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Poptanium stashes and TombQuest prizes!

Hey guys! Slip here.

Update: Some players have reported that they land in a spot where Brave Seagull’s Poptanium is inaccessible to them. Fear not, there is another “savings account” Realm by Invisible Drummer over at the code c2tp6! This Poptanium is conveniently stored all in one location. (thanks, Eb!)

Today, we have a brand new Remarkable Realm! We had quite a lot of realms back then but today’s a special one! It is made by Brave Seagull and it’s a Poptanium stash! Boy, that’s a lot of Poptanium!

First, you can visit the realm by entering the code: 9thzx. Now, you can grab as much as many Poptanium bars as you can! This is what the realm looks like:


The first scene has 254 (in my count) Poptanium bars! If you collect them all, (please don’t be greedy) you can get 2,540 Poptanium! (It’s kinda weird that it says ‘100’ but it only gives 10.) Awesome, right? There’s more!

The realm has Poptanium bars everywhere— on the roof, underground, on the fireplace and even the garden! Not only that, if you go to the scene on the left, you will spot a whale with more Poptanium bars in and on it! If you manage to collect them all, you will receive 430 Poptanium! There’s more on the right side. 😛


Now, on the right side, there are more Poptanium bars! On a crystal castle, there are 46 Poptanium bars which gives you 460 Poptanium! Amazing! Now, let’s head on to the far right side.


For the next scene, there are two crystal buildings with more Poptanium! The first buiding contains 45 bars which gives 450 Poptanium and the second building has 30 bars which gives 300 Poptanium. In total, you can get 750 Poptanium!


For the last scene, it has a crystal building shaped like a letter “P” and has more Poptanium bars! Here, you can collect 45 bars which is equivalent to 450— now, you have a lot of Poptanium to build your own stash with! 🙂


Overall, you will have 4,630 Poptanium! Wow, how much did Brave Seagull spend doing all of these?  Now, you can make your own realm creation or make a stash of your own! This realm deserves a big thumbs up. 🙂 Plus, you can always grab the Poptanium again by going to a different Realm and then coming back to this one – no more having to dig for your own Poptanium!

Make sure to check out Captain Crawfish’s commentary in this video! 🙂


On the other hand, there’s new sur-prizes waiting for you when you log-in to Poptropica! They’re from TombQuest and we’re going to discuss the prizes one by one. 🙂

The first prize is the Mummy Follower. As what the name implies, a Mummy will follow you everywhere you go. (Extra tip: You can costumize the Mummy’s head if you want to.)

The last and second prize is the Scorpion Swarm. When you use the card, your player wears the hat and when you press the spacebar, a swarm of scorpions will run across the screen. 🙂

And that’s all of the updates today! Have you received your Total costume yet? If not, better get yours already before it goes! 🙂

-Slip. :mrgreen:


24 thoughts on “Poptanium stashes and TombQuest prizes!”

  1. You can actually collect the Poptanium bars as many times as you want. Just go to a different land and then go back to this one. 🙂

  2. Help! I cant get past this huge ledge of a mountain on the realm and I really need some poptanium. Can you please make stairs on it or something?

    1. Hey same! I only collected the poptanium on the first area with the house and decided to come back and collect some on the second. Although when I entered the realm this time I ended up on one of those ancient ruin ledge’s on top of a square dug area of rock in what used to be a hill of stone. I didn’t remember leaving here. I was right beside the exit to the left, so I went to the area on the left and ended up in the area of where the giant P was. I couldn’t get past through the ground or whatever past the wall of the P. I went back and explored the area to the right and it turns out i was exploring the unexplored land of Brave Seagull’s realm.

      Apparently some of us are landing on the area right to the Giant P where we find a mountain with a ruin ledge beneath us 😦 and can’t get past the Giant P on the left zone to the poptanium.

  3. Hey guys! I found something cool.
    If you stand on/next to a poptanium bar and double click it, it’ll give you twice the amount of poptanium than what you normally get! (Instead of say, 10 poptanium, you get 20! Pretty useful, especially in places with lots of poptanium. It also works with your own poptanium stashes– instead of 100 poptanium, it’ll give you 200!) Sometimes, it doesn’t work though, but it works for me most of the time!

    Also, if you’re stuck somewhere and you need to get over something like a building, press F repeatedly. That causes a bunch of dirt and stuff to rain down, creating a sort of pillar that you can stand on. If you press it enough, the pillar will get tall enough that you can eventually jump onto the roof and get to the other side!
    And if you’re stuck in say a hole in the middle of a bunch of rock, jump at an angle so that you get out. It also works if you’re stuck in a wall, or if you’re generally next to a wall and you need to get out. Just jump at an angle next to a wall and you’ll usually be sent upwards as you clip through the wall. (Sorry if I don’t make sense xD)

  4. Hey by the way, there’s actually 4250 Poptanium in this realm. In the first scene, there’s 185 bars, the whale has 43, first castle to the right has 46, the towers to the right of that have 84 and 45 are in the P building. Plus she added a new wooden building with 28 poptanium. She also made it so that you can actually reach the poptanium now ^_^

    1. ^ The first scene is the house scene with the basement
      The first scene you actually land on is the one with the wood structure.

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