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Ah yes. Here is the culprit… middle school.

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post about a new ad, and it’s written by Shaky Skunk, a Poptropican who also blogs over at the Poptropica Skunk Blog. Enjoy!)

If you’ve seen the ad sidebars on Poptropica lately with the characters from Mystery Train Island, it’s, um, creative… but misleading. This new ad is really for the new movie Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, based on the book with the same name.


Anyway, the ad can be found in on Home Island in its usual spot, as well as on other SUIs. You’ll see a boy, Rafe, standing outside. Enter the school and talk to Rafe.

You’ll find the interior covered in sticky notes, thanks to Rafe. A pink-haired Principal Dwight will blame you, a person who isn’t even a student at the school, and will begin chasing your character. Run for it!

The game is very similar to the Pete’s Dragon ad. You’ll have to run across the screen, and jump over the obstacles, such as books, a bin, a pile of balls, and a trolley filled with basketballs.


Eventually, you’ll reach Rafe, and get two cool (albeit recycled) prizes: a Whoopee Cushion, and a Paint Gun. Poor Principal Dwight, he just wanted to give some kid detention…


By the way, this ad room is also a common room!

If you want to watch the movie (Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life), it’s being released in theatres on October 7, 2016 in the US. Who wouldn’t want to watch it? Just look at the principal’s hair. It’s customisable, too. Thanks for reading, and goodbye!

– Shaky Skunk 🐼


22 thoughts on “Ah yes. Here is the culprit… middle school.”

    1. It’s a pretty cool ad. I wouldn’t mind some more school settings in Poptropica, and others might like that as well, seeing as most players are school-aged in one form or another. Just a thought!

      Anyway, thanks for writing! 😀

  1. Hey….. The Middle School series by James Patterson is going to be turned into a movie? I wonder if they are going to follow with the other books…..

      1. So much has happened to the community lately! I am gonna comment on one of your blog posts on your blog so I can tell ya watch’s going on without advertising on the PHB. 🙂

  2. It’s a good thing my middle school doesn’t have a principal like Principal Dwight. The school is beautiful with the sticky notes. Anyway nice post!

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