New Demo Reel, GHD on Poptropica App and more Twitter news!

Hey Poptropicans! SR here.

There are some new scoop on Poptropica lately and without further ado, here we go! First of all, Jeff Heim, the composer of the Poptropica music we hear today, released a brand new demo reel not so long ago. It contains some new tracks and you can listen to it down below!

I have an extra challenge! Can you tell me where the tracks are being played? Try to guess as many as you can! It’s so amazing! Great job, Jeff Heim!

Moving along, Galactic Hot Dogs Island is finally added to the Poptropica along with new GHD items on the Store! I’ll try to add the photos soon but in the meantime, here’s the app logo!


Last but not the least, Twitter news! Here’s a couple of what we got this week:

Poptropica announced via Twitter that Timmy Failure Island is the next scheduled island after MotM Island. Also, there is no underground island on the schedule.

Around October this year, Poptropica is trying to let our own players from the computer version come to the mobile! They also stated that there will be more such as costumes and islands.

Last but never the least, Poptropica comics are also featured on Tumblr. How amazing!

What do you guys think of the news? Don’t forget to leave a comment!



12 thoughts on “New Demo Reel, GHD on Poptropica App and more Twitter news!

  1. IlariaG says:

    So would Timmy Failure Island come before or after Arabian Nights 3? It said after MotM, so I was wondering….

  2. Fairy Tale says:

    There’s a new sneak peek named ”Down Under” below it, it is written, ”Will this island ever come to light?” And at the bottom of the picture it’s written, ”For thousand of years, we have lived peacefully under the earth.” Maybe it’s for the underground cave island. But because they have said ”Will this island ever come to light?” It might or might not come out.

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