PHB Tribal Tournament: Artistic Athletes!

poptribe art

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival,” penned the writer C.S. Lewis. And indeed – for this next round in the PHB Tribal Tournament, we’re now calling on the artists to bring value to survive in these games. Read on for the details!

If you are new to the PHB Tribal Tournament, please read up on the event details here so that you’re all caught up. If you have questions, comment below!

This next round of the tourney is called Artistic Athletes, and we’re going to be looking for your best Poptropica art, which comes in several categories:

  • Visual art! Draw or paint your best Poptropica fan art.
  • Fan fiction! Write the next great Poptropica novel, tribe cheer, short story, poem, screenplay, or other written masterpieces!
  • Fashion! Put together a stunningly stylish summer outfit for the Games! Tell us the username and/or take a screenshot of the character.
  • Realms! Create your own games stadium or other work of athletic art with Poptropica Realms!

You may submit a creation you’ve made before, but extra consideration will be given to entries that are tribe-themed or related to the Poptropolis Games, so we recommend that you try to match that theme. You can enter as many times into as many categories as you like to increase your chances of being selected.

To enter your work, you can either post in your tribe’s channel on the PHC (as we have been doing with the other rounds of the tournament), tweet us on Twitter @Poptropica_Help with the tribe you’re representing, or email us at [email protected] (again, with the name of your tribe). You have until August 21 24 (extended time!) to enter!

Now about earning points! How this works is this:

  • The representative of each tribe (one of the eight PHB staff) will go through all the entries for their tribe and select what they feel is the top choice for each of the four categories.
  • The selections will then be brought up to all the PHB staff, who will each rank every selected entry – except from their own tribe, to eliminate bias – from what they feel is the strongest to least strong. If your tribe has no entries for any category, then sorry – you won’t earn points for that category, so your best bet is to enter something!
  • We’ll then count up the place numbers each selected entry has received and divide it by the number of placements given through votes to get an average for each. The smaller the score average, the higher it ranks (for example, if a piece wins multiple “1” (first) places, it has a smaller total score but has been voted higher). From there, the first place piece in each category will receive 80 points, second will receive 70 points, and so on down the line.

Also, here’s an animation I made (of the PHB tribe reps working out) to inspire you guys to participate in the Tribal Tournament, particularly for this creative round! Game on, Poptropicans!


Don’t forget, you can still earn points for your tribe by joining in the Medal Marathon, all the way through August 24! Check out the original Tribal Tournament post for details.

poptribe medal

We’ve been getting lots of enthusiasm on the PHC about the tribe tournament, which is awesome – keep it up, and join in if you haven’t already! We’re also excited to see your art, so get creative! 😀

Brush up on those skills and show us what you’ve got!

– the PHB tribe reps –


23 thoughts on “PHB Tribal Tournament: Artistic Athletes!”

  1. Excellent! I’ll be sure to enter in the “Visual Art” category. Also, I love the animation you made Slanted Fish! It’s amazing! 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun competition! I should probably enter the Fashion! and Realms! contests. I think I’m a pretty good builder and fashion shouldn’t be too hard! Nice quote and animation! Those weights must be pretty light HPuterpop, because you still have noodly Poptropican arms. Although I think I’m okay at drawing, I still don’t understand how to transfer what I’ve drawn into a file to upload to Poptropica. 😦 Still, awesome contest!!!!

    1. You can scan in a drawing (with a scanner) or take a picture of it (even using a smartphone camera would work), then put it up online via the PHC, twitter, or emailing it to us. 🙂

    1. Be sure to submit your entries using one of the methods mentioned in the post (PHC, twitter, email)!

  3. I am beginning to work on two fan fic submissions. One is a Yellowjacket parody of Adele’s “Hello” and the other is going to be called “Poptropolis Games…3016”. These are gonna take a while to write but they will be worth it.

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