My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: Slippery Raptor


Hey, guys. Slip here.


Get your tissue boxes ready—just kidding.

Welcome to another “My Place in Poptropica” post. This is a special series by the PHB Authors where we tell our stories of how they got involved in the Poptropica community. (Don’t worry, there are no stunts and tightrope-walking in this post). Now it’s my turn!

So, let’s get on with the story. I hope you enjoy!


I am Slippery Raptor.

I’m about to tell you my story. It isn’t much of a great thing, but, at least, you get to hear it.

2008: Creations and Curiosities

I discovered Poptropica back in 2008 through K-Zone, a magazine my classmate had. We were in third grade; everyone wanted to look at the magazine— even me. As I was reading the magazine, a new game was featured in its “Game Zone”; it was Poptropica. I didn’t notice it because I was just scanning the pages until my classmate read the magazine and told everyone to try it out.  They were all excited to try out this game we’ve just discovered. It became the talk of our class.

I became curious. What’s this Poptropica? I decided to try it out too. After making my player, I saw a map unfold before me. I was very surprised and I said:

“Whoa. Shark Tooth Island? I better check that out.”

I remember saving my Poptropican back then and I got stuck in Shark Tooth Island. I finally found my old player and it was named Blue Monster. I had a fun time playing Poptropica.


Poptropica was only a pastime for me— I didn’t play it every day. As a kid, I usually play outside since computers weren’t much of a big thing for me. Unfortunately, I forgot about Poptropica and I never played with Blue Monster again. Really sad, eh? I promised myself that I will return someday.

2009-2010: Returns and Raptors

Around late 2009 and early 2010, I did return to Poptropica. I didn’t remember Blue Monster anymore so I decided to play with someone new.

There came Slippery Raptor.

I decided to save my player and make my own username to log in with. My username is gabz1113 which is composed of my nickname and my birthday (November 13th). Along with that, I also bought my first costume: the Rock Singer.

I went inactive again in early 2010 and went back around Great Pumpkin Island’s release. Good thing I still remembered everything! I was really happy to see how Poptropica evolved through time and there are already 15 islands! Since then, I played Poptropica more frequently.

2011: Fondness and Fan Blogs

I became fond of Poptropica. I even told my friend that Cryptids Island is going to release that day due to the excitement. I became an active player— but not that much for I still enjoy my friends’ company.

Even though I had to move to a different place, I didn’t forget about Poptropica. It was actually a blessing in disguise because it made me like Poptropica even more.

I also joined Club Penguin in 2010 and I found some fan blogs around the game. Does Poptropica have fan blogs too? When I searched for some, I found Fierce Moon’s blog, Poptropica Secrets. (This was a long time before I found the PHB.)

2012: Discoveries and Dreams

Slippery still plays Poptropica (Don’t worry!). But then, I decided to find other Poptropica blogs other than Poptropica Secrets. Then I stumbled upon the Poptropica Help Blog which was better than the blog that I used to check.

I tracked back my comments on this blog and my first comment was by the name, Crazy Looper. Really crazy. I liked this site more because it has better stuff to offer and it has better quality when it comes to posting stuff. Ever since then, I visit this blog day after day to check on the updates.

Just like what everyone wanted, I also wanted to become an author here. I wasn’t that much known around the community and I became a random commenter on this blog.

2013: Blogs and Busy Stuff

I’m still your average Poptropican lounging on Poptropica until I decided to make a blog.

This blog is quite different than the typical blog because I combined two of the games I liked to play: Club Penguin and Poptropica. I made a site using Webs and made my blog—Slippery Raptor’s Club Penguin and Poptropica Blog (which is kinda weird)—but my blog did not last that long because I lost interest in blogging.

2014: WordPress and Works

2014 is Slippery’s biggest year.

I decided to create a new blog through WordPress this time. I made my blog on January 18, 2014; I didn’t expect what happened next.

When I made my blog, it was quite quiet at first but after that, I was so surprised when the views started to increase. I also made some of the pages in my blogs, made a lot of posts and eventually hitting over 4,000 views.

Along the way, I met new friends and I was invited to join several blogs. At first, Bony Catfish of  Poptropica 411 added me to her team and Nameless UnDEFined added me to her blog (Poptropican Awesomeness) and we created our behind the scenes blog, too. HP also wanted me to work with him, too!

But that wasn’t all of them. By November, upon receiving the news of Fuzzy-B’s departure, I also received an email from the PHB, inviting me to be the newest author! I didn’t hesitate to say “yes” but I was quite hesitant to make my first post since Fuzzy-B just left the blog.

I didn’t expect all of these things to happen in just a year and I am very thankful to the people who supported me and joined me from the very start. Then I welcomed a brand new year in Slippery’s adventure.

2015: Nice Stories and New Starts

I welcomed a brand new year for my blog and decided to start anew. Unfortunately, managing many blogs were quite hard, too. My blog went inactive for months and I did quit some of the blogs I used to be on.

Also at the PHB, I made myself very active in posting updates and stuff. I had my first April Fools’ prank with them, joined the Poptropica Help Network (PHN) and chatted with them on our private Hangout.

Months ago, I pitched Slanted Fish the idea of turning the PHB’s 7th birthday into something new— an awards show! I was very happy to see an idea of mine to come alive and work pretty well. I woke up 4 am in the morning just to join the PHC party and the live stream and see you all there. It was really worth the while.

The year got better when I unexpectedly landed first on the Early Poptropica finishers map and I was so shocked. I am so happy I got to celebrate Poptropica’s birthday once more. I think I won’t stop playing this game.


I also celebrated my 15th birthday with the Poptropica community and even though it’s not Thanksgiving anymore, I’d like to thank everyone who greeted me and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys. Thank you.



I’d like to end this year thanking everyone for being there with me and making my dreams come true. I am very happy to help everyone through my posts and stuff on my blog and here. You are all so amazing. Be awesome!

Truly, finding your place in Poptropica is awesome; it makes you look back at everything that happened in the past and learn from it.


-Slippery 🙂

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