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New freebies in the Store: “The Lost Expedition” Edition!

Hey Poptropicans! Something’s popping, and you don’t want to get lost on this expedition!

Remember a couple ofย weeks ago when we showed you guys some unreleased Poptropica Store items? Well, they’re here! And the best part: THEY’RE FREE! Thanks Creators! ๐Ÿ™‚

In celebration of the recent release of the second Poptropica graphic novel, The Lost Expedition, Poptropica has released seven awesome items that you can pick up for free at the Store:ย Amazonian Woman, Loonโ€™s Head Cane, Secret Society Trooper, Shakespeare in Love, Stun Baton, Terror Captain, and White Out. They’re not going to be around forever, so get them while they last!

lost expedition items

Whatย are these strange characters and powers all about? That’s what the new graphic novel, The Lost Expedition, can answer โ€“ and at least one PHB author (Brave Tomato) has already taken a look at the book and can definitely recommend it for all Poptropicans!

So… Quick! To the bookstore! Poptropica recently shared this drawing on social media, which they say was made by a Poptropica Creator on a whiteboard at Poptropica’s headquarters.

to the bookstore

Anyway, be sure to pick up your new Store freebies and buy the new graphic novel to support Poptropica if you haven’t already! Keep on poppin’ on, Poptropicans!


11 thoughts on “New freebies in the Store: “The Lost Expedition” Edition!”

  1. I’m going to buy the 2nd one and the 1st one to catch up on the story ( and I’m going to read the 1st one first).

  2. Oh, and if you are a girl, you get amazonian woman, and if you are a boy, you get shakespeare in love.

  3. I’ve been sporting the stub brain for a while! AWESOMENESS confirmed! (Or should I saw illuminati?) XD

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