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Introducing… PHC 2.0!

What’s chatting, chatropicans? This post is brought to you by a handful of us from the PHC!

Recently we posted about possibly moving our PHB hangout, the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), to a different chat host: Discord. Though we’ve been using Xat for years, we found the much newer Discord to offer more to the chat experience overall. However, we left it up to you guys to vote – and over the past week, there emerged a clear winner… and by POP-ular demand… we’re moving to Discord!


In addition to a much cleaner look, the new PHC has tons of cool features, such as being able to private message anyone (even offline) and it’s not as laggy as the Xat chat system. It’s also a great place to share artwork, theories, and to get to know fellow Poptropicans in the community.

When you first arrive, you’ll land on #tutorial, which will explain the rules and other basics that are good to know (channel guides, rules, how to use emojis, and more!). You can go back to the tutorial guide anytime, but you can also check out the many other different channels we have to talk about whatever interests you!

The new PHC’s different channels, such as #main and #art, helps everyone stay on topic, find other people with the same interests, and have multiple, yet organized conversations at the same time. There’s even a #lulz channel where you can spam and post memes to your heart’s content, as long as it maintains our guidelines of course! And unlike Xat, even newcomers can post links, pictures, and gifs, with more ease than ever before.

But what about Xat, you may ask? Well, it’s still there, but we’re now directing people over to Discord instead. The official PHC is now on Discord, meaning we’ll host parties on Discord now and the PHB will no longer link to Xat. That being said, you can still go on Xat if you so desire, but Xat will no longer be moderated. We’ve updated the Xat page with information about the new PHC (on Discord), for new users who may stumble upon it or users who haven’t been on in a while.

Everyone’s been having so much fun here on Discord – and you can too! While you don’t need a Discord account to go on, it’s a good idea to make an account so you can change your profile picture and more. Plus, you can even download the Discord app on various desktop or mobile devices to take the fun with you! Pop in today, Poptropicans!

We hope you enjoy PHC 2.0, and we’ll look forward to seeing you there in the future! 😀

–from the PHC community on Discord

23 thoughts on “Introducing… PHC 2.0!”

    1. If you’ve been there at all, I think you’ll find that the situation with spam is actually better than it was with Xat. Plus, we even have a channel just for spam (#lulz) that anyone can use to let out spam without consequences. 🙂

  1. I made an account just for the heck of it but I doubt I’ll be using that much, if at all. Maybe I’ll go on for the parties if I can actually remember. 😛

  2. I love Discord! It’s better because:
    1) It has separate channels
    2) I can draw Poptropicans and show people the drawings
    3) I JUST LOVE IT!!!

    ~Super Comet 😀

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