The Missing Link: The Island Misconception

Hi Gs,

Something I noticed about the recent Future Island book (and no, I haven’t received or ever ordered it yet, just received a ton of new Poptropica books) is that the story takes place on Verdana Island, according to the description. This said, I started to wonder – what if island names – like ‘Monster Carnival Island’ or ‘Time Tangled Island’ – are merely quest names. They always refer to islands as ‘Island Quests’.

Night Watch Island Logo

And the evidence sorta matches up – why would one of these islands be named ‘Night Watch Island’? There is a mall, but otherwise, there’s no reason for anyone in their right mind to name it Night Watch.

So these ‘islands’ are quests, and this explains a lot – for example, sponsored islands. In their respective universes, they don’t all live on islands. Plus, what about Skullduggery Island? That quest is made up of several islands. Fort Ridley is the island you land on, not the island that the quest is named after.

Anyway, this was just a short post to mention that thought. It clears up some things, but raises some big questions, like what are the real island names? Tell me in the comments what you think!




16 thoughts on “The Missing Link: The Island Misconception

  1. slantedfish says:

    It’s a thought, but at the end of the day, that’s why Poptropica is a game, with Creators assigning names to islands based on what you do in the island. But entertaining the idea of Poptropica as its own universe, I suppose the people of Poptropica would refer to places as they’re named: for example, “Ghost Story Island” is Hemlock Harbor (plus a lighthouse and prison). As an island collectively, all we know is what the Map calls it. 😛

    • Fairy Tale says:

      Yeah, Ghost story takes place in Hemlock Harbor, yet the islands name is Ghost story island. I guess after all they are quest names just like Hp said.

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