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Timmy Failure Island for all and promo codes all day!

Hi Gs,

Timmy Failure Island has been released for non-members! It’s now your time to find the pants, and yes, Poptropica is hashtagging #FindThePants on Twitter today.

For the PHB’sย written walkthrough, click here – pictures included!

That’s not all: throughout the day, the Creators will be releasing promo codes that you can redeem in celebration of Timmy Failure.ย Current code:ย FINDTHEPANTS4 (awards 150 credits โ€“ expires after this weekend!)


Codes and credits awarded during this event:

  • ROLLORATTLE3ย (100 credits โ€“ย expired at midnight EST)
  • HUNGRYTOTAL2ย (75 credits โ€“ expired at 4pm EST)
  • TIMMYTODAY1 (75 credits โ€“ expired at 11am EST)

In addition to releasing the island and free credits, Poptropica has also adorned their Twitter cover with a Timmy Failure poster and changed their avatar to a pic of Timmy himself!

Throughout the day, they’ve also been tweeting Timmy Failure Island sneak peeks and even some fun gifs of custom animation work they did for the island:

I also suggest giving Brave Tomato’s playthrough of the island a watch. Have fun finding Timmy’s pants and saving his “reputation”!



17 thoughts on “Timmy Failure Island for all and promo codes all day!”

  1. By the way, they’ve added the code ‘ROLLORATTLE3’. It gives you 100 credits, and is available until midnight EST.

    1. Yup, I’ve updated the post to include the code. ๐Ÿ™‚ That seems to be the last code for the celebration, since it ends at midnight, so I don’t think there’ll be any codes awarding prizes other than credits.

  2. It seems like they’ve just added 3 pictures for this island. There weren’t any pictures in playthroughs i’ve seen so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, i think they got rid of the flashback. It could be just me though.

  3. Hey guys and girls, I just found an advertisement on Poptropica- Magnus Chase. I found it on Mythology Island.

    When you get inside the advertisement room, you go to the blue portal on the right and the Magnus will go in the portal, then you are in an ad mini game. You will have a map on the upright of your screen, the white dot in the map is you, the red dot is the Ratatosk, so avoid him and go up, avoiding the crows, falling acorns and leaves, and wolf on the right of the minigame, until you see a blue portal, go to the blue portal and you will recieve a Blitzen Costume to costumize and a Ratatosk follower that will say “Yark” when it follows you.

  4. I don’t really like the Ratatosk that much because when I put him on in Timmy Failure Island I carried him around until I got Total and then I took him off… but when I got out of Timmy’s house he was there again! That kept happening and it was very weird cuz at the end where u chase the garbage truck u can see him lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Hey guys! I need your opinion on something.
    My Halloween costume is a pirate, and I want to have a follower with it. I’m stuck choosing between the red fire breathing dragon, or the hummingbird (because that’s as close to a parrot I can get.). Please choose either one and type it in the comments.

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