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#PoptropicaArt Contest Winners & Halloween on Poptropica!

Heyo readers!

Some major events happened today. First of all, the winners of the #PoptropicaArt contest were announced! To reiterate the prizes from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog:

  • First place gets a six-month Poptropica membership and a bunch of Poptropica swag
  • Second place gets a three-month Poptropica membership and a bunch of Poptropica swag
  • Third place gets a one-month Poptropica membership and a bunch of Poptropica swag
  • And our honorable mentions all get a one-month Poptropica membership

And the winners are in first place: Maryann P., in second place: Crafty Poptropican, and in third place: our very own Slanted Fish:tada: Be sure to check their blog post for the Creators’ commentary!

In addition, @yuneiko_, @yazz._.minne, Tiger35767, @smileyfaceorg, Shaky Skunk, @julia_henry_la, Creepy Goose, and our very own Brave Tomato all got honorable mentions! Congratulations to all the winners!

In other news, the month of Halloween October is now in full swing, so Poptropica’s begun to celebrate! The Halloween photo booth is back, along with another Photo Booth contest starting next week. Skinny Moon has also gotten into the spoopy spooky spirit, and she’s not the only one – have you seen our Poptropicans lately? 😉

In other spooky news, there appear to be some strange glitches on Home Island affecting hair color and fashion choices. No, oh wait – apparently DJ Saturday Nite and New You lady went to the hair salon together, and even Amelia’s appearance is deliberate. My bad.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, some characters, specifically Amelia Earhart and the wheel-spinny-guy-dude, also have some new dialogue! Seems the creators favor the term “loot” over “prizes” now, and Amelia’s plugging the new Fall Fashion lineup. (Thanks to Happy Lobster for the images!)

Finally, the spooky Halloween-themed items of the Poptropica Store have been moved to the front of the card lineups for easy access! Check ’em out and deck out!


Whoof, this was a long update. Thanks for sticking with me!

– :ghost: Ylimegirl :jack_o_lantern:

37 thoughts on “#PoptropicaArt Contest Winners & Halloween on Poptropica!”

    1. I’m pretty sure the hair colors are a glitch, considering the “New You” lady’s hair is back to normal inside the building. 😛

    1. Well, we can be bummed together. I knew I wouldn’t win anyway, so I decided I wouldn’t even risk it. Still, there are times I wish I had.

  1. Congratulations to all the #PoptropicaArt winners! These selections are all excellent, and thanks to the Creators for voting my PoptropiCon piece for third (I wasn’t expecting to win something and am honored!). I’m excited to see what’s included in the “bunch of Poptropica swag”! 😀

    1. You weren’t expecting to win?? But yes, well done to all the winners – all of those entries and the special mentions were definitely well-chosen. 😉

    2. Oh, without a doubt she did. The illustration is amazing, and like the Creators said, the Mighty Action force characters have been staged (and drawn) to perfection. 😉

      Lol, I should be saying this in a comment for this piece in DeviantArt . 😛

  2. And I’m also pretty hyped about the 8th annual PHB Halloween costume contest that I’m pretty sure is coming right up. XD DJ Saturday Nite and the New You lady are sure getting into the Halloween spirit, even if they did so unintentionally. 😛

  3. Awesome job slanted fish, the third picture reminds me of the civil war picture but CONGRATS FOR MY FAVOURITE AUTHOR!

  4. And i was here thinking the hair changed colors on Home Island because of the Paint Gun’s effects somehow lingering

  5. Oh sweet, an honorable mention! This is awesomeness! 😮 Congratulations to everyone who made it, whether they’d be finalist, mention, or winner! Everyone did such a great job!

  6. Still Bummed out about not entering because I have entirely no TALENT in art at all. If you seen my original proposal, it will make people PUKE.

    1. Talent is only a part of the equation – lots of practice can make you just as skilled! Don’t give up just because you may not be at the same level as someone else, because with some hard work, you could be – it starts with trying. 🙂

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