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Arcade you not, big things are coming to the app!

Update: The Arcade (and more) is officially coming this Thursday!


Bad puns aside, Poptropicans, something big is indeed coming to the Poptropica app, and it isn’t just the mobile version of Shrink Ray Island that Captain Crawfish mentioned. The Creators’ Blog will be announcing “a few huge new features” in the coming days, but thanks to a peek in the files from HPuterpop, we have seen one thing coming… a Multiplayer Arcade!

Check out those retro-style old-school arcade machines for the multiplayer games that have been around for years – Sky Dive, Star Link, and more. (Will we get to play them single-player?) Admire that high ceiling. Maybe even jump into one of those ball pits!

As you may have seen from the last screenshot, the Multiplayer Arcade will be to the right of the “Home” Island on the mobile app (the landing space that currently only exists on the app, not online). This marks the first update for multiplayer functionality for the app, and if Captain Crawfish is to be believed, this feature may be rolling out as early as this week!

By the way, hope you’re enjoying the new site header, featuring all eight of the current PHB staff! Plus, don’t forget to send something in for The POPCORN magazine. Stay popping, Poptropicans. 😀


36 thoughts on “Arcade you not, big things are coming to the app!”

  1. An ARCADE? Mind. Blown. I LOVE video games! Computed games! Multiplayer games! ANY game! This is amazing!

    – Rasuke

      1. x uses Sharingan on Brian and can read his mind now. Thinking x Now I’ll know what he’s thinking…
        Sakura: x thinking x Brian-kun understands me better than anyone!
        Adsuke: x thinking x BRIAN not SAKURA! x able to read Brian’s mind now x

      2. x stone faced x What ARE you thinking? Sharingan can be very painful . You can save yourself from the pain and just tell me. It’s your choice, really.

      3. You said ‘good idea’. What does the songs of the sea have to do with an ‘idea’? I think you’re lying, Brian.
        Sakura: Please, Brian-kun. Tell the truth!
        Sasuke: x tied up against a wall with a driller in front of him x
        Adsuke: Want to tell me now? x equips Anaklusmos and smirks x
        Sasuke: Hn. Whatever, drama queen.
        Rasuke: He’s my brother. You need to save him, dude!
        Adsuke: So…wanna tell me?

      4. Sasuke: x smirks x
        Sakura: x poker face x
        Rasuke: x poker face x
        Adsuke: x cuts the rope with Anaklusmos and smirks x
        Sasuke: You finally found me after 6 years and THIS is how you greet me? x smirks x
        Adsuke: What did you expect; a great big hug for you? I don’t do hugs, duck-butt.
        Sakura: …YOU ARE SO DEAD, ADSUKE!!!!! x chases after Adsuke x
        Adsuke: x Chidori on Sakura and she faints x
        Rasuke: …HAHAHAHAHAHA! x rolling over floor laughing x
        Sasuke: x smirks x

      5. It was a prank!
        Sasuke: x smirks x It was a practical joke, baka. I’m not carrying Sakura home at all.
        Adsuke: Don’t look at me!
        Naruto: x runs away x
        Adsuke, Rasuke and Sasuke: x looks at Brian and smirks at each other then smirk at Brian x

      6. Adsuke: x smirks x Youngsters first.
        Rasuke: Right. Brian? Can you PLEASE carry Sakura back home?
        Sasuke: x smirks x Do the puppy eyes.
        Rasuke: OK! x puppy eyes x

    1. I know, right? Only a few islands available and whenever I have a returning player; the game glitches! It’s even more annoying than Sakura!
      Sakura: Hi, Brian-kun! x waves cheerfully at him x

      1. Rasuke: x whispering to Adsuke x Wait…DOES SHE?!
        Adsuke: x shrugs and whispers back x Maybe. I’m not sure. I’ll activate my Sharingan. x activates Sharingan and eyes turn red x
        Sakura: I bet CS loves you, Brian-kun! x big and sincere smile x
        Adsuke: x rolls eyes. x Communicating to Brian through thoughts like Percy and Grover. No one knows these conversation x Oh yea. She’s head over heels for you.
        Sakura: Oh. Unfortunately, Naruto needs me. I have to go now, Brian-kun. I’ll be right back! x smiles and waves at Brian. Leaves x
        Adsuke: Thank GOD she’s gone! Anyways; Sakura loves you more than her shoes and Sasuke combined! That’s a lot of admiration, you know. x folds hands x

      2. Don’t worry. Sakura is annoying; but she’ll go away eventually if you shun her away.

      3. i mean that she was faking the whole time! she said” Phew! Uh, I mean…oh no! Now we don’t know where CS is! Guess we’ll just HAVE to drop the search…x calls up SWAT x Uh, yea. Stop searching. She’s gone.” and she thought ” MWA HA HA HA HAAAAAAA! “

      4. Yes, yes, I know. Luckily; Rasuke and Sasuke caught her and imprisoned her. I’ll question her; you do NOTHING. DON’T go looking for revenge or justice…or trouble for that matter. Just stay put.

      5. Alright. Once I get an answer from Sakura; then WE can look around for CS.

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