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Prisons and caves; masks and balloon launchers

Hey Poptropicans! If you’ve read our Q&A with Poptropica CEO Jess Brallier in this recent PHB post, you may have wondered what was meant by the ominous hint of an island to come: “Some place you don’t wanna be.” We gave a few clues in the comments, and some of you have figured it out – after Timmy Failure Island and Arabian Nights Ep. 3, we’re headed to a prison, of all places!

The Daily Pop recently revealed some jail scenes, and don’t forget about the sneak peek of dogs and police officers Poptropica tweeted as a behind-the-scenes pic:

Our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive was recently updated as well, and amid all the Timmy Failure peeks was a hint that the underground cave island had not been forgotten (although “Mole Man” is for TF Island, the caption is worth a mention). Maybe due to some nudging over on Twitter, though. 😉

On a different note, if you head over to some of the Main Streets, you may find an ad poster for Scholastic books: in particular, Tombquest, Spirit Animals, 39 Clues, and Infinity Ring. Clicking on it will give you Character Masks (a mummy, leopard, fedora, and pirate’s hat for each series respectively) and a printable Summer Wish List.

There is also a CapriSun Push Play advertisement on Night Watch Island, and the prize is a Balloon Launcher. Press the spacebar while holding it, and your character shoots other Poptropicans with blue, indigo, and green balloons. (Thanks to Cuddly Knuckle for the tip, and HPuterpop for providing pictures!)

caprisun pushplay ad

Stay popping, Poptropicans. 😉


14 thoughts on “Prisons and caves; masks and balloon launchers”

  1. Back to a prison again. Well, we have a few rules from past experience:

    – Be prepared for absolutely anything. Even falling meteors that just might give the prisoners superpowers.

    – Keep prisoners secure, or, if easier, don’t die as an uneasy warden that would jail someone in replacement of an escapee.

    – Do employee background checks before hiring employees. Also, do a background check on your boss. He might end up being a vengeful overlord wannabe incognito.

    – if maximum security, Have the prison be located in isolation from society… Not on an island meters away from town.

    – Make sure nobody smuggles in tools that could help prisoners escape. And could lead to unrest in the afterlife.

    – Keep your science-y innovations outside of for security purposes away from prison interiors. They can only lead to trouble.

    With these rules from past mistakes in mind, hopefully this prison will strive to be more secure and much better.

    1. I knew it was jail! We have had SO many prisons before in Poptropica, you would have think our Poptropican characters would ;earn to be more suspicous of the people in the jail, and the people running it. Like Zeus pretending to be a friendly human, for example.

  2. Lazy pelican is the second poptropican to enter the hall of fame. 🙂 Although I’m not sure on which island she is.

  3. I feel bad about what had to happen to the underground island.I’d love it if you could try to make it again and fix all the glitches and stuff.Seriously, I’m begging you, it sounds totally awesome. so please please please please please please please please please PLLLEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE try to remake the island after your finished with escape from pelican rock(Sprints to closet, locks the door, and starts crying and sobbing like a newborn baby).

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