Steal, snap, search! | Stolen Snapshots Round 3.2!


Here’s what just happened:

  • This morning, I walked by Fred’s Fruit Stall in Eastman. He said that a few of his strawberries were stolen. Isn’t that a strawrobbery? 😛
  • I flew to Istanbul on Game Show Island, to buy something, when a robot started going amok. He turned the place into a flee market.
  • A new exhibit got stolen from the art museum in Counterfeit Island— it was a sculpture made out of soap. The thief had a clean getaway.
  • I got a ticket for speeding last night in New Jersey looking for the Jersey Devil. It wasn’t a fine night for me.
  • The last thing I heard about Ringmaster Raven, is that he was arrested for committing a featheral offense.


Enough with the puns! Let me welcome you to the other half of Stolen Snapshots for this round! It’s been two weeks since the last round and we’re here to start anew!

The previous half of the round was so cool—everyone tried their best to participate and guess the snapshots! Shall we open the answers? I hope you’re ready because here we go!

  1. SOS Island, the red warning light on the island’s rescue camp.
  2. Astro-Knights Island, the cracked window of the Crop Circle Inn.
  3. Wimpy Boardwalk, the lights on the Fastball Fury sign.
  4. Reality TV Island, the poster on the window inside Mike’s Market.
  5. Survival Island (Episode 4: Cabin Fever), one of the tapestries on MVB’s wall.

For what you’ve all been waiting for, who won? Who nabbed all the correct answers? Well, no one did, but I’ll be giving credit to those who nearly won! You guys are truly awesome.

  1. PoptropicaPerfectSky 🌟
  2. Lucky Joker 🌟
  3. MariotropicaX  🌟

Here are the other snapshots coming to you for this month! Check out the announcement below for more information. (Click the images to enlarge them.)

Stolen Snapshots: July 2016 (Part 2)


38 thoughts on “Steal, snap, search! | Stolen Snapshots Round 3.2!

    • MariotropicaX says:

      Congrats Lucky Joker and Perfect Sky! Don’t you just feel AWESOME being mentioned in a PHB post? This day is extra special for me because I get my Meme Face today!! 😀 😀 😀 Awesomeness for everyone!!!

  1. Muddy Kid ^_^ says:

    This looks tricky! Let me give it a go…
    1) Vampire’s Curse
    2) Wild West
    3) Counterfeit
    4) Cryptids
    5) Zomberry
    Whale, I laughed at the puns at the beginning of this post… they were so… punny?

  2. ☠Jacob_Da_Boss☠ says:

    1. Red Dragon Island: Bonsai Trees
    2. Wild West Island: Diamond Plains
    3. In the Counterfeit Island jail
    4. Escape From Pelican Rock: The bathroom to the left of Kurt’s Fish Warehouse
    5. Poptropicon Episode 3: Above the theater ventilation shaft

  3. AdelaideQueen says:

    1) Red Dragon Island – Bonsai Trees in Ancient Japan
    2) Wild West Island – Train Station in Diamond Plains
    3) Counterfeit Island – Stolen Painting sign in the Police Station
    4) Escape From Pelican Rock – Underneath the ‘Best Papata Motor Oil’ gas station.
    5) PoptropiCon! Episode 3 – Ventilation

  4. Hyper Gamer says:

    1. Red Dragon Island- Inside Bonsai Trees
    2. Wild West Island- Train Station in Diamond Plains next to saloon
    3. Counterfeit Island- Jail poster
    4. Escape From Pelican Rock- below gas and left of Kurt’s Fish Warehouse
    5. Poptropicon Ep. 3: Reign Of Omegon- Above theater vent

  5. Ylimegirl says:

    1. Red Dragon
    2. Wild West
    3. Counterfeit?
    4. PoptropiCon Episode 1
    5. Zomberry?
    I hate and love how difficult these are… keep up the good work!

  6. Rocky Rockstar says:

    Okay, here’s what my final answer will be:
    1. Red Dragon Island-Japan-Bonsai Tree Shop-Bonsai Tree Display
    2. Wild West Island-Diamond Plains-Train Station Car Filled With Coal
    3. Counterfeit Island-Police Station- Directly Above Desk
    4. Escape From Pelican Rock Island-Kurt’s Fish WareHouse-Directly to left
    5. Poptropicon: Episode 3-Trashcan is Near Vent Grate/Shaft

  7. Some Guy says:

    1.Red Dragon
    3.Poptropicon (Episode 1)
    3.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Also,it might just be me,but I think I saw half a devil in my comment. Eh,whatevs,ya know?

  8. Popular Singer says:

    1. Red Dragon – I think it was the man’s house all the way to the far left near the Japanese pond
    2. Wild West – train
    3. Counterfeit – the house
    4. Cryptids – New Jersey bathroom sign next to motocycle
    5. Poptropicon – ep. 3 basement

    Omg I’m shaking I know I have three of them right, possibly all.

  9. KpKomedy51 says:

    2. The train from Wild West Island
    3. The stolen Thomas Jefferson painting from Counterfeit Island
    4. The bathrooms from Super Power Island

  10. Orange Shell says:

    1 early Poptropica, over the fire.
    2 wild west the train
    3 counterfeit inside the police station
    4 Poptropicon bathrooms
    5 Poptropicon basement

  11. Lucky Joker says:

    __Let’s give this a try!__
    #1~ Red Dragon Island: (Japan) – Inside “Bonsai Trees”
    #2~ Wild West Island: (Diamond Planes) – At the train Station
    #3~ Counterfeit: (Police Station) – The sign over the desk
    #4~ Escape from Pelican Rock Island: Kurt’s Fish Warehouse
    #5~ Poptropicon Ep. 3 – The recycling bin in the basement above the vent with “Theater” written on it.
    These are my answers! 😛

    • Lucky Joker says:

      Man! Am I too late? I’m looking through the guesses, and I am the 7th one to get them all correct (If mine are correct, *clears throat*) Well, I tried. If only I had come sooner. 😛

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