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Unveiling… The Poppies 2016!


*majestically brandishes unicorn horn wand in the air*

Welcome, ladies and gentlepoptropicans, to the second year of the Poptropica Community Awards, affectionately known around here as The Poppies! I’m your host, Slanted Fish, and I’m here to explain this whole shebang. Don’t mind my flowing fishy kimono, it’s all part of the show! As you can see by the site header, the PHB team dresses well for the occasion – and we sure hope you’ll join us!

If you were around for the first Poppies last year, you might remember how this works. The Poppies begins with a round of nominations for potential winners of certain award categories, this begins today and will end next Friday, July 15. This round will be followed by a round of voting once nominations are narrowed down, this will take place between July 16 and July 22. And finally, we’ll be announcing the winners as we celebrate the PHB’s upcoming 8th birthday on July 26th, 2016.

First up is the nomination round. How this works is we’ll announce each award category, followed by a brief description (see below). In order to keep nominations a surprise, we’ll be doing it a bit different this year: you put your nominations in a survey, and the Poppies team will take a look at the most popular nominations, as well as give their own input on deserving options, to create the voting options for the next round. Start filling in the survey now!

You can nominate for as many or as little awards as you like. Plus if you want to, let everyone know in the comments section who or what you feel is worth an award! To strengthen your nomination, you can also include a quick reason why you think they (or it) deserve(s) the award.

Without further ado, the awards up for grabs are:

  1. Best Poptropica Character: Whether it’s a jolly fellow on Main Street wishing you well or the biggest, baddest villain of the island, which NPC (non-player character) would you vote as the ultimate best created character? From character costume to execution, this category may be broad, but it’s your chance to pick your favorites for “Poptropican of the Year”! (Note: Don’t nominate fellow players.)
  2. Best Popular Island: Poptropica defines the most popular islands on their homepage as the following: Wimpy Boardwalk, Poptropolis Games, Mystery Train, Shrink Ray Island, Wimpy Wonderland, Cryptids Island, Skullduggery Island, Mythology Island, Astro-Knights Island, Spy Island, Super Power Island, 24 Carrot Island, Time Tangled Island, and Shark Tooth Island. Nominate your favs!
  3. Best New Island: Poptropica defines the newest islands on their homepage as the 17 most recent islands, which includes the following: Monkey Wrench, Escape From Pelican Rock, Timmy Failure, Mystery of the Map, Galactic Hot Dogs, Arabian Nights, PoptropiCon, Mission Atlantis, Survival, Monster Carnival, Mocktropica, Virus Hunter, Back Lot, Night Watch, Zomberry, Super Villain, and Lunar Colony. Nominate the best from the list!
  4. Best Classic Island: Poptropica defined the rest of the islands as “Classic,” so many among this list are memorable islands. These include: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Twisted Thicket, Vampires Curse, S.O.S., Ghost Story, Game Show, Red Dragon, Wild West, Great Pumpkin, Steamworks, Reality TV, Counterfeit, Big Nate, and Nabooti. Which ones were the greatest?
  5. Best Sponsored Island: Some of Poptropica’s islands are “sponsored”, meaning they are created with another franchise in mind (i.e. not Poptropica originals). These include: Nabooti, Big Nate, Great Pumpkin, Wimpy Wonderland, Red Dragon, Wimpy Boardwalk, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Galactic Hot Dogs, and Timmy Failure. Which one is most worthy of being played?
  6. Best Poptropican Name: What Poptropican name combination sounds the best? For a list of possible Poptropica names, click here. (Last year’s winner was Golden Dragon.)
  7. Best Soundtrack from a New Island: Which of Poptropica composer Jeff Heim’s soundtracks deserve the title of ‘best’ with regards to islands that were released with music? (These SUIs, or sound-updated islands, would be Virus Hunter and any island that came out after it.)
  8. Best Soundtrack from a Remade Island: A few of the Poptropica favorites have been remade from non-SUI to SUI over time, giving each some impressive music that followed your adventures. These are: Time Tangled, 24 Carrot, Mythology, Poptropolis Games, and Shrink Ray. Pick a soundtrack from these islands that you think stands out!

In addition to Poptropica-specific awards, there are also categories for those in the Poptropica community/fandom that you know and love!

  1. Best Current PHB Author (besides Slanted Fish): We’ve got a host of staff members here who regularly deliver news and other improvements to the PHB, but everyone’s different in their own way. The current staff are Brave Tomato, HPuterpop, Mighty Gamer, Spotted Dragon, Slanted Fish, Slippery Raptor, Ultimate iPad Expert, and Ylimegirl – and all of us (except me, as I won last year) are automatically nominated!
  2. Best Former PHB Author: Outside of the current PHB staff, which PHB author of the past do you think served this community the best? You can find a list of all of them, with their names linked to their posts, under the “Past PHB Authors” section of our About page. Shout out the ones who you want to win!
  3. Best ASG: We’ve got a plethora of ASGs (Avatar Studio Glitch-able accounts) over on our Avatar Studio Gift page, a haven for glitchers. Of the hundreds of ASGs available, which deserves the title of ‘best’?
  4. Best Active Fan Blog (outside of the PHN): The Poptropica Help Network includes this blog, the PHC (chat), our Twitter, videos, and wiki, but outside of our network lies a realm of other Poptropica fan sites as well. Nominate your favorites – just to be clear, this is for blogs that aren’t included in the list mentioned in the previous sentence. This category looks for sites that are currently active.
  5. Best Fan Art of 2016: Poptropican artists the world over have created many pieces of fan art, but which pieces have you seen that might deserve the title of ‘best’? The PHB magazines and our DeviantArt group are good places to start scouting for fan art! This category looks for works that were created/published in the year 2016, to give more current Pop artists a chance at the award.
  6. Best PMFM Round: Here on the PHB, Ultimate iPad Expert works hard to deliver yet another round of Poptropican Meme Face Mondays every week. Of the 30+ rounds that have premiered on this blog, which is the best? (Look back on every PMFM here!)
  7. Community Appreciation Award: Outside of the PHB staff past and present, many amazing Poptropicans make up our community, whether they’re frequent commenters, fan artists, PHC regulars, fan bloggers, or just someone well known in the online Poptropica community. Tell us who you appreciate most!

Now for some funny awards!

  1. Okay-est Island: Not the best, not the worst… just okay. Which island in the vast seas of Poptropica makes you go “eh, that was ok, I guess” – neither impressing nor disappointing you, and that you wouldn’t really miss if it were (gasp) taken out of the game?
  2. Funniest Poptropican Name: You have to admit, Poptropica names can get pretty ridiculous sometimes. But which combination of words that form Poptropica names is the silliest of them all? (Last year’s winner for “Worst” Name: Big Belly.)
  3. Weirdest Poptropica Moment: So you’ve seen a lot of things in your adventures on Poptropica. What takes the cake for the strangest of them all? Was it when you crossed a wide chasm on a horde of Narfs in Mocktropica? Or maybe Katya and Christopher’s kiss at the end of Vampire’s Curse? You decide!

Nominations will take place starting now, so sound off in the survey who or what you think deserves the awards! Please limit your nominations to a maximum of three per award.

If no nominations for a certain award are made, the Poppies team will use their own judgment to come up with some options. Next week’s poll options will be based on the most popular nominations, so check back then for the next round and cast your votes then! Plus, stay tuned on the PHB for details on our next birthday party and winner announcements. But for now…

Start nominating on our Nomination Survey!

Keep popping in for the Poppies going on throughout this month!


115 thoughts on “Unveiling… The Poppies 2016!”

      1. The reason there is no Best Author on the survey is because all the Authors are automatically nominated.

      1. I wasn’t here for the Poppies last year, so I’m super EXCITED! The site looks AWESOME!!!!!!

    1. You can nominate yourself if you qualify for a category – but whether it makes it to the voting round depends on the popularity of the nomination! 🙂

      1. LOL fishy i imagine the wicked witch of the west saying word “poppies” from wizard of oz.(not saying your like the wicked witch your awesome for making this website)

  1. 1) Best Poptropican: Hmm… Director D? He’s my favorite villian.
    2) Best Popular Islands: Mystery Train, Poptropolis Games, Shrink Ray, Cryptids, Time Tangled…
    3) Best New Island: Timmy Failure, Mystery of the Map, Escape from Pelican Rock, and Monkey Wrench.
    4) Best Classic Islands: Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, 24 Carrot, Spy, Super Power, Astro Knights, Counterfeit, Reality TV, Mythology, Big Nate, Red Dragon, Nabooti…
    5) Best Sponsored Island: Nabooti, Big Nate, Red Dragon, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…
    6) Best Poptropican Name: Golden Sword. It reminds me of Minecraft… literally.
    7) Best Soundtrack: The music in Monkey Wrench is relaxing!
    8) Best Renamed Island Soundtrack: Time Tangled has a lot of awesome soundtracks, I also love Poptropolis Games, Mythology, and 24 Carrot.
    9) Best PHB Author: I would like to choose UiPE since his meme faced Poptropicans… *snickers* are hilarious. hehe Anyways, I also vote for Mighty Gamer, Ylimegirl, Slip, Brave Tomato, HPuterpop…
    10) Best Former PHB Author: Blake’s posts were hilarious, and I still have those Samzures from Samwow5… XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdddd… *out of breath*
    I also miss the Giant Hawk Adventures, so I’ll vote for Joshua. And Spencer, HE IS NOT A COUNTER!!! Oops, sorry for not calming down. lol
    Best ASG: I’ll like to vote for the Zombie Eyes, since they look… derpy…
    Best Active Fan Blog outside the PHN: Adventure Time Pop, PTFP, Um… Explore Collect Complete, Tall Cactus’s Blog… I hope someone votes for my blog as well.
    Best Fan Art of 2016: Well… I love so many artworks. MasterPinpey’s 2016 drawing, Dj-Rosietta’s hilarious Muppet drawing, and Muzzki’s colorful drawings like that thing she submitted for HPuterpop’s Fan Art Contest… oh and Crafty’s Giant Hawk drawings were so awesome, like her art for the GHA.
    Best PMFM Round: I’ll vote for the first round, the third round, the Lenny round, the Awesome Face Round… it’s so endless, because his meme faced Poptropicans… *snickers*
    Community Appreciation Award: I appreciate Slanted Fish, Mighty Gamer, Ultimate iPad Expert, Crafty… the list is endless; I appreciate like, everyone.
    Okay-est Island: I would like to say Galactic Hot Dogs, although it was a little glitchy, it was quite fun.
    Funniest Poptropican Name: Silly Goose.
    Weirdest Poptropican Moment: Katya and Christopher kissing, the Narfs scaring the boy wearing so many medallions… I have so many weird moments when I play the game.

      1. I think what Young Singer is saying is not to get sad if someone who is more popular to the Poptropica community gets all the nominations…. exactly how I feel.. 😀

    1. It’ll be on July 26th (the PHB’s anniversary), which this year is a Tuesday (but depending on your time zone, the party itself may be on Wednesday – Tuesday in other parts of the world).

      1. Aww… I probably can’t come then, unless there’s an after party the next morning.

      1. Dang! YOu people all look great, and me?
        I’m in a pirate suit trying not to die by PUFFERFISH!!
        Dang, i really hate Pufferfish now.

  2. *Hasn’t been on for a while*
    Dang, now i gotta catch up, ani don’t really like catching up.
    *Sees Poppies*
    *Perks up immediatly*
    YES!! i hve been waiting for this ever since i saw the old ones! (Aka, March) But this is amazing!
    I gotta go! *Runs off and dives headlong into trunk of costumes*
    *Muffled* Wow. I still have this? *throws out dead fish* Yuck.

  3. wow!!! omg ik it’s only temporary but the background and the look of the PHB authors are amazing!!!!
    hah. yellow/ gold is my favourite color 😀

  4. OMG ,
    I like the wallpaper c;
    I like gold so much
    & Im wearing my celebration outfit in poptropica here’s my user
    Malbel21 (If you don’t fnow im also known as Icy Tornado)

  5. Best Poptropica Character: Crusoe from Monkey Wrench. That guy is freaking hilarious.
    Best Popular Island: Mystery Train. I adore the new setup they gave to it. It was very neat as well as suspenseful.

    Best New Island: I really liked Night Watch when it came out. All the optional stuff in that was really memorable as well as fun. Mocktropica and Virus Hunter were also fun,but I think the glitches really ruined them.

    Best Classic Island: If you ask me,the last ‘classic’ island was Great Pumpkin. So,for me,it’s a tie between Mythology and Counterfeit,for the exact same reason:both have a very nice representation of their countries with a nice atmosphere(Greece and France),a surprise villain (Zeus and Black Widow),and a lot of neat minigames. they do lose points for their tedious final boss battles,though.

    Best Sponsored Island: I really like Nabooti and Red Dragon,mainly because its sponsors are shown only very subtly,and instead of focusing on them,they just give you a lot of fun things to do (like be a ninja,or browse the internet).

    Best Poptropican Name: Sticky Clown. No reason,I’m just biased.

    Best Soundtrack from a New Island: I LOVE MFB,the orchestrated version which plays during the final boss battle of Mocktropica.

    Best Soundtrack from a Remade Island:Er,I’ll be honest:I haven’t really touched the remade islands in a while…so…screw it! MFB orchestrated version FTW baby!!11

    Best Current PHB Author (besides Slanted Fish): So we’ve got Slimegal,Spotted Lizard,Scared Potato,Penultimate Andriod Amateur,Sloppy Razor,Weak Player,and Eta-PlopperPoop to choose from? Well,with names like that,how can you fail? I nominate…everyone!

    Wait,everyone’s already nominated automatically?


    Best Former PHB Author: SlammerWhoop5 was a good friend of mine. I’ll miss ya,Sam Sprocket ; (

    Best ASG: I actually won Giant Hawk’s Mordred’s Mace during his final contest,so I nominate that to make everyone mildly salty >: )

    Best Active Fan Blog (outside of the PHN): PTFP,Poptrikia,and Poptropica Secrets.

    Best Fan Art of 2016: I know this was last year,but my princess Blake fanart was a real hoot. Fishy,please retrieve it from the darkest depths of your email inbox. I want to relive the memories.

    Best PMFM Round: None of them. I hate memes.

    Okay-est Island: Most of the episodic SUIs really,really,struck me as incredibly….meh. Survival and Mission Atlantis especially.

    Funniest Poptropican Name: Big Belly hits me near home,so I’ll choose that (yet again!).

    Weirdest Poptropica Moment: This isn’t ‘weird’,per se,but it’s always struck me as strange. Counterfeit Island has not one,but two strange scenes,which I’m assuming are supposed to be red herrings. The first is at the main street. You can examine the fountain there,and the character remarks that it’s dry. The second is when you’re invading the inspector’s cottage at the very end of the island. There is a chest there,and your character remarks that it’s locked.

    The weird thing about both of these is that they never come to fruition. The only thing which I can think of is that they were meant to intentionally mislead the player. But is that really their intention? Hmm…..


    Anyway,that’s all of my entries.

      1. Yeah,it hit me when I went to their blog the other day only to find it abandoned….

        Er,shall I lighten the mood a little bit?

        Sure,why not I guess. So today I got the Midnight Red Ninja from the roulette on Home Island! I’m utterly stoked,even though I’m 100% sure that that’s the only grand prize I’ll ever get…

        Dang it,so much for lightening the mood. Er…how about a rock pun?

        I guess you shouldn’t take these things for granite . Heheheheheeheheh


      1. ( imagines me on stage ) THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I WANNA THANK YUMI AND ALL THE COOLEST CATS OUT DERE AND… ( voice in background ) “can i go eat lunch, master?”

      2. YEEEE Young Singer for President- I mean Community Appreciation Award hehe 😛

  6. Oh my god the gold is BLINDING ME!!! Jk, it looks fantastic, probably the best background yet! I forgot what I put as the most awkward Poptropica moment… you know, it was probably the first Poptropica love triangle. I played it when I was pretty little and it made me absolutely confused… it was VERY awkward when I figured it out… and maybe SOS island, too. You know, the chefsicle!!!!!! xD

  7. I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!!!😆😆😆😆
    I have a few words:
    LOL UiPE and his monicle
    You guyss outfits are so awesome!
    I am so excited I might faint!

  8. Absolutely amazing! I wasn’t at the last edition of The Poppies, so this will be my first time participating. It’s just like the Oscars!
    …which reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio. IT WAS ABOUT TIME HE WON THE OSCAR!!

    Ahem. I also got myself dressed for the occasion. All green (‘cept for the glasses), in honour of Esperanto, the International Language!

    I already completed the survey. I hope ev’rything goes well, and that we have an excellent, enjoyable ceremony!

  9. Officially filling out the survey right now! Can’t wait for the Poppies! #Pumped4Poppies 🙂
    Go PerfectSky and Thinknoodles! Who do you think deserves the Poppy? 🙂

  10. Hey, are we allowed to vote more than once if we changed our minds about some poppies option nominations? if someone votes more than once, do you delete the additional vote(s), if you see if it comes from the same device/person, @slantedfish?

    1. Technically you should only vote once, but sometimes people share an internet connection (such as siblings in the same household), so we haven’t blocked additional votes from the same device (yet). Another vote on the same device might pass, but more than two could start to look suspicious.

  11. hey fishy, I’ve been searching a LONG LONG time for my comment but its lost in thin air… Maybe… you need to set a ‘search your comment bar’..
    keep popping,
    Lucky bird

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