My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: DJScratchStep

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of DJScratchStep, a Poptropican who recently rekindled his love for the game after finding it again and now has his own Poptropica blog. See the bottom of this post for details on sending in your own MPIP!


So… I see people telling their stories about how they became a Poptropican with the My Place in Poptropica series on the PHB. And, well…

*unsheathes sword*

Let’s do this.

Early 2008 | Early Poptropican

It all started in first grade, on a weekly class trip to the computer lab. We were all on Funbrain, and most of us were playing the arcade. As me and a few of my friends finished, we saw an ad for Poptropica. I looked at it thinking, “What the flip flap potato tap is this?”

I clicked onto it, made a character, and started playing. I started off playing Super Power Island and jumping around, not really progressing on it at all. I was about to make some progress, actually, if the teacher hadn’t told us to log off right then. Luckily, my family had gotten a new family computer, and I started playing on it for a few weeks doing nothing but making new profiles and jumping around.

Late 2009 | Help Books

One day I had gone to my cousin’s house in a city about two hours away from mine, and showed him Poptropica. He and I had fun playing Poptropica. (We still do, playing Roblox and Xbox and all.) A few weeks passed, his birthday came around, and we celebrated at a local Chuck E. Cheese’s. He opened all his presents, and his final one was a book on how to beat the Poptropica islands, the Poptropica’s Official Guidebook.

I found it so cool that every time I came over, I’d get out that book and actually try to complete a few islands. Then I finally figured out how to make a new account, and thus, a new Poptropica legacy was born. For my username, I just put in two things I could recognize, plus a number – my username being bbgunlight100. Angry Thunder.

Early 2010 & the next five years | Abandonment

With Angry Thunder, I went around completing islands left and right. First Early Poptropica, then Super Power, and then Shark Tooth. And I would’ve completed Big Nate Island before it became members only if it didn’t glitch every time I tried!

I stopped playing Poptropica for a while, then I got back on a few weeks later. When my birthday came around, I got a Nintendo Wii, with lots of games, like Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii (an all-time favorite), and Wii Play. More time passed, and I got many other gadgets to play with as well. I was so interested in those games that I completely abandoned Poptropica for 5 years. But I still had it in the back of my mind, as just a tiny speck.

Late 2015 | One Simple Spark

The start of 8th grade – and my, how I hate it so far. I got into a semester of A/V, and my group had all finished the project. We had lots of free time, and me and my teammates were bored of all the sites we had been on. Then I had an idea, and I said, “Wait!” I typed in the URL for Poptropica while my team watched, and they were astounded.

I still remembered my username and password, so I logged in and saw that Poptropica had changed a lot. And I thought, “If it changed, I might as well, too.” So I refreshed the page, and made a new account, starting off on Home Island. I didn’t do that island, because I moved on to Super Power Island, but I got all my friends to make characters too. We were Purple Bird, Maroon Moon, Smart Skull, and then mine, the one and only Trusty Bear.

Early 2016 | Poptropica Help Island & Island Completion

I had been on my account once almost every day, playing Poptropica on my mom’s or stepdad’s computer at work before walking to school. I had been getting on the PHB all the time, commenting on new posts, reading the guides, and even having a meme face drawn by UiPE on PMFM!

I decided I would make my own Poptropica blog too, and I had already made a personal blog on WordPress, so I just added a site, and I created Poptropica Help Island. “Bringing you Poptropica Help when you need it!” I had quite a bit of fun with that. Then, on February 23rd, I finally completed all the islands (excluding member-only islands like Big Nate and Wimpy Boardwalk). At last!

I posted on PHI that I was going to make a series called The Adventures of Trusty Bear. (The title is a semi-reference to Giant Hawk Adventures, but I couldn’t come up with a more creative title.) I am starting up the first episode as I go, so if you follow the PHI, check it out! Otherwise, I’m still doing all I can, and having fun while doing so!

This has been Scratch Step, aka Trusty Bear, and this has been My Place… *sheathes sword* …in Poptropica.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB.

18 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: DJScratchStep”

  1. Amazing story, DJScratchStep! Oh, and I love the Wii, too. Especially Mario Kart Wii! 😀 (Coconut Mall for the win!) I got a Wii U this summer but I still like the original Wii more. 😉

    1. Coconut Mall is my mom’s favorite course, but I’m more of a favorite of Wario’s Gold Mine, DK Summit, and the evil, evil Rainbow Road. Haven’t fallen off of it yet!

      1. You never have fallen off Rainbow Road?!? My entire childhood was me falling off every 10 seconds and getting 12th place. Fortunately I’m a lot better at it now and I only fall of once or twice.

      2. Wait, I’ve only fallen off once. AI got mad and threw all Red Shells, Blue Shells, and Bullet Bills they had. Still managed to make first, though. It was only the second lap.

      3. Are you serous? i fall off EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Even Shoeless Brain (He’s much better at Video Games than me) falls off a ton! How?

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  3. And fun fact: my avatar is supposed to look like me in real life, but the ninja suit isn’t part of it.

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