Unreleased Store Items: from Amazonian to White Out

Hello everyone! This post is proof that I am not dead, no matter how socially awkward I may be.

Anyway, today’s post features several unreleased items from Poptropica, that we may or may not be seeing in game. Thanks to idk for the pictures by the way.

As you can see, these items (costumes) consist of the Amazonian Woman,Loon’s Head Cane, Secret Society Trooper, Shakespear in Love, Stun Baton, Terror Captain, and White Out.

To me, these all seem like costumes that would be found as bronze cards in the Store, but we may not even end up having any of them. I say this because the “Stun Baton” reminds me of the ZMB Unit costume that was for members only when Zomberry Island was first released, since that costume includes a similar handheld item. It would seem repetitive to make such a similar item available.

Still, all these costumes and items seem pretty interesting! Tell us what you think of them in the comments below. 😛


18 thoughts on “Unreleased Store Items: from Amazonian to White Out”

  1. Those costumes are… interesting lol… The White Out thing though…if it ever cane in the store it would probably be members only but I’m not a member. . Poptropica has changed a lot… (Random thought)

  2. The secret society costumes helmet seems really familiar for some reason…is it similar to something in the store? It’s just like sooooo déjà vu fur me I dunno

  3. YESSSSSSSS!!!!! OMZ WHAT IF THAT IS A PART OF THE BOOK?!?! (crazy random theory that’s probably wrong)

  4. Usually it would be Koi who brings us with this sort of glitching info. I particularly like the Secret Society Trooper costume. 😛

  5. Awesome store cards! Hopefully we’ll see them in Poptropica in the future.
    Great post by the way, SD!
    P.S.: If anything, I’m socially awkward. 😛

  6. The only thing is…. WHEN WILL THESE COME OUUUT?????? I WANT THE BLIZZAAAAARRRRD!!! 😂 Wait… Did the profile photos change the people without them already? They’re the same as before

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