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Raise to 150 credits & membership to play Nabooti

Hey Poptropicans! There’s good news and bad news –

First, the good news: Poptropicans are getting a raise! Instead of the measly 50 credits we usually get for completing an island, the reward is now being bumped up to a whopping 150 credits.


In earlier years, Poptropica used to give out 100 credits for an island finish, but this is even better! Like before, the reward only applies for the first time you complete each island. Also, the amount of credits you had before this update remains the same, so if you’ve finished every island already, you’ll have to wait for the next one to come along to enjoy the bonus.

Why are the Creators doing this? Perhaps they’ve realized how hard it is to earn enough to save up for the many items available in the Store, and implemented this change out of the goodness of their hearts. Or are there going to be changes made that will make us wish we had more credits to spend?

There’s cause for suspicion, and here comes the bad news: remember how Nabooti Island recently became just a demo version to non-members, with a prompt to get membership to play the full island?

Well, the plan isn’t to make this the next SUI. It’s another ploy to make buying a membership more enticing, because here’s the thing: Nabooti Island, which has been free to play for years, now requires membership – and more changes to membership are to come, according to these tweets:

Will more islands follow the same fate as Nabooti? (Is that why we have the chance to earn more credits – before more islands are locked on us?)

Of course, this isn’t an issue to members, but this could be potentially damaging to the current balance in the offerings between membership and free-to-play: it could mean more members, or it could mean more quitters if there is too much emphasis on membership. Possibly both.

We’ll have to see what’s in store (literally? 😛 ) – but tread carefully, Poptropica.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.


52 thoughts on “Raise to 150 credits & membership to play Nabooti”

    1. I feel you, the same’s been happening to me ;c

  1. Honestly,i don’t see the point of it a lot of users already passed the island,maybe they will do it on more islands so people will buy more mewmberships for be part of hall of fame.

  2. Yes!!!!!! Slanted fish I am really happy. 😀 Finally the creators raised the poptrpoica credits. But too bad I already finished all islands. 😦 And I didn’t like what they did with nabooti. I hope they change it soon. 🙂

    1. If Poptropica became on of those games, I would not play Poptropica anymore. It’s a great game, but I don’t want to pay for membership to play it.

      1. Why not? It’s fun to have unlimited access in the store and have early access to new islands

      2. I don’t think everyone can get membership. In my country it is not available!

    2. I don’t assume that stuff would happen, even though it gives more attention to Members, but they have a reason — the creators get paid for each poptropican who subscribes to membership, so basically, they serve more to members, but they don’t forget nonmembers, for instance, if a new island releases in the form of early access to members, right after a few weeks it’s available to everybody, so in a way, they aren’t forgetting nonmembers. 🙂 But if you browse through the store, you might see that most of the stuff cost membership, but it’s not EVERYTHING 🙂 Unfortunately, I couldn’t get membership because A. My dad won’t allow. B. I don’t think they accept the currency of the place where ?I live :c

      Still Poptropica is funner with or without membership, because not EVERONE can get membership 🙂

      It’s not like a bunch of games which I know where only 2-3 outfits will be available and everything is just for members.

      1. Lol, that’s what I was thinking 😛

  3. Just had to let this out… What would be better than memberships? Downloadable Content(but online)! You want to play Arabian nights island episode 3 early? That will be 99 cents. Want to get that new gold card, that will be another 99 cents.

  4. NO! I think Poptropica should equally balance the rights between non-members and members.. It’s true that members should get advantages, but it’s not fair making islands ONLY for members. It IS good news that the credits have been bumped up, but I completed all the islands up to date, so.. ugh, JUST missed it.. I’ll just have to wait for another island (Timmy Failure is coming up! Oooh) Anyway, I have a question. I already completed Nabooti Island and I was never a member, would my medallion be taken away?

    I don’t have a Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook account, so that’s why I’m asking the PHB (anyway, the Creators might not respond right away anyway)..

    1. Probably not – I’ve already completed Nabooti Island without being a member as well (before this update), and I still have my medallion. 🙂

  5. Oh broccoli! Nabooti island used to be my favorite island! 😦 It’s a good thing that they are increasing credits for each island we complete, but sadly, I completed all islands before this change, so that means it’s sheer loss to me! 😦 Gotta wait for Arabian Nights ep 3 :/

    1. Guys I need your help. im getting something and i dunno if I should get the torch power, the atom power, the electrify power or the phantom. help?

      1. Electrify, that’s what i’m getting when Arabian Nights ep 3 comes out, I think c:

      2. I have the atom and the phantom power. Planning to buy the torch power and the electrify power. unfortunately completed all islands. 😦 Waiting for Arabian nights 3

      3. I’d recommend either the electrify or torch power. Phantom and atom are good too though.

      4. Okay now I need YOUR help, what should I buy when I get sufficient credits?
        *Cinnamon Gum
        *Silly Streamers
        *Torch Power
        *Some other popgum? :/

  6. aw man didnt post as a link. :c well, just go to poptropicon ep 2 and look at that dr smartypants guy and u will see eyelashes on his eyes lol

  7. Them raising the amount of Credits received is awesome! I think a lot of us have probably waited a very long time for them to raise the amount of Credits again… However, I think Nabooti being available to Members only isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. After all, not many people probably get Membership in the first place because, honestly, so far it’s pretty easy to play Poptropica without it. Most people play Poptropica only for the islands — not many care about saving costumes, having more photos, or buying all of the costumes in the Store. I definitely don’t like the new change, but I’m not against it, either. I’m thinking most of the islands will still be available to Non-Members, anyway. As long as they don’t become the next Wizard101, where everything needs Membership.

  8. OMFG
    Bad update man

    -410 credits for templar knight
    -memebrship for nabooti island
    -membership is also bad,its like : im better then you be cuz i got memebrship and i can get more stuff then you.

  9. You know the same thing happened to a lot of other islands like Big Nate, Great Pumpkin, Wimpy Wonderland, Red Dragon, Wimpy Boardwalk and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.:(

  10. I have no problem making new islands member-exclusive, but I think making old islands member-exclusive is pretty cheap. It ceartinly discourages me from playing.

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