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Seven Islands become members only!

Okay… so I got some bad news, guys. Remember the whole Nabooti demo thingย and how Nabooti Island is only for members now? Well, more islands have joined the members only club.


There may be over 40 islands, but now 7 of those islands are exclusive for members. The seven islands are all sponsored islandsย (islands that are based on a franchise/not completely original), with the exception of the more recent Galactic Hot Dogs Island, which isn’t on the list:

Non-members can still play a demo of each island, but nothing beyond that. With Timmy Failure Island coming up, we have to wonder if that will eventually be locked to members only as well, since it’s also a sponsored island.

Yes, what we have feared is true. I just hope Poptropica won’t become completely membership oriented. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Let us know in the comments what you think!



132 thoughts on “Seven Islands become members only!”


      1. sorry for replying like a year later but yea they are still locked which sucks

    2. im mad how i just sat here and wasted so much time trying to complete big nate and it just stops like fr #sodonewithpoptropica

    3. I remember back in my old days everyone island was free and i completed nabooti that time and it just deleted my progress cuz i aint a member i just started playing again in 2017 and this was shocking to me

    4. Nooooo! I feel like the islands are becoming members when I’m NOT a member… People who are members are so lucky. D:

      1. I think that Galactic Hot Dogs Island didn’t become member exclusive because it just came out two months ago, and they want everyone to play it for at least some time. Later, they might change it to members-only. Other than that, I don’t see any other sponsored islands, though

      2. Wait… just ignore my previous comment. Maybe Galactic Hot Dogs isn’t a sponsored island! I know that we thought it was because of the graphics and other stuff. Galactic Hot Dogs is published by Funbrain, which is a division of Poptropica. I know that other people came up with the setting, the characters, but so was Mystery of the Map, and no one here considers that a sponsored island.

    1. Why didn’t they make Galactic Hot Dogs Island a membership island as it is a sponsor island as well? :/

      1. Umm, the Poptropica Creators own Galactic Hot Dogs, so it isn’t a sponsored island. I suppose we can be glad of that. :/

      2. The Poptropica Creators don’t really own GHD โ€“ at least one person who works on GHD (Max Brallier) also works on Poptropica, but Poptropica as a whole doesn’t own it. It’s a separate franchise, so its island is considered “sponsored”. ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. All these Islands are book based (Wimpy Kid, Peanuts, Magic Tree House, Choose You Own Adventure, Big Nate, Roald Dahl.)

    Oh no…. Timmy Failure Island might be for members only!

    P.S., I hope Poptropica doesn’t turn into a membership only game! I think this stuff is happening because of Sandbox Networks, there new company.

  2. What ever happened to Jeff Kinneyโ€™s dream of creating a world where people from all corners of the globe could freely explore and learn? This goes against everything Poptropica stands for and has to be stopped. Maybe if we all contact the Creators and voice our disgust we can liberate Poptropica and make sure it stays free for everyone to play. #FreePoptropica

      1. Shall we also put in the bottle our blood and sweat? If so here is my contribution.*hands over huge bottle of sweat*

    1. No, because Poptropica MADE Mystery of the Map, so the island won’t be a ‘Members Only’ island.

    1. Even for how much I agree with you… this has been a thing for like 3 years. Anyway, they have heard the complants and had a vote for what island to make free again, and Red Dragon got nominated.

      Besides, it’s not like as if we’ll be able to play those islands ever again when Adobe Flash is ending in 2020.

  3. I really hate to see how Poptropica is turning now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Seriously the creators don’t realize that they are making us hate all this. I don’t really mind if when they release an island and make most of the items in the store for members only, I don’t mind if members can freely purchase everything in the store (after all they have paid for it) I don’t mind if they have access to more photos or can even save up to 30 costumes, I don’t mind if they can have early access to islands!

    But I don’t like how they are almost making most of the islands for members only, who knows maybe in the near future most of the islands will be for members only, or might be everything will be turned into members only,where Poptropica where become like those games where everything is available for members only.

    I understand they need money for the game to keep going so they made memberships, but isn’t this going too far. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ When I first joined the game I was happy that Poptropica was unlike other games. At least even though you don’t have membership, you can still have enough fun.

    Poptropica creators you are letting me down. And honestly I don’t think all countries have availability of members.

    I hope the creators see our comments and make it how it used to be before. Or I think we should make a petition where we don’t agree with the current situation of Poptropica and show it to them. I have completed all the islands. And yeah they are sponsored islands, but I like most of them and do usually feel the need to replay them. There are also many who might have not completed this islands and also are not able to purchase membership.

    Poptropica where everyone can play with freedom might turn into games like Club penguin where it will be like ”No membership,no game!”

    1. I completely agree with you because if I have to pay for a membership just to play these islands to the end i might as well not play (ironically these 7 islands are the ones i love most).

      1. Well, they do need money to make a living. I’ll agree, some of those islands were fun, all of them really, but membership is pretty cheap and they have lots of workers and designers and coders and such to pay. Without these workers being paid, they will STOP working on Poptropica and there will be no Poptropica at all!

  4. Hmm… while it’s understandable for a game like Poptropica to want more paying members, they also have to maintain a good balance between what they offer for free and what they don’t. In the past, they’ve done a great job of this โ€“ members got plenty of perks like unlimited Store items, early island access, and so on โ€“ but non-members weren’t left in the cold, as they could still enjoy much of what the game had to offer, and only had to wait a little longer to play an island.

    What Poptropica needs to consider is that those who want to and can pay probably will pay โ€“ as the cost of membership is not high compared to many other games, and they do offer incentives for having a membership โ€“ while those who cannot pay, for various reasons, will be limited to whatever Poptropica lets them enjoy, which makes it all the more important that they choose wisely what they keep or take away from the majority of their players.

    There will always be people (perhaps a majority in Poptropica’s case) who can’t get a membership. Most Poptropica players are of the age where they probably don’t have complete control over what they can or can’t buy, reasons including: parents who don’t want their kids “wasting money on games”, Poptropica game cards not being available in most countries (a PayPal option would be a good idea for allowing more people the access of more easily buying a membership), or not earning their own disposable income to spend on membership. It’s not that people (kids) don’t want membership, but rather that circumstances prevent them from having it. Focusing on pointing out Poptropica’s tangible values to parents and educators, who are probably the ones paying, might be a step in the right direction (for example, infographics that show Poptropica’s educational side, how it’s a good time investment, and how paying for perks can keep kids more interested).

    The value in keeping Poptropica (generally) free is that more people are able to access it and enjoy the game for what it is. Sure, they could decide to make it accessible only if it’s been paid for โ€“ and arguably, Poptropica is a great enough product to be worth a price tag โ€“ but this limits the amount of potential players and would probably disappoint and scare off long-time fans who may fall under the circumstances of non-membership described above. A lost fanbase that depends on something great being free may move on to other forms of entertainment; there’s plenty else to do with an internet connection, or, in the case of mobile users, plenty of other apps to play with that don’t cost anything.

    Poptropica doesn’t seem to be under financial pressure; while they do need some money to keep their business going (such as for paying staff artists, writers, and coders), they are probably making enough to cover what they need to cover. Making membership more attractive may be on the table because, if more are paying, it could lead to more growth for Poptropica’s development (having their own animated series being just one of many considerations), but as outlined above, the non-paying population cannot be forgotten as well.

    Thanks for reading this wall of text. ๐Ÿ™‚

    tl;dr โ€“ not everyone can buy a membership, and Poptropica should carefully consider what they do and don’t limit to the non-paying players.

      1. Poptropica is usually for kids so like if they do donations, it will kind of be related to the parents. What I mean by that is that they need to focus on the kids if they might do donations. (Parents can’t use their money on wants.) Even though I’m pretty dissapointed about this membership thing, There’s still a lot of things we CAN play without membership.

  5. I am so angry right now. My parents dont want me spending money on games and things like that. My dad is very anti computer games and all he wants me doing is reading so he wont buy me membership. Poptropica needs to know thats some kids cant get it.

  6. Let us have a moment of silence for the seven fallen islands of Poptropica.

    Anyways, I’m kinda surprised to see this news right before my eyes (on our chat) this morning.

    Amidst the commotion, I understand why Poptropica had to do take this decision; I know it’s hard for them to decide on this too. As mentioned in a past tweet they tweeted months ago, they needed some money too to keep Poptropica the way we want and to support Poptropica through these memberships, merchandise and app purchases. Take it this way: For you to be able to see the wonders and sights of Poptropica’s islands and features, amazing people needed to work on it for days, weeks, months or even years and it is not made free.

    You may say that Poptropica made a bad decision- no.

    Poptropica gave us what we wanted (e.g. Islands/episodes are now free on the Poptropica app, the islands and etc.) but they’re not forcing us to buy the membership- because it’s still your choice. Well, if you buy a membership, not only are you helping Poptropica for its betterment but you also enjoy the privileges of being a member!

    Thanks for taking time to read this. -Slippery ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. maybe at christmas or holidays everyone can have free one day membership or have nore membership competitions to win membership

  7. Aw come on,my computer is acting stupid so I couldn’t play Mystery of the map and Arabian nights 3 and my membership is probably expired and what is this for? MONEY! SERIOUSLY ๐Ÿ™„ I understand no money for them= no poptropica but this is what you call going too far.

  8. I understand that this is very frustrating, but we have to realize that Poptropica is still a business that needs money. I’m not going to go into full detail on my opinion, but I definitely agree with Slippery Raptor.

    1. yes and as websites progress even children ones they begin to only care about money and not the children almost feel like these guys are owned by disney sorry

  9. I don’t really mind if they made the islands semi-members only. Non-members who haven’t played the island can play it, then it becomes blocked to members.

      1. yeah so depressing

        (i didnt like caps- lock so im not doing anything for grammar!)

      2. It’s okay. As long as it not unreadable, it’s okay, because otherwise it’s considered a spam according to the PHB comment policy.

  10. I don’t get it — all of my favorite islands becoming available to members only? These are all sponsored islands, thankfully finished them all, but my friend needs help in completing Red Dragon ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    This is unfair! I’d hate to see Poptropica becoming one of the gaming sites which requires membership for EVERYTHING. Not everybody can get membership. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  11. Ridiculous. In every way. This game is targeted towards kids and more than 100% sure than those kids don’t have credit cards and those kids have strict parents. Parents who don’t want to spend money for a game. Poptropica, I’m cool with you having extra goodies exclusive to members. But I’m not ok with you having the best islands that are PART OF THE GAME locked. How can everyone “beat every island” now? I loved poptropica that I made that accomplishment on 4 different accounts. Absurd. Absolutely absurd. What the heck, creators? Is this really what you want to become of this game targeted toward KIDS who just want to have fun? KIDS who don’t have credit cards? Geez. if you really want to make a game for money, you should have just created a shooting rpg for teens and adults. They have the credit cards. Kids don’t. Laughing my butt off at how stupid this is. Your intended audience happens to be the ones who don’t have money. heck, im completely ok with you putting ads all over Poptropica. Just don’t take away the gameplay that was meant for everyone.

  12. Maybe they did this to basically ‘encourage’ players to buy membership because I think it is part-right, because probably Poptropica might be losing funds or whatsoever. Maybe once more people subscribe, they might make an island or two available simultaneously. They might be able to update things and make them much more better and just want us to enjoy the privileges of being a member .

    But I do agree on the point that not everybody can get membership, my parents would be MAD if I let them spend money on a GAME ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Meh, Poptropica doesn’t accept the currency where I live, since I don’t live in the US, which is fine for me, the only reason I play Poptropica in the first place is that it is free of membership, unlike a few sites like Club Penguin, which require membership for every-single-BIT! (No offense to CP fans tho).

    I really wish this changes soon ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  13. I believe membership is one of the worst things that can come to a game. To these companies, money is almost everything. Satisfaction is put lower on their priority scale. I only wish there was a place with no premiums or memberships or gold statuses of any kind. The world is losing its balance.

  14. They can’t just simply make a content that used to be free for years turn into a member-only content. They should have started this on their upcoming islands that haven’t been released yet. To think that there are better video games out there that people actually pay, I assume the game would have lesser audience after this implementation.

    Sadly, it seems they’re having problems on keeping Poptropica alive in terms of finance. It’s nice though that I’ve enjoyed this game for almost 8 years. Best of luck for the creators.

    1. nabooti island and charlie and the chocolate factory seem fun!!!1 uuugh why cant they be non members to! a lot are going members only because sponserd well thats not fair some people cant afford membership soooo why not give like a entire month of all islands non members

  15. This was the worst update ever, I really wanted to play the Great Pumpkin island and the Diary of a Wimpy kid islands, well now it’s too late and now I will never be able to replay them! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. Yes, it is. I’m feeling depressed. Wimpy Boardwalk and Wimpy Wonderland seem like the best ones! Now I have to become a member to play them.):

  16. Yeah! Change the update! I had an account with every island except Skullduggery Island, and I left it there for 2 years. I decided to come back to Poptropica, and was able to quickly get 5 of the 7 island medallions that are blocked (Wimpy Wonderland, Nabooti, Big Nate, Red Dragon and Great Pumpkin Island) but Wimpy Boardwalk and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are now blocked! How can I get all the medallions now? I’m so depressed now…And they might do that to Timmy Failure and Galactic Hot Dogs!


    Bring back those islands, atleast for 1 month!!! So others could finish them as well!!!

    1. I lost that account and got a second one. On that one I completed all islands up to Skullduggery since that was the most recent one in a week. Now on my third I’ll never complete Nabooti.

  17. I’m a member but… BAD POPTROPICA! BAD WEBSITE! (Well, you know what I mean.) Now my sister will never be able to do Wimpy Wonderland! She was looking forward to it so much! Well, at least they didn’t take Lunar Colony away. Friend cca494 to see how many times I’ve beat it.

  18. i hate it now i hate the game because my very most best most absolutley favourite island (red dragon treehouse island) i always play it its just too much fun i always reset a new character just to play the island and now its gone and my parents wont let me get membership i’m not allowed it even if i saved the money up they still wont let me i am very angry and anyone who is reading this should be on the same page as i am

  19. Well, those seven are sponsored islands, so basically the membership stuff is for the sponsors to get some money.

  20. I already completed big nate island, so THAT change doesn’t matter to me. I already got my medallion, so I don’t care.

  21. Shoeless wolf here I’m one of the oldest players on the game and I gotta say the game costs a lot more now than it did. First we had tickets then we had to have member to play things ahead now we gotta have member to play some of our favorite islands? Come on man!

  22. I’m still mad about this. I remember the day in late June when Nabooti Island was the first to become members-only. I was on vacation, at the beach. However, even though I was a non-member then, I wasn’t too upset because I had finished that island. But then in July, they went and made six more islands members-only. Then I was mad. I mean, I was MAD. The worst part was that I was just starting to play Wimpy Wonderland, but I decided to play later, and when I did ,just 3 hours later, it was a demo. It was terrible. I almost quit Poptropica. After I decided to stay, I gave up on completing all of the islands. I instead went into common rooms and tried to use glitches. Later, in September, I did get membership and completed every island, but I’m still mad, and I will be until the Creators change this.

  23. Thats messed up for those who dont have money to buy membership soon we have to pay to play for the entire thing. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  24. I am not happy that charlie and the chocolate factory is now on demo calse it was one of my most favorite islands athough on one of the parts when i was having trouble with the part where i have to keep the first kid who like got the first ticket in the movie safe after the easy part that was just turning pipes the next part was not easy and i got a bit upset at that part i thought i would take a break of trying and go to a diffrent island and then try again later well that was when it was not on demo but when i felt like i was calm down enough to try again with charlie and the chocolate factory the island took me back to the very start of charlie and the chocolate factory it the island and it stoped me in the middle of the quest and i really wanted to finnish charlie and the chocolate factory

  25. I agree, poptropica needs funds. Well, I think they could of done it with maybe less popular islands, or newer islands. The wimpy kids were very popular, and dog days was my first. Bring em back!

  26. They should of done, maybe, SOS or Black Lot, less popular ones. They could of added maybe a few new mini games and quests. or created a new, members only island. not choose existing ones!

  27. I hate this!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Nabooti and red dragon island and now I can’t play them!!

    1. Well, Red Dragon Island won March Madness and now it’s playable for everyone, also, today is Wimpy Kid Month, so I’m guessing… Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk is also playable for everyone, I guess?



  29. I think its so sad! us nonmembers still wanna play and then we are locked out of heaps of fun islands! Im gonna be so sad and annoyed if they do more islands! I played optropica a long time ago and i came back on resently – my goodness its changed!! In a bad way ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  30. UgH. I played this game when it was all completely free for non-members. The most you could buy were outfits and items as a non-member. I remember playing nabooti and wimpy kid. But now they’re all locked off? What a load of garbage.

  31. Poptropica like did you really have to do this. It actually whoud of been ok if they did not make the old islands members. It whould of been better if they just made some new islands and make those members

  32. This really upsets me. Years ago when I played this site when I was younger, all the islands were availavle for everyone. Poptropica really needs to not do this.

  33. Poptropica shouldn’t do this, since the game is finished and now there’s the poptropica worlds to play, all the islands with the membership should be available for all to play.

  34. This news is very sad because I am a non-member and I just began playing in 2017 this is a worst news.

  35. Its 2018 about to be 2019 I was done with poptropica when I heard about this two years ago…now that I see its still a thing…I am OFFICIALLY DONE! #RIPPoptropica

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