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Verdana Island?

Hi Gs,

futureI’m sure that title threw you off guard, but get this: remember Future Island from way back when? The mysterious book on Amazon by Caroline Laidlaw that had no cover or description? You’ve probably already guessed it – it’s released now. That doesn’t solve the mystery, however.

“Poptropica Future Island Adventure” is a part of the Poptropica English series of content, which isn’t surprising. Pearson seems to be trying to milk what little time they have left with Poptropica. Caroline, as discussed previously, has written other books for Penguin Kids, which seems to have been changed to Pearson Kids.

The book is short, only having 40 pages, so probably won’t have anything really deep when it comes to story. ๐Ÿ˜›ย I haven’t gotten a chance to read it, but from the description, it seems really interesting:

It is one thousand years in the future on the island of Verdana. For Leo, Carla, Tim and Ola, life is sad and boring. There are no trees or animals. The streets are dirty and polluted, and the children are chased by horrible robots! But Ola’s grandfather, Popp, remembers life in the past, before Verdana lost its wildlife. “Something terrible happened one day, a long time ago…” Join Popp and the brave young friends on their exciting adventure to clean up the island and stop the robots.

Verdana Island, huh? Like the font? ๐Ÿ˜›ย Sounds like a Lorax story, but here’s what I’m interested about: Popp tells the kids that “Something terrible happened one day, a long time ago…”. Whaat? Does this relate in any way to the timeline of Poptropica?


We’ll just have to see. I’m planning on buying the book soon, and I’ll update you guys when I get it.



22 thoughts on “Verdana Island?”

  1. I got GAMES! I gotta PLA-AY-AY! So I’m gon’ GAME, GAME, GAME EVERY-DAY!
    I got KINGS! I got some QUE-E-E-ENS! So I’m gon’ PLAY! SOLI-TARE EVERY-DAY-AY-AY!

      1. You haven’t heard that song? LISTEN TO IT! The song is ‘Bills’ by Lunch Money Lewis. I actually made the lyrics by myself!

  2. I think it says “Poptropica English” because Poptropica might be released in other languages. — โžก ๐Ÿ˜Ž :mrgreen: Smart Popper :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ™„ โญ

    1. Already technically is in other languages, but I’m pretty sure it’s more based for American kids. Same reason Poptropica doesn’t have voice acting, you know?

  3. Ive read all I can, and Caroline Laidlaw seems to just be a business tycoon wanting more money. MONEY MONEY MONEY! ITS THE RICH MANS WORLD! Obsure Abba References aside, I think Poptropica really has turned into a Cash cow. Im sad.

      1. Yeah, but even without Pearson on their arsenicks, the creators themselves have made it more of a cash cow. With membership, especially. Before 2012, it was a option. Also before S.O.S., everyone got 100 (was it 100 or 75?) credits when you won a Island, now its 25. Then you get 50 (or 75, im not good with numbers) if you have membership. The feel of it all is gone. I’ve been playing since 2010 (I made a account in 2011 after I kept loosing the password) and I miss the old days.

      2. And they get less credits, less privileges in Realms, less of a world to explore (I mean, its huge, but once you’ve played most islands, you kinda run out of ideas.), less… fun. It might just be that I flunked Economics, but all the member stuff vs free stuff seems kinda unfair, considering they still have ads.

      3. I’m a non-member, but I’m pretty well off, if I must say so myself. I’ve completed 47 islands and I have 1,795 credits.

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