My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: Dangerous Eye

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Dangerous Eye, who first started playing what she called “Poppilliar” at school and now loves the community. See below for details on sending in your MPIP!

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Hey guys, I’m Dangerous Eye, and welcome to my lovely lovely “My Place in Poptropica”. Enjoi :3!

2010 | Poppilliar

I was a young lass in 1st grade, and it was second semester. I was a very smart girl in school so I attended some 2nd grade classes as well. :3 I met my best friends David and Dezirae there, and we all played this one game we loved called Poptropica, but I had trouble pronouncing things and called it Poppilliar – dumb, right?

Anyway, we joined right when Skullduggery Island was added, and back then a lot of kids started a rumor that after they beat the game, a second, more difficult version of Poptropica would open up. I believed them at the time. I also didn’t know you could save your account, until this 4th grader named Kennedy told me and my friends. She also told me that it was called Poptropica, not Poppilliar.

Over the summer, I stopped playing Poptropica for a while, and only started again when I went back to school for the first half of second grade. I remember I had no clue what the PHB was, but every now and then I’d go to Poptropica Secrets for walkthroughs and watch Thinknoodles videos, back when it was the Insiders Network.

2011 | Poptropica at the Academy

So I wasn’t the angel of the school, and I got kicked out. In my second semester of second grade, I went to another prestigious private school, but little did I know I’d love this school. It was like a fictional paradise in the real world, with a really interesting aspect: every kid there loved the game Poptropica, and I loved it! I loved playing with my friends with Poptropica, and I started to love Poptropica for the story of the islands, the difficulty of the islands varying and the villains.

By this time, Poptropica had became my life and my favorite island was Red Dragon. I would always help everyone at my school with Poptropica, because everyone called me The Poptropica Pro – okay, nobody called me that, but I dreamed they did… anyway, I was one of the best players at my school.

The day Red Dragon Island came out, I refused to watch a walkthrough. Everyone had watched Thinknoodles’ video, but I wanted to do it myself. I strived for at least a month to complete the island of Red Dragon, and it was one day when I was about to give up that I finally beat the island. It’s one of my best Poptropica moments. Honestly, I loved 2011, because I was on top of the game, but little did I know what would happen next…

2012 – 2014 | Mega Poptropica Hiatus

Starting from third grade, I took a long break from Poptropica. Also, my account got hacked. 😦 This account had every island completed until Shrink Ray and I just didn’t want to restart. I had no motivation to redo every island including the (in my book) infamous Red Dragon, which had became my favorite island.

Because of that, I just quit Poptropica and forgot about it. I thought this would be my last time playing Poptropica but I sure was wrong…

Late 2015 | What Has Happened?

I came back to Poptropica expecting the well-plotted game I knew and loved. At this time, I was a hardcore gamer in the seventh grade. I loved video games and decided to give Poptropica another try because my newest friends Devin and Donna loved the game.

I really couldn’t believe what had happened to the game, and the changes sickened me. I missed the old Poptropica, but even though I hated Poptropica now, I found the amazing community, and that helped me. Thanks to that, I found out about all the amazing things happening with Poptropica.

I also fell in love with the Poptropica YouTuber Perfect Sky (if you are reading this, PS, can Perfect Sky x Dangerous Eye be canon? :3 ) I also found the PHB, which I would check every now and then.

2016 | Year of Pop

This is the best year for Poptropica by far. I am following Orb Legend, PoptropicaPerfectSky, and so many blogs. I joined a blog as well, and I became known as Kaliscene or Yandari~Sama on Discord, where the PHC is. I love being part of this community, and I absolutely love the PHB. So many good things have come from it.

I’m thankful for Poptropica making me the social person I am today, even if it’s just on the Internet. The best part of Poptropica for me now is the PHB. So many of the bloggers have inspired me, especially in that one vlog in the PHB’s April Fool’s Day joke where Brave Tomato played the piano… that’s how I got started in piano!

Poptropica surely has evolved – not always in the best way possible, I think – but I can always play the islands I love and remember the old Poptropica I loved and played. My favorite island will always be Red Dragon but the runner-up for me is PoptropiCon because I love superheroes.

So, all I have to say is thank you for reading my MPIP, and thank you all for making me the Dangerous Eye you know today!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB

6 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: Dangerous Eye”

  1. Dang this was a awesome MPIP you are now in my top 10 of best MPIP! I really loved how you used to call it popilliar!And it is cool to see how you know that thinknoodles was called insider network back in the day!It got really interesting when you said that you got kicked out of your old school! but joined a new school were everyone played poptropica.That part was really fun to read!And I think you are the only MPIP were someone got hacked!Also its nice to see how you found out about Perfect sky I love her channel too! All these reasons are why you are in my top 10 best MPIP!

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