Arabian Nights Island

Be prepared for a magical finale: tomorrow! 

Hey, guys, BT here with a quick post.

Plot twist! According to a recent Creators’ post, Arabian Nights Island, Episode 3: “Careful What You Wish For” is coming out for members – tomorrow!

You heard me right. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow members experience Poptropica’s last episodic adventure. Tomorrow concludes young Sarah S’s release of her dream island. Tomorrow we find out the truth behind the genie in the bottle. And also, as per usual, there will be a guide worked on for this finale when the time comes. (And I’ll be doing a ‘Let’s Play’ on it on my YouTube page!)

We’ll see you for this wishful finale tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Be prepared for a magical finale: tomorrow! ”

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this! Arabian Nights is my favorite for the episode islands – I’ve always had a fondness for Aladdin, 101 Arabian Nights, and just stories where you could be whisked away in your imagination on a magic carpet.. and now, in addition to your imagination, you can experience all that on a computer (specifically Poptropica!) I’m glad that it’s coming out so soon, but I’m a non member so I have to wait a couple more weeks I suppose 🙂

  2. Oh hey we can access the store and the store items in our backpack from SUIs now! (Or has it been a while but I just didn’t notice? xD)

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