Presenting: Ylimegirl

Hello readers!

‘Tis the newest PHB author, Ylimegirl/Ylime/Emily/ESC/empressotime/the-girl-with-too-many-nicknames!

You may already know me from the wiki or my MPIP or my cameo in the Valentine’s day special or Orb Legend or… Wow, I’ve shown up a lot here.


Anyways, most of my Poptropica-related history can be found in the MPIP I wrote. So I guess I’ll talk about how I was invited to the PHB then, since I don’t really know what else to talk about here.

In all honesty, it’s been talked about for a while. HPuterpop (Andrew) and I have been bouncing ideas off each other for a while, and the notion that I should be a PHB author came up more than once. I kept declining for a while… I felt I wasn’t worthy of such a big role.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked PHB author count went from an all-time high of 9 back down to 6. Andrew and I talked a bit more, and I decided I’d probably join after my ‘tech week’ was over, since life was pretty chaotic at the time. (For you non-theater people, tech week is the period right before the opening of a production where all of the effects are figured out, such as sound and lighting.)

One tech week and two performances later, it was my birthday. It was a nice day (I got to eat cake and everything), and after the limited festivities I went back online and saw a message from Slanted Fish. Sure enough, it was an invite to join the PHB! That really made my birthday a sweet sixteen.

After messaging [the offline] Andrew a bit about my delight, I accepted and a few short clicks later, I was an author! Then I went to sleep because it was a school night and it was late.

And that’s that! The conclusion of my glorious journey (as detailed in my MPIP) from Poptropica-player to Poptropica-tutor to Tumblrite to Poptropica-tumblrite to Poptropica-player, and now to Poptropica-blog-author!

Hope to see you around,


35 thoughts on “Presenting: Ylimegirl

    • ylimegirl says:

      Yes! I’ve had those notifications for a while… I’ve just been too busy to respond to any of them! I’ll do my best to respond to them soon.

  1. Lucky Wing says:

    Hey! Welcome to the blog! It makes sense you’d get in, You’ve been very active on these sort of things!
    I know what a Tech Week is. What play were you doing?

  2. Funny Ant says:

    Congratulations, Ylime! 😀 I’ve seen you within the Poptropica community more than once; you’ll make a great author. 🙂

    • Young Singer says:

      All we need is 1 more author to put it back to 9.
      I vote Popular Wolf! 😀
      I’m serious. ( le serious stare )

  3. The Colt says:

    You were one of first people I thought the PHB should get after Cobalt left. 😦 Welcome to the PHB Ylime!

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