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Announcing the 2nd Poptropica graphic novel!

This post has been updated with new information.

Hey guys, Brave Tomato here with a bit of interesting news – graphic novel fans, hear me out!

So I decided to go on Barnes and Noble to pre-order the Mystery of the Map graphic novel (which is available March 1st). You know, standard “Add to Cart” and all that stuff. However, I decided to go ahead and look up “Poptropica” in the search bar of Barnes and Noble. As I scrolled down, I was met with a very interesting sight…

The release date, cover, and title of the next Poptropica graphic novel!

The Lost Expedition

The Lost Expedition.

Mya, Oliver, and Jorge are back, and have now arrived in a more arctic setting, as contrasted to their previous viking adventure. It’s written by Mitch Krpata (aka Hades), and Kory Merritt is back for illustration, of course. ย According to the Barnes and Noble page, the release date is not until August 16, 2016.ย Plus, you can pre-order it now, along with the first book.

Unfortunately, other than these facts, there is no other information on this book.

Update:ย Plot twist! I actually just discovered a description for the plot of this book on the Amazon page for it! Here’s what the description reads:

In book two, The Lost Expedition, Oliver, Mya, and Jorge continue their search for home, with a few hilarious stops along the way. As the friends set sail for new sights, they find the evil Octavian is still hot on their trail, and heโ€™s determined to get his hands on their magical map. To make matters worse, a mysterious organization is keen on expelling the three friends from Poptropica. As the pals travel, they find that each island is filled with its own unique brand of peril, and the mystery surrounding the map and Poptropica itself begins to unfold. Will our trio be able to once again outfox Octavian and discover the identity of this secret society?

A secret society. Expulsion from Poptropica. Peril. Mysteries unfolding. Identities. And a few obvious answers. Part of me wonders… this Society… would it be one that Octavian was once part of but then went rogue? And could Embed (the “Viking” Octavian tied up, and told the trio that they should be wary about Octavian) be a part of that society? Well, there’s only one way of officially finding out: play the waiting game.

BT out!ย 

12 thoughts on “Announcing the 2nd Poptropica graphic novel!”

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    Hooray! Im first!
    This book sounds cool

  2. I don’t like the graphic novel. I think they are less mature in it, and the third character (Mia? Myra? Melania?) Is not that good of a character. In the comic, the Monkey tribe technically give them the balloon. There is more humor and story in it. I really want the creators to continue it, since they added a new feature to the comics.

    1. That’s a comic! It’s just for humor, with no steady plot! (At least that’s what I think. ) This is a graphic novel. So it probably focuses more on the adventures, twists, plot,etc on all that part.

      1. It is in the daily pop,and the story is that they need to get back home. Long ago, on twitter they posted more of the comic.

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