifted, the Pop blimp has disappeared, the sun has disappeared, a tower in the background has disappeared, the book that the kid is carrying has changed color, the princess has gained blush on her cheeks, the police officer has gained a badge on her chest, the rocker girl has gained buttons on the left side of her jacket, the path to Olympus has disappeared, Dr. Hare’s glasses have gained an extra dot thingy.

    #2: The black flag has gained a picture of a skull, The large skull rock has lost it’s gold tooth, an extra box on the left has disappeared, the fire has gained an extra light, a window on the top tower has disappeared, the cannon balls on the cannon have disappeared, there is an extra tuft of grass on the stone skulls left eye, the sign below the house has disappeared, the rock in the sea below the skull rock has disappeared, the tiny little baby rock/mountain on the lower right corner has disappeared.

    #3: The zombie dude’s eyes have shifted, the pink window canopy thingy in the center of the picture has turned blue, the light on a window on the left building has turned on, a piece of wood (a plank or something) has been put in front of an extra window, a window on the M building has the light turned off, some extra graffiti on the building to the left of the smoothie shop has disappeared, a circle shaped window on the far left building has appeared, a cement block next to the zombie has disappeared, the two street lamps have lost some… uh, lightyness? (Sorry I’m getting kind of tired at this point lol I hope you get what I mean).

    #4: A cloud has disappeared on the right, some cement blocks have changed color near the yellow tube, the cement blocks underneath the orange truck have changed, the cement blocks near the bathroom in construction have gotten larger, the window on the green truck has changed, a gap in the white wall near the yellow truck has been filled, some tufts of tree in the tree shadow on the right side have changed, a pile of cement blocks on top of the building shadow have disappeared, some rope near the left side of the roof has changed.

    Dang it this was hard.

  4. first set: yellow blimp, red book, sun in the right side of the temple and there isn’t the tower in the left side, the rock girl doesn’t have buttons in the left side of jacket, Dr hares color of goggles, there isn’t the road that leads to temple, the princess as red cheeks, the police officer has her badge and Zeus eyes. in the second set there are only 3 boxes in the left side, and on top of the cannon no balls, there isn’t the rock on the water under the skull, the skull doesn’t have his gold tooth, the color of the fire is different, there isn’t the wooden sign on the wall of the right side under the house, the flag as a skull face, there isn’t a window in the tower close to the house, and in the chain of mountains in the right side they add another one, and the skull eyes, the left one has different shape of grass. in the 3 set there is a glass hole on top of the chains of windows in the right grey building,and also the window on the left side of the grey building(the top on) as the light off and no wood, it’s measing the green script on top of the small building in the left of the smooth shop, and the 3 windows of the smooth shop, the second curtain has blue color no pink, in the construction site there are 2 bricks on top of each other in the first construction floor, and the building shown in the right corner of the smooth shop has the top window with no lights and the huge building close the tower of mews has to lights that are on the last floor and different position of the eyes of zombie and the lights effects. on the 4 set the trees in the left side closed to the red sine have a different shape, the bottom wall of the house hasn’t the red bricks showing, bricks of second floor different position,and more brown bricks on the 3 floor to left, under the red truck in the left side it’s measing a white break,and the color of breaks near the trash is of a different color, it’s disappeared a cloud in the right side, the building in the back of the red truck on top are disappeared bricks,the window on the green truck has changed,the rope of wooden hold by the left green crank.

  5. 1: rock singer’s buttons,color book, yellow blimp, road to temple,Zeus eyes,red checks of princess, police badge,Dr. googles,tower,sun. 2:boxes left side, 3 balls on top cannon, rock on the water under skull, skull grey tooth and different shape of grass in the left eye, mountain in the right side, fire color, sign under the right of house, skull face in flag, window in the tower of building, 3:zombies eyes, no light and wood in the left window of grey building, round circle glass window, blue middle curtain in fruit shop, green scripts in small building near fruit shop, lights of metro, block on first construction floor, light in house ride side of fruit store and tall building with two lights on last floor. 4: rope on the wood hold by green krain, trees in the right side, red stuff in the wall of the first floor house, bricks under red truck( left side), color of bricks in the left side of trash, window on the truck, bricks on top of the building in the back of truck, cloud in right side, blocks in the left side of toilet.

  6. k. The first one is easy. The blimp and the moon are gone. There’s a new building over Crawfish. The princess makeup is different. The police girl’s badge also disappears.There’s like a new trail on the mountain or something. Girl’s jacket. Dr. Hare and Zeus’s eyes are different. And then the blue and the red book is obvious. XD

  7. Mythology island: Dr hare googles,police officer badge, princess cheek, book, rock singer’s buttons,road to temple, sun, tower, blimp,Zeus’s eyes. Skullduggery island: boxes left side, balls on top of cannon, rock on water under skull, skull with grey tooth and grass eye, mountain right side, fire,sign under the house, skull face flag, no window on the tower of house. Zomberry Island: circled window, window with no light and wood left side of house’s entrance, zomby eyes, green script, blue curtain of middle window( drink store), blocks, the right side( 1 floor of construction),lights of metro, light of window right side of drink store and tall building with two light windows(last floor). Twisted Thicket: trees, cloud, bricks of left side toilet, bricks under red truck( left side),bricks near trash, red stuff in 1 floor of building,robe tied in wood hold by green hand krain, truck’s window, blocks on top of building behind red truck.

  8. Since I’m only checking the PHB for a few minutes now, I don’t have time to spot all of it and guess, and by the time I come back for real, I’m pretty sure six people will have already guessed correctly. XD

    Anyhow, this is a really awesome idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck, everyone.

  9. Easy.

    First, the blimp is replaced by the tower from the top picture, the book in the boy’s hand is red in the bottom picture, Zeus’s eyes’ position is different in the pictures, the female rock star’s buttons are only on her right side of her jacket while the other picture has buttons on both sides of the jacket, the moon is on the bottom picture only, Princess Elyna doesn’t have those blush things in the top picture, and I guess that’s all the differences I saw in the first pictures? ^^;

    In Skullduggery Island pictures, the skull is absent from the flag in the top picture, the tooth is gold in the top picture but not the bottom picture, the window is absent from the left of the house, the fire glows in the bottom picture, the cannonballs are not on top of the cannon in the second picture, there is only three boxes on the bottom picture while the other one has four, there’s some grass sticking out in the left eye of the skull, and under the house has a sign on the top picture.

    In the Zomberry pictures, the zombie’s eyes are different in the top picture, the middle curtain in the top picture is pink while in the bottom it’s blue, the second window in the left of the building is dark and isn’t boarded up along with the round window on top of the windows, on the right there are five bricks on top of the first construction building floor on the bottom picture while the top picture has 4 bricks, the lights of the metro on the top picture are glowing, the blue graffiti on the building between the left building and the Smoothie shop is absent in the bottom picture, and I guess that’s all I see in this picture.

    For the last pictures, the bricks are on top of the far away building in the top picture, the boxes on the right of the top picture are brown while on the bottom they’re the same color as the dirt the truck is standing on, the white paint is torn off in the bottom of the building in the top picture, the bottom picture has six bricks while the top one has 5, the top picture has 3 clouds while the bottom has 2, the second window on the green truck is wider on the bottom picture, the first floor of the brick building has three layers on the top picture while on the bottom has four, the tree’s shadow on the pictures are different, the rope tying the wooden planks are tying them different in the pictures, and I guess that’s it. Or can I add more to my comment, meaning can I reply to my comment to say what else is in the pictures?

  10. I’ll give it a go…
    Poptropican Pursuit: Sun, Blimp, Book,Tower, the eyes on Zeus, the rock girl has no buttons on the left side, the path on the mountain, Dr.hairs goggles, no badge on the police officers shirt, make up on the princess

    Skullduggery Scruity: The flag, the tooth, window, the fire, the three cannon balls on the little island part, the little rock floating unter the skull, no sign under the bulding, the extra box, the grass on the left eye.

    Eastman Examination: the eyes on the zombie, the middle window is pink not blue, extra graffiti on the building, there is an extra window that has lights on, the circle on the bulding is filled in, extra lights on the building int he background, and in the background building there is no lighting on the bottom, there’s an extra board on the left building.

    Twisted Thicket Trackdown: the inprocess building has extra red brick wall on the bottom, there is extra concrete on on the way bottom that is stacked, an extra cloud on the far right in the sky(of course -.-), in the background there is no stacked bricks(?) on top of the building, there is extra stacked row of bricks on the building as the wall.


    thank you ^-^.

  11. Okay…
    Pictures number 1:
    yellow blimp
    color of book
    the sun
    a tower
    blush on princess
    Zeus’ eyes
    the light on doctor hare’s goggles
    policewoman’s badge
    buttons on rockstar jacket
    path on mt. Olympus
    Number 2:
    pirate flag at top
    detail on moon
    light on highest house
    cannonballs on far left cannon
    color of tooth in skull
    #of boxes on far left
    sign on wall under houses
    brightness of flame
    mountain at far right
    grass in skull left eye
    Number 3:
    color of top of window in middle
    position of left pupil
    circle on top of left building
    window at far left
    two windows at top of building to the right of the m tower
    green graffiti on 2nd building to left
    window of building in background right next to the middle building, to the right
    # of cinder blocks on far right
    glow of lamps
    board on window on far left (the one that changed lighting)
    Number 4:
    pile of bricks on building in background
    cloud on far right
    stack of cinder blocks in center
    size of middle window on crane
    color of squares in front of crane
    stack of bricks on top house platform left
    unpainted patch of house on bottom
    bushes in background at left
    brick wall in middle story of house height
    the rope tying the stack of logs being suspended from the crane on the left, the right rope x-pattern is reversed

    Also, all the bottom images seem brighter than the top images. Look at the color of the highlights on the rockstar’s shades in the first images.

  12. Nooo I lost all of my progress and I don’t want to type my answers all again, which took FOREVER.
    #copypastefail How dare I copy funny ODI images ๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Ah I’m way to late to this but oh well, here goes…
    The first set’s differences: 1. The badge on the officer. 2. Zeus’ eyes on the gate. 3. The path on the Mount Olympus. 4. The gleam in Dr.Hare’s eyes. 5. The color of the book. 6. The blimp. 7. The tower in the background. 8. The blush in the princesses cheeks. 9. The buttons on the rock star’s shirt. 10. The Sun in the background. 11. Quality/light?

    Second set’s differences: 1. The skull on the flag. 2. the cannon balls on top of the cannon. 3. The gold tooth. 4. The amount of boxes in the left bottom corner. 5. The fire is glowing. 6. The window in the top structure. 7. The sign pointing up on the third level. 8. The grass in the skull’s left eye. 9. The shading on the moon. 10. The rock in the water by the skull. 11. Quality/light?

    Third set’s differences: 1. The left eye of the zombie. 2. The number of bright windows on building in background, should be two together. 3. The number of bright windows on the left side building. 4. Spray paint on the small building to the left side, in the top right corner. 5. The number of bright windows on the building in the background in the middle. 6. The color of the awning on the top of the smoothie shop. 7. The street lights are shining in the first. 8. The circle in the top middle of the tall building is different color/window or not. 9. The number of cinder block on the right of the zombie. 10. The board on the tall building on the left over the window that should be lit? 11. Quality/light? One is bright then other.

    Fourth set’s differences: 1. The tree to the far left in the background. 2. The height of the bricks on the second level, left of the toilet. 3. The patch of bricks in the wall in between the two windows on the bottom level. 4. The stack of something on top of the building in the background. 5. The cinder block stack in the middle of the bottom. 6. The half cloud on the right up top. 7. The size of the window in the middle on the crane. 8. The rope holding the wood on the left crane. It has an x were the other doesn’t. 9. The brick wall on the second floor of the middle building is taller. 10. Ahh it’s hard to tell since they are all worse coloring in the second picture but I guess the color of the bricks to the left of the yellow tube?

    This was fun, thanks for the opportunity!

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