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EFPR Island Guide up & Week 3 Sweepstakes Winners!

Heyyy Poptropicans!

Escape From Pelican Rock got you grumbling like Big Tuna? Maybe you should stay away from angry criminals, but if you’re having trouble on Poptropica’s newest island, the PHB’s Escape From Pelican Rock Island Guide is now up! The written walkthrough is complete, and pics are coming soon.


Don’t worry, non-members, Poptropica’s Twitter says you’ll get to play EFPR Island by the end of December 2015! (For now, non-members can play a demo.)

In other news, Week 3 of the Island Sweepstakes has just passed, and once again 5 lucky winners were selected to win a one-month membership from Poptropica! Congratulations to Cool Dragon, Cool Walker, Crazy Ant, Short Feather, and Super Dragon!

For all the details on how you can enter and win, check out this PHB post all about the Island Hopper Sweepstakes.

The new common room on EFPR Island is Bert’s Basement Gym, which should add one more chance to win if you can get the ticket, except the common room appears to not be working at the moment… We’ll be stalking that common room until it opens, I guess.


Update: The common room is now open, so be sure to grab your extra sweepstakes ticket! Also, looks like we’ll be awkwardly walking on air until they fix that. (Thanks to Hyper Gamer for the tip.)

efpr common room

And just a friendly forewarning to all our PHB readers – we have tons of posts planned for this final month of 2015, so keep your heads up! Here are a few we’ve released recently:

Anyway, stay popping, Poptropicans! Until next time.


~thanks to Slippery Raptor for the EFPR pics in this post.


10 thoughts on “EFPR Island Guide up & Week 3 Sweepstakes Winners!”

  1. I did the same thing as that gif with the guard walking. I was going to take a screenshot, but that would be useless and it wouldn’t show anything. 😛 I did sit and stare at it for a while though. One of the few things to enjoy about being in prison. 😉

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