Crisis Caverns Island, Sneak Peeks

Crisis Caverns and New Map!

EDIT: The old store is back — but only if you access it from ingame.
The map icon still takes you to the mobile app store.

Hi Gs,

Big news today, as a new island has been added to the Poptropica file database: Crisis Caverns! You may recognize it as the “underground island” that was canceled. It looks as if it’s being brought back! The name, now verified as Crisis Caverns, alludes to the bulk of the island being underground. From what we’ve seen in past Daily Pops, it involves alien-like creatures and a villainous Mole King!

All that’s uploaded of the island so far is the main street, which is a refreshing glimpse of new content that we haven’t had for so long! What new information can we glean from this sneak peek?


The setting of the island is confirmed to be the “Caldera State Park“, which after a quick Google search can be verified as not a real location, but a parody of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. We’ve seen Old Reliable, and most of the interiors of these buildings before; it seems that the island is nearly finished in the art department based on previous Daily Pops. We can also see some dashing buffalo scattered around the scene.

One more thing about CC: in the files, the island is named “cavern1” — and if you’ve kept up with BTS island names, you’ll recognize the “1” as the indicator of an episode. Whether they’re bringing back episodic adventures or not is a mystery, but I personally feel that full island releases are subjectively better.

Another major update is that the map has been updated to SUI, with the same set up as the mobile app! This update has come with a whole slew of new features:

  • A progress bar for how far you are in an island. For the episodic adventures, the bar is split up into sections.
  • A new info page before you enter the island.
    • Difficulty rating – one, two, or three skulls.
    • Description from the Tour pages.
    • Restart button.
    • Island completion counter.
    • Progress bar (again).
    • Island logo.
    • Screenshot from the island.
  • The island order is now scattered, with no obvious order. This is most likely because islands from previous years usually are easier than newer islands.
  • You can access your account settings/game settings directly from the map.
  • The store button now leads to the mobile app store — which currently does not work! You can’t buy anything.
  • All island icons are now in color! Do note: not all islands are SUIs, it’s just the icons alone.


The store, as before mentioned, is the same store as the mobile app — but for some reason, you cannot purchase any of the items there. You also cannot access the original store – will original store items become relics?


The homepage that greets you upon login as been completely disabled and Home Island now acts as a home page. While I do not necessarily support the SUI engine, I do like these updates in theory. We’ll have to see where it leads. Tell me in the comments what you think of Crisis Caverns, the new map, and all these neat colored island icons!



112 thoughts on “Crisis Caverns and New Map!”

  1. *screams “first?!?!1” loudly*

    While I hate that they’ve removed the original store, I do like the new map. They finally made it so that when you click on “Home” it transports you to Home Island. 😀

    In other “news,” myself and some others in the PHC have also discovered an island medallion glitch. For example, I had never completed Skullduggery, but when I logged in today it said I had completed it twice. Odd… :I

  2. *stares at screen*
    I’m going to go run screaming in circles.
    Be back in a minute.
    (40 minutes later)
    Ok, now, let’s see here. i hope they keep the store. I loved that thing. It was the only way i could, what am i saying can access all of my store items!

      1. yeah… school…
        I’m personally counting down the days until Cactus’ is over, because it means the Beyond Poptropica Blog’s back up.


  3. Personally, i’m not too happy with going to home island immediately upon logging in, but i like everything else.

  4. The only part of the update that I am frankly not a fan of is that they dropped SUI support for the Steven Universe Rose Quartz Starry eyes, which are a key factor of my Poptropican’s outfit 😦 . They had the eyes visually working before the update, but now it just shows up as normal eyes on all SUIs Q-Q .

    1. Also, for those that want a glimpse at what the Poptropica World Map looked like before the update, check it out(you’re welcome!):

  5. What have they done to the map!!! Every thing is so unorganized. It use to be in chronological order, know it’s all messed up! And why do you always fall down on the left corner when you enter an island? And when you click on the home icon, why does it take you to home island and not the HOME MENU!?! And if they had time to do all that, why aren’t the shoes on non SUIs? D: D: D: 😦

    1. By the way, I was wondering about that underground island for a wile (only a few years ago). It was on a sneak peak, but they never reviled what it was. I also noticed other things of the new map. How come when I click on the store icon, it takes me to the regular store instead of the mobile one? Also you can’t stay at your current island, you have to go from “Home Island”. I don’t like Home Island, why can’t I choose my own home (THAT IS NOT ON SUIS!). I don’t like it. 😦

  6. HELP!!! What do I do?! I tried to login, but all that came up was that black SUI-screen instead of the homepage, before a sign popped up saying some kind of script caused the flash to drive slowly and now I can’t get in. Plz help me!

      1. I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work. The pop-up has stopped coming, but I’m still stuck with that black screen and I’ve waited forever to get to the game!

      2. eech. um… I am not an expert. Be right back.
        *runs off to poptropica wiki*
        Here’s something, this might be it.
        BETA Glitch: sometimes BETA islands will not load, causing you to be stuck. You will have to exit the game and log back in.
        And if that doesn’t work, there’s always the Lucky Wing motto. Fake it til ya make it!

      3. Oh really? No problem. Glad i can help. Glad the Pop wiki’s there, really. It’s what i use when whenever i have a glitch.

      4. What do you mean by “Fake is til ya make it!”? I have the same problem too.

      5. OK, i’m thinking there might be a problem here. I just do whatever i think’ll work. And when i say “Fake it til ya make it” i mean just try whatever.
        I’d recommend resigning on. If that doesn’t work, hope someone more expert-y than me comes along.

  7. Phew, starting to calm down now, so I guess I can finally share meh thoughts:
    2. New map is kewls but what is up with the island order? Weird
    3. Going right to Home Island when you login is kinda bad since it makes Pop super slow…whatever..
    Now for some theories!
    1. I think that Crisis Caverns will be officially announced this Thursday or Friday, anytime this week (hopefully) or sometime next week.
    2. I think Crisis Caverns will release for members in June-July and for everyone in July-August, and that it will be the last island released on the current, soon to be Old Poptropica
    3. I think that the Creators were a little rushed with this update, so that’s why the new map’s island order is cray cray. They will probably fix it ASAP
    Anyways, I’ll start to have some better theories once the island is officially announced and the plot is revealed. I shall write a post about some more theories on meh blog once that happens.
    (BTW, congrats to everyone who survived what has to be one of my longest comments so far, lol)

      1. LOL. I’m trying to NOT think about the update over the summer. It can wait until Fall, then i’ll be all of the nervous.

      2. UiPE said that was a misunderstanding from the way the Creators worded things.

  8. Yay! New island. A medallion placeholder is now in the medallion list most likely for Crisis Caverns Island.

    I do like the fact that the new map tells us the difficulty rating of islands. Wasn’t SUIs created so they can easily be converted to mobile. My guess is that this change was brought so that it would not confuse the newbies who used both online and mobile. Maybe someday all islands will be SUI and put on the mobile.

    1. And i will cry.
      Like a little girl.
      It’ll be embarrassing.
      Actually, i probably won’t, but i prefer the non SUIs. They’re what i grew up with.

    1. Yeah, they haven’t even mentioned it on their Twitter either. A bit strange considering how massive this update is :/ .

  9. Wow, they really proved that they can ruin EVERYTHING by making a few small changes. 😃

    Where do I even begin? The store, the login, the unnecessary island order, colouring them…

    I wish I could slap the guy that thought getting rid of IMPORTANT features to make it SUI was a good idea. New isn’t good!


    1. They won’t – they have said that the New Poptropica will not spell the end of the Old Poptropica. What this means remains to be seen, but it might mean they will run both sites at the same time – at least for a time.


      2. Purple Tummy, that wasn’t what I meant by my comment at all. You’ll still be able to play on the Old Poptropica when the New Poptropica is up and running – calm yourself lol.

  11. Poptropica isn’t working! I tried it with all my accounts, and nothing will load. I login, then the Poptropica screen goes black.

    1. same but i went back to the normal poptropica page ( and it started working P.S. for meme face mondays could i have the pokerface –> ._.

  12. Wow, can’t wait to take a look at the new map. I’ll love seeing the islands in color.

    Anyway, unrelated to the post but I might as well say this now. I’m making a Poptropica Youtube series that is pretty much a walkthrough with little remarks here and there. I’m trying to make it as age-appropriate for everyone as possible while still being humorous about certain situations. As of right now, I only have Early Poptropica done. I was wondering if perhaps they can be included in Island Guides as an option for watching a walkthrough, or maybe be featured in something else entirely. I’m currently playing through AstroKnights and trying my best to cover as much of the video as possible with quips and jokes and stuff, moreso than the Early Poptropica one. You don’t have to feature them if you don’t want to, but it would be neat if you did. If you’re interested in this series, here’s a link to the Early Poptropica video:

    I will continue this for most of the other islands as well, especially new or upcoming ones. If you guys don’t think it’s interesting, funny, or helpful enough to feature in guides or something else entirely, then that is perfectly fine. Just a little thought I had.

    Anyway, shameless self-advertisement (I suppose,anyway) is out of the way. I’d like to know what you think, positive or negative. Thanks. 🙂

      1. I was talking to the Admins of the site to see if perhaps they could add the videos to walkthrough options. I’m not making any deals for anyone. I don’t even know you.

  13. Finally, a new island! It feels like it’s been forever since introduced some new Poptropicans to the map! But… I’m not really feeling the whole progress bar thing… is it just me, or does it seem like that takes out some of the surprise, suspense, and excitement out of the island?

    1. I suppose that is the downside, but it doesn’t really spoil what is to come on the island you are doing. Even if the bar is over 3/4th filled, you won’t know how it ends until you actually complete it – the player might know the ending is coming soon based on the progress bar, but not necessarily the details of the end 😉 .

  14. OK, when I first read this, I was shocked. I really prefer the old version. And this opinion isn’t probably the same as the others, but I wish that the app store was still available there. =(

    1. The store glitch wasn’t useful or anything. All of the items in there are unbuyable if you’re on a desktop platform.

  15. And @FairyTale, you’re right, the island ordering is so random! And it really doesn’t look that great when Realms is bang in the middle of the islands, even when it’s technically not an island.

  16. Did you see in the medallions page, the last blank medallion that says “Map not yet completed” ???

    1. It seems to be a glitch. The game’s default spawn point is at the coordinates (0,0), which is on the far left side of every scene.

      1. It’s just like what they did for the shoes, they were working too fast (ironically).

  17. This is getting so messed up, why do you always end up on random rooms on non SUIs? It’s making it very difficult for my friend to complete Red Dragon Island. 😦

  18. OMG!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!! This is 50% good and 50% baddd.. I love the old style of Poptropica. But its good to see a change once in a while. The store is working fine and it looks the same, it doesn’t look like the mobile one tho. The map is all mixed up! I loved how it was in chronological order, from oldest to newest.. 😦 The new updates are ok but there’s one thing that I’m not happy with, and so is a lot of other people. I hate how there is no home! It always takes me to that home island!. I hate that update about it. I love doing those quizzes where it asks you something new everyday. Now I guess it’s gone. And in the home it used to tell me what were the updates and stuff. Now it’s all gone. The developers or whoever are working too fast ironically, just with the shoes. This is going to be a big change for Poptropica, we’ll see what else they do and change in these couple months.

    1. Another thing about the map. There’s a positive and a negative in it too. It’s good to know that your almost done with the map or however much you completed so far. But it’s better to now know because it’ll be like a surprise where you’ll find out.

  19. I couldn’t find my favorite island, Counterfeit, for a very long time, and i was upset to find where it was.

  20. I’m having trouble with the new map. One of my island’s progress bars shows as incomplete even though I’ve finished the island and have the medallion. Any idea how to fix?

    1. Maybe you could use one of those glitches where you go back to the island and get out. If that doesn’t work, that might be the creator’s job to fix.

      1. Thanks but unfortunately I tried that and it didn’t work. I already had to do that for five other islands I had completed but were showing zero progress. Luckily it worked for them, not this one though :/

    2. Thanks for the responses. Visiting and exiting fixed four or five other islands that were showing empty progress bars even though I had completed them, but it’s not working for this one. I’ve now sent a Bug Report, thanks.

  21. Hmm… I don’t really know what to think about this new Poptropica. It sure looks prettier, but, it’s different. I’m in love with the new map and the new map music as much as the next girl, but I’m just a little scared for the old Poptropica gamers that might come back after a long break and not even recognize Poptropica. It’s weird.

  22. I enjoy the new map and the new music. I’ve been playing since 2007. I love the new order of islands. See, even players that have been on a break can still recognise Poptropica.

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