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Timmy Tuesday, Spooky Snapshots

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that Timmy Failure Island is out for everyone tomorrow! Yeah that’s right…a Tuesday! (Find out why in this PHB post.)

For everyone getting ready to start the great pants chase, we have a guide made by our very own Brave Tomato that can help you through the parts you get stuck on!


In other news, there have been some changes on Home Island! In front of the Shop, there used to be a guy with an eyepatch standing there – but now there’s a different NPC, the gender of whom depends on your character. The outfit of the NPC also varies, but it looks pretty snazzy!

Finally, last but not least, there has been some changes to the Photo Booth (plus the NPC in front has been replaced with a witch)! The Creators just added some frightful new backgrounds, characters, and props! Now you can make Poptropica Halloween-themed photos using backgrounds and stickers with all your favorite Halloween characters.

Anyway, that’s it guys! Have a fun time with all the new updates and send us some of your photos! We want to see your amazing creations!



12 thoughts on “Timmy Tuesday, Spooky Snapshots”

  1. Yay, SW5! Second post within a 30-day span! So, technically, 2 posts in a month! Anyway, visit my blog (www.poptropicanewscenter.wordpress.com) to see my pictures. Don’t worry, I’ll add more 😛 Important question: Would you and the other authors mind if I made you characters in my new Poptropica-based story? Thanks!

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