Escape from Pelican Rock Island

Escape from Pelican Rock in Early Access!


Hi guys! Slip here with an important announcement!

Escape from Pelican Rock Island is now released to members for Early Access! You heard it right, it’s now open! Non-members should not worry, though. Poptropica has an island demo in store for you – and don’t worry, the full island will probably be out to the public in a few weeks!

efpr playnow

Poptropica has updated the homepage with some prisoners running along the screen, and Escapee Dr. Hare is even behind the pack! Also, the Dr. Hare hula-hooping animation loading screen has appeared in other places outside of Realms, including EFPR!


What are you waiting for? Play Poptropica’s newest island!

Update: If you’re stuck, check out Captain Crawfish’s official video walkthrough here:

Afterwards, check your position on the World Champions map and share your prison stories in the comments below!

bye (2)

Stay tuned to the PHB – we’ll have a walkthrough up as soon as possible! In the meantime, feel free to ask questions in the comments.

-Slip 🙂

35 thoughts on “Escape from Pelican Rock in Early Access!”

  1. I survived this island. And I got number 18… phew, not bad at all… took me from about 4:00-8:00 with breaks to finish that island. Gonna have to edit out a LOT of filler… who knows, there might be some “episodes” I won’t release at all, because nothing happens. Oh…oh well… but it was fun when it wasn’t so hard. Haven’t been really challenged by a Poptropica Island for a while, so props to that! If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna grab myself a cup of tea and a few cookies.

      1. I’m only slightly disappointed due to the fact that I had the world champions map open in one tab, and I would go there to refresh every couple of minutes to see 1 person getting added every little bit. 😛 Either way though, thanks. 🙂 15 is definitely the best I have gotten on any island. xD

  2. now,i dont know what to do…i gave 3 gum sticks to that other girl then she said that she has pain in stomach,then i dont know what to do now!
    someone help me!!!

  3. Finally completed it! Only took me 2 hours (with no breaks). I managed to rank in as #82! That’s probably the best that I’ve ever done!

    The island itself was jolly good fun,but the twist [INCOMING SPOILER ALERT] that the booted bandit is actually YOU with boots was amazing! I even took a lil’ screenshot at the end of me and him,hehe.

      1. Is it all you hoped it’d be? I”m thinking about it, that’s why i’m asking.

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