Creator Pop-In: Skinny Moon Meme Edition

Hey Poptropicans, what’s popping?

Earlier tonight, some strange shenanigans went down on Twitter and the PHC Discord: Skinny Moon memes! It got the attention of the Poptropica Creator herself – and so, curious about the pics, Skinny Moon popped on the PHC at about 9:40pm Eastern and stayed for a quick chat.

Because these kinds of things don’t happen too often (although you can catch up on a few of these Creator sessions by scrolling here), we’ve recorded a lot of her messages here for your benefit. What can we say? She’s a Poptropica celebrity and we need to obsessively document the good stuff.

By the way, here are some more of those lovely memes. You can thank idk, Yujo, and kenny for the oddball amusement:

And now for the exclusive (and somewhat esoteric) chat sesh:

idk (not your lime): Did the lime get delivered safely?

Friendly Foot: Hello?? What’s going on with all the color changes on Home Island?
Skinny Moon: We are just mixing things up a little on the Home Island. Just for fun!

not your lime: Can you join our lime kingdom?
Skinny Moon: I’m dying laughing and I’m so confused.

kenny: (attaches meme)


Skinny Moon: That Spongebob dude totally swiped my turtleneck.

Short Feather (TANGERINES): is the phb the only poptropica blog you read?
Skinny Moon: I’ll read any Poptropica fan blog if you tweet me your posts!

Spoopy Skunk: Do you like birds?
Skinny Moon: Sure

Yujo: Is this just a bird-specific set of questions now?
Skinny Moon: I’m partial to Labrador Retrievers, tbh.

not your lime: What happened to that New Poptropica sneak peek you were talking about?
Skinny Moon: It’ll happen, we just have a ton to talk about first on the blog. I have had to post twice today! Sneak peek sometime this month. It’s a small thing, not like the house poll.

Tall Cactus (Happy Bday To Meh): hey. It’s my bday
Skinny Moon: YAY!!! Happy birthday! My b-day is next week! #GoLibras

MissEligon: If you had to choose of all four villains: Dr. Hare, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, and Binary Bard Who would be your favorite?
Skinny Moon: You really want me to choose???

TANGERINES: are you aware of some of our craziness and cheese and clam obsessions?
Skinny Moon: I am not aware and am slightly scared. lol

Friendly Foot: What do you think of limes?
Skinny Moon: Limes are awesome

Tall Cactus: how often will you come on Discord?
Skinny Moon: well I got lured in by IDK and crazy lime talk tonight

not your lime: So, have you ever heard of the Poptropica developer “Gabriel Jensen”? His account got deleted after it was hacked. :frowning:
Skinny Moon: Sounds familiar, but before my time

felisha: when will new pop be out
Skinny Moon: I can’t give that info out, sorry! Sometime this year!

Yujo: Will the Adventurer’s Saloon, as well as the rest of Sky Dock, be incorporated into Poptropica at some point?
Skinny Moon: If that’s stuff taken from our files I have no comment.

In response to several comments from Poptropicans worrying about the upcoming New Poptropica update, Skinny Moon also had this to say:

Don’t worry, there’s something coming to the store for members that Poptropicans have been asking for and only members will get, so you’ll be happy! Don’t be apprehensive about New Poptropica. It’s going to be awesome and will stay true to the spirit of Poptropica! Old Pop won’t just go away.

Eventually, after popping in for about fifteen minutes, she wrapped up with a final message:

Okay all you crazy kids. I’m tired. Gotta go. Have to work tomorrow so we can keep bringing you cool stuff on Poptropica! Bye! So fun seeing you all!

But to quote Yujo, a PHC regular: “She’ll be back at one point. The moon always orbits back around.”

Why limes? Only Ylimegirl knows. Speaking of which, be sure to check out her post about the #PoptropicaArt contest winners and Halloween on Poptropica:ylimepoker~1:

See kids, this is the kind of fun you can have when you join us on the PHC. It’s a fun chat hangout for all Poptropicans, and you’ll get to interact with lots of awesome people in this community, including the occasional Creator! Join us on the PHC Discord!

With apologies to your eyeballs, perhaps it’s fitting that we conclude with one last Skinny Moon meme (thanks for the gif, DJ-Rosietta and Yujo!):


If that doesn’t convince you to join the PHC, we don’t know what will.


36 thoughts on “Creator Pop-In: Skinny Moon Meme Edition”

  1. I hope we didn’t scare Skinny Moon off. 😂

    And I wonder when they’ll give out the prizes for the art contest…

  2. A very irregular moon orbit, she came at the end of June, then she came in July, and then another three months to October? 😛

  3. It’s too bad that I wasn’t able to come. Someone told me I came online right when Skinny Moon went offline.

  4. Also, you left out the most important question : short feather : are you aware of some of our craziness and cheese and clam obsessions? Skinny Moon: I am not aware and am slightly scared. lol .

  5. I came three minutes after she left and FF kept DMing me about it and kept sending screen shots while I was eating dinner and doing HW, I am so jealous of everyone who talked to her. She is my friend on discord though 😀.

  6. Heh, probably one of the silliest reasons Jessica has been on the chat. Cool to see a couple of my images in the post, not to mention a few direct quotes xD. Since it is a thing I apparently do, I managed to snag the entire meeting in Screenshots. Although all the questions seem to have been covered, I figured I’d leave these links here for those that wish to see:

    1. If the links don’t work, which I suspect is what happened the exact moment I posted the message, I’ll find an image host that doesn’t decrease the quality and post the link. Sorry about that -.- .

      1. Sincerely sorry about the link failures above 😦 . I resorted to Google Drive since every other image host seems to ruin the image quality -_- . Here’s the Pre-Visit link:
        Visit Part 1:
        Visit Part 2:

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