Hall of Fame Winner: Sneaky Bear

Yes, that time has come. The last Hall of Fame winner is here! As you can tell by the title, the winner is… Sneaky Bear! Her Poptropican is only 9 days old but has already finished 21 islands.

sneaky bearSneaky Bear can now be found on Main Street of Super Power Island. She has replaced yet another NPC, but this time the Poptropican she replaced was a character that always had a random outfit every time you visit.


Well, the Hall of Fame is now over, but the Creators say that “the doors of the Poptropica Hall of Fame may one day open again.” This graphic from the Poptropica front page, showing all the winners, congratulates the “2015 winners” – suggesting that they may bring this back in the coming years.

hall of fame 2015

If you missed out on the past Hall of Fame news, click here. Congratulations to Sneaky Bear, Mighty Burger, Lazy Pelican, and Dangerous Glove, our four winners (although in the original post they had planned on six!). 🙂



58 thoughts on “Hall of Fame Winner: Sneaky Bear

  1. I'm so awesome AKA Tamara says:


  2. Crazy Lightning/HermioneGranger112 🐧 says:

    I think it’s nice that Sneaky Bear is replacing an NPC that is randomized.. I’m pretty sure the Creators saw the complaints about not able to customize NPCs anymore.. Thanks Creators 🙂 I really wish the doors would open again for the Hall of Fame, because I would like to give it a few more tries 🙂

  3. slantedfish says:

    Well, Hall of Fame was a cool idea – but it could’ve been executed better. They shouldn’t have replaced random NPCs, many of which had some iconic costumes – the goth boy on RTV, the girl with the star shirt BT wears from Game Show (plus her character doesn’t appear once you’ve finished the quest!), and the boy at the end of the mall line on Night Watch. Now we’ll have to find other ways to track those costume parts down.

    Maybe they could have done something else, like create a separate place (a “Hall of Fame” museum) with portraits of those Poptropicans, or the characters walking around talking about their achievements (“I’m Sneaky Bear and I completed 21 islands in my first 9 days on Poptropica!”). If they ever bring Home Island (like on the app) to the online version, that would be a good place for it, or perhaps it could be its own island. This would give room for generations of HoF winners to come. Plus, the ability to friend them would be nice too.

    Anyway, congratulations to all four winners of the Hall of Fame! 🙂

  4. WimpyKidFan says:

    Now I’ll never be famous!!!! *Starts crying* *knock on door* *Me:* Come in dad! *Dad:* Do you want to go out to icecream? *Me:* OF COURSE! Wait Why was I crying anyway?

  5. Nariko says:

    I don’t care bout’ fame! I say congrats! three cheers for Sneaky Bear! hip hip horray! hip hip horray! hip hip *cough* ow….

  6. ♬ ℳ℮ℓø∂⑂ Ḱ☤⊥⊥¥ ♬ says:

    THAT’S what the creators should do — replace the HOF (Hall Of Fame) winner with a randomized NPC with randomized characters rather than characters who have awesome clothing parts! :/ But this programme made me realize how PRECIOUS these characters were, lol 😛

    • ♬ ℳ℮ℓø∂⑂ Ḱ☤⊥⊥¥ ♬ says:

      ^^ And by THESE characters I mean by the former characters replaced by the HOF winners.

      • Fairy Tale says:

        i know I really wanted the goth boy on reality tv island, the boy in night watch island and the girl in game show island to stay, I really liked their costumes and yeah now I realize how precious they were.

      • ♬ ℳ℮ℓø∂⑂ Ḱ☤⊥⊥¥ ♬ says:

        @ Fairy Tale, well you could still customize his hair and bangs from the wildfire guy on the main street of Poptropolis Games, the hair is almost same 😉 But yeah, I miss all the characters replaced.

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