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Wrenching with Zombies, Bears, and more!

Hey Poptropicans! 😀

It’s been an unusually busy week in Poptropica, particularly with the release of the new tutorial, Monkey Wrench Island! If you need a helping hand, or just want to see what it’s about, check out our new Monkey Wrench Island Guide, complete with pictures. 🙊🔧


Did you know? If you previously won the Home/Hub Island medallion from doing the old tutorial, it stays in your medallion collection but can no longer be won, making it a rare extra medallion that adds to your total medallion count! (There is only one other like that: 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene.) Playing the new tutorial gives you the new Monkey Wrench Island Medallion.

Over on the Daily Pop, we’re seeing some pretty interesting sneak peeks! Several of them feature some puzzle/arcade (?) games or environments featuring meandering zombies and a cap-wearing character. There’s also a pic of a jukebox (perhaps a feature for the Skydock/Home Island update?), and an animation-in-progress that contains the building from PoptropiCon.

What are your theories on these sneak peeks? 😛

There’s currently an ad for We Bare Bears on Home Island, and watching the video will award you a Bear Stack that you can wear on your head! That is, if you can bear it. 😉

That’s not all! On Mystery of the Map Island, there’s an ad for Capri Sun Organic, which awards two prizes: Rocket Skateboard (an animation with you riding said skateboard) and Ball Storm Power (animation of balls falling)! Thanks to Hyper Gamer for the tip and picture.

caprisun ad

Are you going to be in Massachusetts on Thursday, March 10th? Jeff Kinney’s bookstore (An Unlikely Story – 111 South Street Plainville, MA 02762) will be hosting Kory Merritt (illustrator of Mystery of the Map, Poptropica’s graphic novel releasing March 1st) that day from 4:00pm to 5:30pm EST! If you plan to go (and if you are in the area, it would be awesome if you did), it’s free but you should probably register. Kory will talk and sign book copies, and Jeff Kinney will be there too!

If any of you PHB readers out there are lucky enough to get to go, say hi to the Poptropica Creators from the PHB for us! (Plus we would love to hear any details of your experience! Pictures are a plus.)

Don’t forget: This week only, you can win twice the amount of credits for finishing four science-themed islands (Steamworks, Lunar Colony, Shrink RayVirus Hunter) for the first time in honor of Engineers Week! Offer ends Saturday, February 27th. Get ’em while you can!

300cred steam

Lastly, check out this picture Poptropica posted on social media! You can find all sorts of fun images and more by following Poptropica’s social media, or at least glancing over at our Twitter timeline to the side of the PHB from time to time. 🙂


Which Poptropica emoji would you rate this post? 😀


11 thoughts on “Wrenching with Zombies, Bears, and more!”

  1. I think they should make changes to the photo booth. Like, they could add a thing where you could type in a username and use that character! I made a few. But how can I show them?

    1. That would be a great feature; hopefully they build that into the Photo Booth someday.

      You can post photos you create on social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc) and tag Poptropica in them so they see it. They may even share your creations! 😀

  2. You said that the “home island” medallion stayed in my collection but could no longer b won, but i dont have it in my collection! The medallion doesn’t appear simply nor as won or unwon! my username is RAHR52.

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