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Presenting: Ylimegirl

Hello readers!

‘Tis the newest PHB author, Ylimegirl/Ylime/Emily/ESC/empressotime/the-girl-with-too-many-nicknames!

You may already know me from the wiki or my MPIP or my cameo in the Valentine’s day special or Orb Legend or… Wow, I’ve shown up a lot here.


Anyways, most of my Poptropica-related history can be found in the MPIP I wrote. So I guess I’ll talk about how I was invited to the PHB then, since I don’t really know what else to talk about here.

In all honesty, it’s been talked about for a while. HPuterpop (Andrew) and I have been bouncing ideas off each other for a while, and the notion that I should be a PHB author came up more than once. I kept declining for a while… I felt I wasn’t worthy of such a big role.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked PHB author count went from an all-time high of 9 back down to 6. Andrew and I talked a bit more, and I decided I’d probably join after my ‘tech week’ was over, since life was pretty chaotic at the time. (For you non-theater people, tech week is the period right before the opening of a production where all of the effects are figured out, such as sound and lighting.)

One tech week and two performances later, it was my birthday. It was a nice day (I got to eat cake and everything), and after the limited festivities I went back online and saw a message from Slanted Fish. Sure enough, it was an invite to join the PHB! That really made my birthday a sweet sixteen.

After messaging [the offline] Andrew a bit about my delight, I accepted and a few short clicks later, I was an author! Then I went to sleep because it was a school night and it was late.

And that’s that! The conclusion of my glorious journey (as detailed in my MPIP) from Poptropica-player to Poptropica-tutor to Tumblrite to Poptropica-tumblrite to Poptropica-player, and now to Poptropica-blog-author!

Hope to see you around,



35 thoughts on “Presenting: Ylimegirl”

    1. Yes! I’ve had those notifications for a while… I’ve just been too busy to respond to any of them! I’ll do my best to respond to them soon.

  1. Hey! Welcome to the blog! It makes sense you’d get in, You’ve been very active on these sort of things!
    I know what a Tech Week is. What play were you doing?

  2. Congratulations, Ylime! 😀 I’ve seen you within the Poptropica community more than once; you’ll make a great author. 🙂

    1. All we need is 1 more author to put it back to 9.
      I vote Popular Wolf! 😀
      I’m serious. ( le serious stare )

  3. You were one of first people I thought the PHB should get after Cobalt left. 😦 Welcome to the PHB Ylime!

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