A (Pet)ite Feat!

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, bringing you another ad post!

If you’ve logged onto Poptropica recently, you may have noticed an ad about the one and only toy franchise and animated series of beloved pets, Littlest Pet Shop.


Approaching the ad, you’ll come across Saffron Sweetin, an adorable gorilla who needs you to help find her friends. Go on in and play the games that await you!

There are two mini-games to be played here, but we’ll still be receiving two prizes, as usual. To play one or the other, just click one of the characters.

Let’s start off with Buttercream Sunday(the bunny), who has lost her friends in the Toy Store.

Littlest Pet Shop of Poptropica.png

You’ll have two minutes to find 8 hidden pets in various areas in the Toy Store. If you do so successfully, you’ll receive the Splasher Follower.

Littlest Pet Shop of Poptropica.png

Moving on to the next one- Click on Saffron(the gorilla) to play! The object of the game is exactly the same, only in the pet store this time. Find all of the pets before the time runs out, and you’ll receive the Dabble Follower.

Oh, Hey there Rickie Rock! Long time no see! 😛

Along with playing the mini-games and earning the prizes, you could also visit their website– where you could watch videos, meet the pets, view the products, and take fun in many other fun activities! So keep exploring Poptropicans.


Additionally, Kory Merritt, illustrator of the Poptropica Comic and Poptropica graphic novel series will be signing his works at New York Comic Con, starting at 4:00 pm! Go and stop by if you can! More details here▼

Thanks for reading! See you next time, and Pop on!

-Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:

11 thoughts on “A (Pet)ite Feat!”

    1. Wait, who did fall victim to his bottle in the first place? The door, by the looks of that image? 😛

      1. Oh, I didn’t see your last comment before I said the one about the gorilla. 😛 😛

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