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Coming up next: Prison Break Island?

Hi Gs,

Big news! Just before the release of Timmy Failure Island for non-members, I have a tidbit of info concerning the next island – now officially Prison Break Island!

It hasn’t been formally announced, but I found it in the files, along with some a list of the items on the island. I’m going to save some details for the Behind-the-Scenesย &ย Theory, but here’s a few pictures of the preliminary Main Street:

I’m excited for this island – it looks fresh and somewhat different from the regular Poptropica tone. In fact, from the Daily Pops that have been released, it reminds me of Our Discovery Island in the art direction! Check out more sneak peeks in the PHB’s Prison Break Island post category!



8 thoughts on “Coming up next: Prison Break Island?”

  1. “As long as we can’t get past this fence, we’re not getting out of here.”
    “Well, yeah, of course.”
    “You gotta be kidding me!”
    “It’s called Prison Break!”
    “We’re gonna get cancelled! Come on…”
    *bit piece of intro theme*
    (This was a vine) ^

    Okay, I’m hyped for this. Shawshank Poptropicans all the way!!!

  2. WOO-HOO!!! I always do this kind of thing in my imagination, and now I get to see it for real! (Well, sort of.)

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