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Pop 5: Bizarre Items You Forgot Existed in Poptropica!

Wihi folks,

Wow, that was a long title. Anyway, I was browsing through my inventory, when I saw some items I forgot even existed, so I rounded the top five most bizarre, and showed some people on the PHC, and every single person I showed had no idea they existed, so here I bring you Five Bizarre Items You Forgot Existed in Poptropica!

5. Booga Sha–man, that existed?

Screenshot at May 01 21-05-02.png

So, I’m sure you played Shark Tooth. There was a time you could obtain the Medicine Man’s costume as an item card. It’s funny, the character is shirtless, yet when you customize the shirt, it has to be his skin pigment, yellow. Anyway, this funny guy came from the Booga Shaman toy.

4. Some serious beef!

Screenshot at May 01 21-05-39.png

Seriously, when did this exist? Is it from a toy or something? A tiny man in a hamburger costume following me around is something I usually see in my nightmares, sheesh. This strange thing comes from the Hamburger Pocketeer, which, believe it or not, is a legitimate Poptropica toy.

3. I don’t remember this at SeaWorld…

Screenshot at May 01 21-05-18.png

Not only is there a Booga Shaman item card, you could also get an item card called Jump The Shark when you purchased the Shark Boy plush toy. Sadly, after the eradication of Shark Boy (now known as Shark Guy), Poptropica doesn’t list it in their list of toys anymore. Anyway, with this power, when you press the button anywhere in Poptropica, you can toss a fish and the Great Booga Shark will jump out and bite it.

2. Some serious UiPE & GH stuff right here!

Screenshot at May 01 21-06-34.png

On Poptropica, followers vary from dragons, to UFOs, to birds, but there exists a certain item card that allows you to have a follower of, well, yourself! Pretty gnarly, and this came from last year’s Daily Pop-In event although it was also an ad prize before that.

1. X–ruh roh, raggy?!

Screenshot at May 01 21-03-51.png

What a cool visor… where did it come from again? Oh yes, this was a members-only promo item for Virus Hunter Island given out before the island was released. Snazzy, and it comes with a power when you press spacebar too!

Well, that wraps up this top five list! Did you remember these items from Poptropica, or did you have no idea they existed? What other items do you consider worthy of this list? Let us know in the comments!



18 thoughts on “Pop 5: Bizarre Items You Forgot Existed in Poptropica!”

  1. Wow! I think I saw the twin one when there was a Liv and MAddie ad last year. I have a very fain memory of #5 when I was younger. The rest I didn’t even know existed!

      1. Both of you are right. It was first a prize from the Liv and Maddie ad, and later returned in the Daily Pop-In event. (This power is the only one of these cards that I knew existed.)

  2. I knew all of these except jump the shark and burger power card. Though I wished I haven’t missed the clone follower. 😦

  3. I remember when the twin thing was there! It was a Liv and Maddie ad wasn’t it? (If i messed up the ad name, sorry. i don’t watch the show, i just enjoyed the ad) I loved that thing, so i grabbed it when it was a prize! Me and Twin Wing rocked Reality Island. *nods awesomely* Aw yeah

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