Bikers vs. Boards Island is surfing to you soon!

Hey guys! Slippery here. What, Bikers vs. Boards is coming soon?


It’s just an advertisement for the upcoming Disney movie, Teen Beach 2! (Phew!) You may find one of these ads in some SUIs like Mystery of the Map Island. There are no games or anything, you just need to watch the trailer for the movie.


After watching the trailer, you will receive a prize: a Brady follower (for girls) or a Mack follower (for boys). On another note, Brady and Mack are also costumizable, so if you want to have their look, just press the costumize button by the menu!

If you’ll excuse me, I better go to the beach and have Mack teach me how to surf. 😛


The Percy Jackson ad is still on other Main Streets, so check out those prizes before they’re gone! For other recent news and happenings, check out the previous posts! 🙂



21 thoughts on “Bikers vs. Boards Island is surfing to you soon!

    • Tamara says:

      I’m with ya, Brave Sky. When I watch the commericals on Disney, these things happens. A. the plot still makes NO SENSE to me. B. The ads are like, ALL THE TIME and SO ANNOYING! I bet they’re trying to be the next High School Musical.

      • Crazy Lightning/HermioneGranger112 🐧 says:

        Tamara, I’m not a huge fan of Teen Beach either, but I actually like the ads since you can get cool prizes and clothing from most of them and there are little mini-games sometimes too! They’re not trying to be the next High School Musical. Believe me, Disney might not have the most original ideas anymore, but they won’t try to base a modern movie out of High School Musical.

  1. Fairy Tale says:

    Just wished if the created would ever make a magical island, where we could use magic, spells,etc. Or a sci-fi island. Something like the sci-fi island would be of an island which is advanced 20 to 30 years than the normal islands and we could use esperic powers like eletrokinesis, telekinesis, teleportation, wind manipulation, water manipulation, pyrokinesis, telepathy, etc,etc. Not sure about the plot. Something like the island is praised by many but instead it has own darkness which no one knows except the scientists. (Not sure about the darkness, but it would be too much for a kid’s game. o.o )

    • Tamara says:

      we kinda DO have that type of island, Fairy Tale. Twisted Thicket? And Super Power was kinda what you’re looking for.

      • Fairy Tale says:

        Yeah, I know about them. But an island where even the NPC characters too can use those esperic powers and then here some evil espers too whom we have to defeat. For that a scientist comes and with the help of a machine gives us artificial esperic powers so that we can defeat those evil espers. Something like that. XD 🙂

  2. ♬ ℳ℮ℓø∂⑂ Ḱ☤⊥⊥¥ ♬ says:

    Honestly, I didn’t understand the story, all I wanted was Mack’s hair and Brady follower, which apparently sucks 😛 Lol, i’m pathetic!

  3. Muddy Kid says:

    I’m just asking, are the Teen Beach prizes still in player’s inventories? Because I haven’t played Poptropica for like 3 days because I was busy with important stuff in real life.

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