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Recap: PHB Tribal Tournament – Opening Ceremony!

tribe opening

Ladies and gentlemen, the Poptropica Help Blog presents… the PHB Tribal Tournament!

And here come the tribes now! Bravely brandishing her black flag, the dread pirate Brave Tomato waves to the crowd, leading a few of her fellow Black Flags into the ceremony. Don’t you dare throw a tomato.

Then comes the captain of the Flying Squid, Slanted Fish, guiding her school of fish in the procession. She reaches for an arrow and lights up the flame of the Games!

We couldn’t have televised these grand events without our technical support – here come the Nanobots now, led by the fearless Spotted Dragon, and down the track they march!

Once night falls, you may see more of them, but next come the Nightcrawlers, with HPuterpop at the forefront while the rest of the team crawls on by!

They surely aren’t lost – the Pathfinders know where it’s at, because they’ve arrived right on time, carefully calculating every step with their golden compasses and making their leader Koi proud!

Descending from the heavens now are the Seraphim, with archangel Ylimegirl proudly directing her fellow tribesmates as they fly into flawless formation. A majestic sight to behold!

Fwooom! The Poptropolis inferno is further ignited as the Wildfire team arrives, blazing the flames to new heights! It’s totally lit, and they know it, with feisty skipper Slippery Raptor leading the cheer: “What team?!” “WILDFIRE!”

Finally, finishing the procession we have the Yellowjackets, with bee king Ultimate iPad Expert leading his colony. They sure know what the buzz is all about!

And that’s all eight Tribes of the Tribal Tournament! Give a cheer for your team!!

Earlier this week, we invited everyone to attend the Opening Ceremony of our Tribal Tournament, and were pumped to see many of you there! You can check out the recap picture above to see some of the highlights, which included Multiverse game battles, dressing up in cool tribe hats and other spirited gear, and of course, having fun on the PHC! Thanks to Ylimegirl and WimpyKidFan for their contributions to the collage, and thanks to all who came and played! Hope you enjoyed the Rio 2016 Olympics opening ceremony later that day as well – which country are you rooting for? 😉

The Tribal Tournament continues in full swing, and remember, you can keep earning points for your tribe by playing through Poptropolis Games Island and uploading a screenshot of your final scoreboard (as many times as you can!) either via the PHC (on your tribe channel) or this form (if you can’t get on the PHC). We’re not revealing scores until the end, but for now, these are the tribes in the lead:

  1. Seraphim 👼
  2. Yellowjackets 🐝
  3. Pathfinders 🔦

Congratulations if your tribe is among the top three! If not – it’s time to step up your game!

Start with the Medal Marathon (more details in our original post), and look forward to more tribal competitions coming soon!

poptribe medal

Get competing, and of course, enjoy the epic Poptropolis Games music!

26 thoughts on “Recap: PHB Tribal Tournament – Opening Ceremony!”

  1. #Seraphim FTW! So, so glad we’re first. And I’m absolutely loving the new PHB wallpaper! A lot of the pictures were taken by a Seraphim (probably Ylime?), since almost everyone who’s wearing hats appear to be Seraphim, so I’m happy about that! But this is another occasion I got to miss, so I’m not so, so glad about that. 😦

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  3. I can’t believe I’m in a picture in the collage. I’m happy I made an appearance and had fun. Let’s go Black Flags! 🏴🏴

  4. Technically, Seraphim’s main colour is gold, so naturally we’d be in for gold! Seraphim must win! 👼 😛

  5. YAAAAAAAAAAAS! The tribe of Seraphim will be that one tribe to snatch the gold before anyone else…

  6. In the top right corner there’s me and Ylimegirl standing there while Orange Shell is spamming gum bubbles. Such a weird moment. 😛

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