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Realms sharing coming soon, and Nabooti demo?

Hey Poptropicans! Slippery here. I’m back!

When you login on Poptropica, you may find something new at the bottom of the homepage screen. Does this sign feature Poptropica Realms? Well, there’s a brand new feature coming soon to Poptropica and it’s what we’ve all been waiting for—realms sharing!

realms sharing

What do you think? Maybe we’ll be able to visit each other’s realms; I can’t wait to try it out.

Speaking of Poptropica Realms, the lightsaber is still there, so better collect as much Poptanium as you can before it’s gone! Check out our Realms guide for more details about the new tool.

Also, the banner carousel when you log in now shows a sneak peek for Arabian Nights Ep. 3: Careful What You Wish For, which is expected to come this July!

arab3 carousel

Meanwhile, something strange has been going on: if you check the Map on a non-member account, Nabooti Island has been marked with the membership icon and the “play the demo!” sign. After playing a while, you’ll be faced with the “End of Demo” screen.

What makes this all the more unusual is that Nabooti came out before membership and demos were a thing on Poptropica. Is Nabooti going to be the next island to be converted to a SUI? Stay tuned to the PHB as we find out more.



29 thoughts on “Realms sharing coming soon, and Nabooti demo?”

    1. i noticed. it said PLAY THE DEMO! where it shows Nabooti Island. But when I went to check it out, it was normal! its either becoming a SUI and they’re working on it, or a glitch.

    2. I tried replaying it, and when I flew to an area other than Nabooti, I got this message:


      The jewels of Nabooti are still missing – but the rest of Nabooti Island is only available to Poptropica members!

      Explore the pyramids, the jungle, and the plains of Africa. Continue your adventure, and become a member now!

      (picture of Main Street on Nabooti Island)

      (“get membership” button)

      Not sure what’s going on. Are they making parts of some islands members-only? (I wouldn’t want that, I’m not a member D:)

  1. I hope they don’t make Nabooti island into an SUI. 😦 I don’t like the classic islands to turn into an SUI. 😦 The classic islands are better the way they are. 😦

  2. Hey guys in the ”Home’s” page in poptropica, it says Arabian nights 3 is coming soon. 🙂

  3. I think they’re updating it to a SUI 😦 Though i’m looking forward to the music 😉

  4. Oh mah glob… WHATT?? Ive been playing since Poptropica came out and THIS is unusual. I was concerned when the first SUI came out anyway. KITTENS HELP US!!!

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