Ten things you DIDN'T know about Poptropica!

10 things you DIDN’T know about Poptropica #3

Hi Gs,

This is the third post that I’ve made concerning strange and interesting facts about Poptropica – check out the first and second ones by clicking the links. Enjoy!

1. Dr. Spyglass’ early years

On Lunar Colony Island, during the bonus quest, you have to decode some alien messages sent by Salerno. The decoder screen shown also has a hidden badge laying behind the decoding machine. On the card, you can see Dr. Spyglass from Spy Island – he used to work at PASE!


2. Daphne Dreadnaught

For some of you old timers, you may remember “Spook Central”, a mini-quest promo for Ghost Story Island. From the map, you would arrive in a laboratory. A steam punk woman is working on a machine. She tells you that she was containing ghosts in the machine, and that the machine failed. The ghosts were scattered across Poptropica.

From the folder of ghost information she gives you, you can see that her name is Daphne Dreadnaught – and, if you snoop around the laboratory, you will find a pair of ultra vision goggles; she knew Dr. Spyglass?!


3. Jess and Mary’s Bakery

On Super Power Island, inside the subway, you can find a poster. It says “Jess and Mary’s Bakery”. This is a direct reference to Jess Brallier and presumably his wife, Mary. (So many Easter eggs inside this subway!)


4. Richard the Lionheart

The king of Arturus’s name is Richard – you find it in the book, subtly hidden. Richard the Lionheart was a king in medieval times, and not only did he look very similar to the King of Arturus, but take a look at the Lionheart’s crest:


5. Pencil Warrior Cover Mistake

On the cover of the colouring book Pencil Warrior, there was an island medallion for ‘Time Twisted Island’ (the original name for Time Tangled Island). However, this was removed after a few printings (I have one of the books with it!).


6. Hot Air Balloon rides

On Cryptids Island, inside the common room (Bert’s Bed & Breakfast), you can find a paper pinned to the community board. It says “Hot air balloon for rent” – a possible Easter egg – or inspiration – for the A-1 balloon rides that Octavian runs in the Poptropica graphic novels.


7. The origins of the three mystical items of Astro-Knights

Some may know this, but only the ones who read closely – you’ll find out from the Mystical Weapons of Arturus book that you receive during Astro-Knights Island that these mystical items were wielded/created/found in three different ways by strangely specific people:

  • The Laser Lance was wielded by Sir Pugilist.
  • The Force Shield was found in a deep cavern by Bristol the Miner.
  • The Ice Arrow was crafted by Rime the Wizard.


8. H.G. Wells

A lot of people in the Poptropica staff must like writer H.G. Wells – his works have been referenced numerous times throughout Poptropica. On Shrink Ray Island, C.J. owns his book, The Time Machine.

On Zomberry Island, a poster on Gamer Guy’s wall – when translated to English – says ‘War of the Islands’ – a reference to H.G.’s book, War of the Worlds.

In the Cryptids Island book, Harold Mews makes note of a time when he went to an island to help out a strange doctor named H.G. – the doctor took credit for his work and tried to feed him to a puma – a reference to The Island of Doctor Moreau.

9. Paint Palette Watch

If you’ve read my post on the forgotten items that Poptropica has hidden in it’s files, you’ll know about an item called a ‘Paint Palette Watch’. This was intended to be in Counterfeit Island. The watch makes an appearance in the Poptropica Friends book – strange cameo!

Thanks to Sleimok for the image.

10. Mr. Silva’s Hero

On Shrink Ray Island, when you meet up with C.J. in Mr. Silva’s office, you can read some of the titles of the books he owns. There is The Science of Art, The Art of Science, The BIG Book of Villainy, and Who was Albert Einstein?. The latter is an actual book that is advertised in the Store with the Einstein costume (update: and it was written by Jess Brallier!). A small trophy of Albert Einstein is setting on Mr. Silva’s desk with the caption ‘My Hero’.


How many facts did you know? How many did you not? To the person(s) that knew 5 or more – you get mentioned in the next ‘10 Things You DIDN’T Know About Poptropica’!



48 thoughts on “10 things you DIDN’T know about Poptropica #3”

  1. i will change my name and will tell the story on july 13, if you dont figure it out first. i will leave you to it with a riddle, and when you figured out what my name is and why i am mysterious, i will come back. riddle: hoods and cloaks will swear and croak until the japan one comes. the prophecy will not be finished and everything be diminished until the japan one comes. his fish is waiting.
    *dissapears in a dragon second*

    1. Hello Moody Tuna. Did you know that on Shark Tooth Island – where you find the boy and older man – the label on the small hut is ‘Professor Hammerhead’? Maybe that older man is Professor Hammerhead. Maybe the old Professor faked his death! I did the math and he died when he was 77 years old! Whereas some people can live up to 130 years!

      1. No one can live up to 130 years. It’s never happened. Plus, it’s extremely rare to get that high. The average age for dying is around 75, and so your calculations are correct.

      2. @ timee5 – Yea right. And dogs can’t fly without the use of genetic mutation, cross breeding, jetpacks or simply putting them in planes. It’s possible. You can check for yourself. PS – You just contradicted your statement ‘no one can live up to 130 years’ by saying ‘it’s extremely rare’. I never said Professor Hammerhead wasn’t a rare case, so..BOO YAH! IN YOUR FACE!
        @ Moody Tuna/hi – You gave it away using ‘Japan one’. I am Japanese, baka. Not to mention the passage ‘hoods and cloaks’ indicating my always-worn black jacket with the hood always on. PS – The part about hoods and cloaks croaking makes naught sense…unless you meant me croaking. In which case – I AM NO FROG!!!

      3. @timee5, I’d like to think that nothing’s impossible, or can’t be done. If something hasn’t been done yet, I always make it a personal goal to achieve. Besides, with how technology is going, some time in the future, maybe 130 years is the average lifespan instead of 75 😀

      4. True. Did you know, for instance, that people FREEZE themselves at a young age for as long as they’d like (even 150 years) so they can see the future? It’s been done before. Your aging cells freeze due to the chillness of the ice block you’re in – thus making it possible for you to still be 28 years old even after 150 years. Awesome, right? Also – if you’ve read Percy Jackson – you’d know another way. Hazel Levesque. Doctor Who is another famous conspiracy theory. BOO YAH!

      1. Ah, yea. About that. I can only comment after a good long time. It’s my secret plan. Hate to the state the obvious, Captain.

      1. Number 8 and 5 i didn’t know about, 8 kinda knew when I saw the japaneese poster in Gamer Guy’s (Abe) Room in zomberry island. didn’t really pay much attention to the time.

  2. Hmm.. I think the ‘Hot Air Balloon Rental’ One may have been for the guy on Cryptids. Remember the guy who gets caught in the tree at Puerto Rico? He gets caught in a Hot Air Balloon, So I think it’s that guy who had it, not Octavian.

  3. Also, I wish to add on a point on Daphne.

    If you were a member at the time of Spook Central’s ability, you’ll find out that Daphne actually intends to use the ghosts to conquer Poptropica. To stop her, you have to recapture the ghosts, and resultantly blow up her ghost machine. As reward, you get her ghost hunter outfit. Daphne’s goal makes her the first- and at the moment, only – singular female overlord wannabe villain.

  4. Let’s see… I knew the Daphne Dreadnaught thing, the Jess and Mary’s Bakery thing, the Hot Air Balloon rides thing, and the Mr. Silva’s Hero (which has a picture from my guide! 😛 ) thing. Sadly, that’s only four. Cool post anyway! 😀

  5. I knew 10, and my sister noticed it too when she first played it (That was her first island to be played in Poptropica). I knew about 9, but only after you previously mentioned it, so I don’t know if THAT counts or not. I knew about #5. I noticed #1 my third time playing Lunar Colony. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but I had seen the badge. It took me 3 times to put two and two together xD. I’d also read the pages about the mystical weapons before. I thought reading them would somehow, some way, make the island easier (But we all know that did NOT WORK,).

    You’ve got a really great eye HP c; You must play Where’s Waldo a LOT.

  6. I knew about 1,3,6 (although I wasn’t extremely sure if it was a Motm reference), 7 and 10. 🙂 .

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