POPCORN, the PHB magazine: Fall 2016 issue!

Hey Poptropicans, the butter is back! 😀

The Fall 2016 issue, #32 of our Poptropica fan magazine, is now ready for viewing. Check out the fall 2016 issue now! (Or download it to read offline!)

This season’s issue features Lucky Joker on the cover, a current PHB staffer and longtime Poptropican (you can read his story here). LJ recently received the title of MVP at the PHB’s Tribal Tournament. In addition, he is also a writer for the Poptropica blog People of Poptropica, which received the Fansite Spotlight in this issue! Without further ado, here is the magazine:

Issue #32: Fall 2016

We’re always interested in seeing your Poptropica fan work, whether that be stories, art, or other cool creations. For your chance to have them selected for the next magazine, be sure to submit them to our our subreddit and DeviantArt group! While we may not choose every entry, just posting them online will give your work some exposure and the chance to have them chosen.

Anyway, enjoy this fall/autumn issue of The POPCORN! To read past issues, check out the PHB’s Magazines page. Stay popping, Poptropicans! 🐠🐠

30 thoughts on “POPCORN, the PHB magazine: Fall 2016 issue!”

  1. Wow, awesome edition! Nice work. 😉 I love reading the Popcorn, or looking at it (for the art section), so I already can’t wait for the Winter 2016 (or possibly 2017) edition to come out.

      1. Yes Sticky, we know each other in deviantART, and we watch each other, but I quite not like some of his artwork. Especially his “violence in Timmy Failure” artwork.

      2. And I also pretty much don’t like his behavior with other users. He used to online abuse people who say on his profile, “Thanks for the (bleep)” OR “I reported you to dA staff, you must think before stealing people’s artwork” or those stuff that make him mad. And he sees these comments, replies “*chokes (their dA usernames)*” to them, but I guess he already hid those comments a few days ago.

  2. A letter to the PHB,

    I love the Popcorn, and this fall’s is just as good. But there seems to be a minor issue here, why are only PHB authors featured on the cover? Don’t think I don’t like the authors, I really love what all of them do. But will we have to wait a year or two before you run out of authors to put on the cover? Without self-advertising yourselves, there are plenty of members in the community who are fully deserving of being featured, like Tall cactus, Perfect Sky, and many, many more.

    Sorry if I caused offence, I really don’t.

    ~ Muddy Bubbles

    1. Don’t worry, I understand what you mean! I would love to feature other, non-PHB-staff community members sometime – as you said, there are many deserving Poptropicans out there. For the time being, I’ve selected PHB authors because they tend to be more recognizable faces within the community, and there’s perhaps less of a exclusion factor in that sense (as the alternative would be, why pick non-PHB person A over non-PHB person B?).

      In the future, we may feature non-staff – perhaps by creating magazine covers retroactively. Determining who isn’t such an easy task – but being active in the community definitely helps!

      Thanks for your concern and feedback!

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