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Home car, Templar Knight price hike, & more

Hey guys! There are some new updates on Poptropica – let’s check them out!

First, there’s a new “Home” ad (for the Party Edition of the Dreamworks movie) on Poptropica Main Streets (such as Game Show), and you just have to click on the ad to collect an untitled Car Follower!

home car followerOn another note, PHB reader Muddy Kid recently noticed that the Templar Knight in the Store now costs 410 credits (costumes are usually only 75 credits, and some are even free). It seems like the Creators are having a price hike after giving us a raise, but so far, this seems to be the only item affected with a higher price.

templar knight 410 credits

Also, we’ve received a bit of an explanation from the Creators regarding the sudden change of Nabooti Island being for members only. They put their response in an image since it couldn’t be contained in the 140 characters max that Twitter allows. It’s not much, but the basic idea is that Poptropica continues to evolve, and one experimentation isn’t the end of the world. Read it here:

Poptropica will always be awesome no matter what. What do you think? Leave a comment!


22 thoughts on “Home car, Templar Knight price hike, & more”

    1. I think they mean Poptropilos games and S.O.S, Island the first is an island that sinks every hundred years with sank in 2013 and the sos is a ship that sinks called the perqud

      1. No ? its called the Pequod ? that ship is not the titanic it doesn’t even have funnels.

      2. In this context, they’re not referring to the storylines of islands that involve sinking – since we’re talking about Nabooti being members only, “sinking” here refers to experimenting with that option (“sink an island”). Think of it as “lock an island to members”.

  1. Cool Beans! Actually I Like My Beans Hot… But That Doesen’t Matter. Poptropica Is Awesome No Matter What! ;3

  2. Yeah and now when you finish an island, the congratulations sign that pops up is different. Like the background and all. It even says you earn 150 credits with a bag full of credits picture. So cool.

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