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Of Gods and Monsters – October’s Islands of the Month

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and welcome to the ever so spooky month of October!


Well, in Poptropica nowadays, a new month mean a new duo of Islands of the Month, where people have the opportunity to play an island for extra credits – no matter if it’s your first time playing it or you’re playing it again.

Since it is a new month, that means Mystery of the Map and Virus Hunter Island will no longer be giving extra credits upon completion.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see which islands the Creators handpicked to be October’s Islands of the Month!

Monster Carnival

Not too surprisingly, Monster Carnival is the first of the two Islands of the Month this month. After all, Halloween is slowly approaching and a spooky island like such would fit right in to this month.

Captain Crawfish has even uploaded a new video walkthrough for the island:

If you’d prefer a written walkthrough, check out the PHB’s Monster Carnival Island Guide here!

Mythology Island

The second island, which may seem like a stranger pick at first, is Mythology Island. It seems like the Creators specifically are picking sound-updated islands (SUIs) to be islands of the month, and out of the remaining SUIs, Mythology is one of the few that also has a classical creepy vibe to it (especially in the Underworld).

Captain Crawfish has made a new video walkthrough for Mythology as well:

If you’d prefer a written walkthrough, check out the PHB’s Mythology Island Guide here!


Like with the previous IotMs, the first time you complete either of these Islands of the Month, you will attain 500 credits, and for one more time following that, you will attain 300 credits. Still beats the regular 150 credits from non-IotM islands!

So with this news in mind and guides in hand, go ahead and face off, whether it’d be a carnival full of monsters or the dangerous world of Greek Mythology!

Until next time, BT out!

20 thoughts on “Of Gods and Monsters – October’s Islands of the Month”

  1. Lol, I saw that same exact GIF on a Vine while I was scrolling through the Comedy section (or The Drop section, I don’t remember), and it was playing the Spooky Scary Skeletons song, but an EDM remix by The Living Tombstone. You do not know how fast I insta-liked it.

    Now the only thing is to make video guides and guide tabs for MY blog now. Where is recording software when I need it?

  2. Those again?! I’m getting tired of those challenges. Besides, I played those islands two or three times already.

  3. Ugh, the Creators are getting a little too obsessed with SUIs these days; the good old classics get very little recognition – if any at all. 😦

  4. Why is Mythology Island there? I mean sure they have monsters but it’s not considered to be a horror or monster island. Like Shaky Skunk said, why don’t they feature Zomberry or Vampire Curse. Then again, it’s not like it matters since we already got the wheel of fortune which only takes two or four clicks (depending on how much you get) and two days.

  5. I’m surprised you didn’t mention your Revisiting the Islands video walkthroughs for MC and Mythology, BT, they’re pretty awesome. 😉

  6. hm, considering that it is halloween im surprised they didnt put one of the spooky islands (zomberry, ghost story, vampires curse) in place of mythology…
    though, to be fair, zeus’s face is enough to make mythology a spooky island 😉

  7. Wow, tough crowd tonight! 😁

    We pick IOTM based on what we know to be the most popular islands, and if we can we try to match one up with the time of year. Mythology is very popular and Monster Carnival is popular and goes with Halloween, of course. We’re creating walkthroughs for the IOTM that don’t have then yet, to help players who start the islands but get stuck and don’t finish. I will post about the IOTM tomorrow on the blog.

    The Creators are still voting on the Poptropica Art contest — it’s hard work! So many great entries…

    We hope you enjoy replaying the IOTM and racking up some credits (be sure to spin the wheel, too). We have some fun stuff you’ll want to use those credits on soon…

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